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Title: Alternatives to Mobility?
Post by: theduke on November 22, 2006, 12:34:45 PM
Hello, I am a newcomer to this forum.  I have some questions that I have been working through and would appreciate input.  I am a firearms instructor and avid shooter who has taken a keen interest in combat shooting.  What makes me different than most other instructor/shooter?  I am physically challenged (in a wheelchair).  I have read and read that there is no substitute for mobility.  I agree.  Short of accurate return fire, there is no substitute.  However, I am not sure what alternatives an individual in a wheelchair or on crutches may have?  I have practiced leaning to the left and right to get my center masss out of the line of incoming fire.  I can bail out of the chair and crawl, but weapon retention or transitions become problematic.  What's more, tactical slings for carbines or shotguns can be really fun. 

Can anyone offer some insights on these items?  Are there any specific articles or books I can read? 

Thank you