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Title: Road Rage
Post by: Joe Hubbard on November 26, 2004, 06:39:59 PM
Just the other day there was a road rage incident that took place not far from my home.  Apparently as two cars came to a halt at a set of traffic lights, one guy gets out of the passenger’s side and goes up to the car in front of him and smacks the guy through the window.  The other guy gets out of the car and a 3 to 4 minute scuffle takes place.  The guy who was originally hit takes his car key and manages to repeatedly puncture the assaulting party’s torso.  When all was said and done the guy who did the key bashing gets off because the police can’t find any real conclusive evidence that he stabbed the other guy.  What’s interesting is the guy who started it and ended up getting punctured is a known thug in this area.  Wonder if the cops turned a blind eye?


Title: Re: Road Rage
Post by: Rob on November 26, 2004, 08:55:48 PM
I like that style of Law Enforcement  :) :) :) ;D
Title: Re: Road Rage
Post by: solarman on November 27, 2004, 01:29:57 AM
hi joe,

i just read the article in the local papers yesterday, it immediately made me think about the training i've been thru in your classes. firstly i thought about the vulnerability of a situation where someone maybe approaching me whilst in a car - awareness needed about how you get out of the car. secondly i thought about how one guy improvised a 'knife' with his keys - this is my preference rather than carrying a blade.

finally i thought about the most important aspect of all - prevention of a fight. just a moment to cool off may have dissipated the tension and avoided the confrontation altogether. i'm not saying it's easy, we've all sufferred road rage and wanted to get out and thump the other guy but this is a slippery slope to go down. mental/psychological control is surely the most important aspect of martial arts training.

main thing for me is that the reality based training with scenarios etc has raised my awareness and i am much better prepared for any adverse situations - so thanks again joe  :)

btw, how did you know that guy was a local thug ? if the cops did turn a blind eye, let's hope they continue to work with common sense.

cheers, satin.
Title: Re: Road Rage
Post by: szorn on November 27, 2004, 02:05:41 AM
Good points, Satin.

Rage rage incidents can be avoided by not letting the other party bait you into the situation. If someone approaches your car, drive away. If you can't drive away, lock the doors, roll up the windows, and dial 911 on the cell phone. Never get out of the car to confront the person because this is a form of escalation. Carry some form of protection that is easily accessible inside the car such as a firearm (where legal), pepper spray (where legal), or improvised tool such as a hot cup of coffee, etc. These types of situations are like any other form of assault, if you let your ego take over you will likely do things that put your life at risk. I also tell my students to ask themselves if these situations are worth dying for, if they conclude that they are not worth dying for then I tell them that they surely aren't worth fighting for then.

About a week ago my wife and I found ourselves confronted by an enraged reckless driver. While one a short trip down a long stretch of highway an enraged driver was weaving in and out of traffic, cutting people (and us) off, flipping us and others "the bird", and driving slow at times just to hold people up behind them. I finally passed them and was able to get in front of them long enough for my wife to dial 911 on the cell phone. We provided the dispatch with car color, style, and plate number. They eventually passed us going about 90mpr, and found themselves being pulled over by law enforcement, ones my wife had just called.

Title: Re: Road Rage
Post by: Bri Thai on November 27, 2004, 08:28:30 AM
As thngs stand at the moment, if you get convicted of a road rage assault in the UK you are in for trouble.  The courts are clamping down on it.

As an aside, I conciously aim NOT to get hemmed in with traffic when I drive.  It happens of course (traffic jams and the like), but its suprising just how you can plan in order to keep either on the move or preserve escape routes if you think about it.
Title: Re: Road Rage
Post by: Joe Hubbard on November 27, 2004, 09:53:40 PM
Hey Satin

The reason I knew that guy is a well-known thug is because I have had personal run ins with both him and his mate (the guy pictured in the hoody) numerous times.  They are infamous in our area for shoplifting, petty crime, public disorder and muggings.  The problem is they are all under 18 and therefore only get a slapped hand when they get into trouble.  That’s why the cops probably turned a blind eye to this incident.  Only a few weeks ago a whole gang of them tried to give me trouble while I was coming out of an off licence minutes from my house.  I fronted them out and nothing happened- they are just punks!


Title: Re: Road Rage
Post by: ves on November 28, 2004, 08:37:28 AM
    A situation of road rage at 6:30 AM while on the way to work is the reason I decided to start lessons two months ago. It is really too long to go into, let's just say if I had pulled over like the two people in the truck wanted me to it would not have been good for me. This was not the only reason, but was the one last incident to make me decide I need to take some sort of self defense.

   By the way, I have been reading all of the posts for the last two weeks and I am keeping in mind all of the advice that is presented. I really do like the information that is posted here.