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Title: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Ridgeback on December 27, 2006, 06:24:34 PM
I couldn't find the flashlight section of this forum..., so I'll post this one here. ;) Check out these new flashlights (or palm sticks if you like)!

First off, the NightOps Gladius:

This is an LED light with some pretty advanced features. One of them is a strobe mode! There are some video clips on the web site that explain the workings of the Gladius. It's very expensive, but it's a shiny thing and I like shiny things... I have not seen this one in real life but I'm pretty impressed by the strobe function. I think it would be very blinding and disorienting to an attacker/suspect. The maximum light output is 80+ lumens.

Second, the Ledwave Personal Defence Light:
http://www.kmnw.co.uk/ledwave_flashlights.htm (I can't find an official site for Ledwave.)
Scroll down to one of the flashlights with the green light!

"The new PDL-1 torch as been developed in collaboration with ophthalmologists. Its cyan light affects the optic nerves more than white light and is thus more dazzling and confusing forcing potential attackers to close their eyes allowing the person being attacked to take evasive action."

I haven't seen this one either, but I'm thinking of buying one. A possible drawback is that animals seem to be unaffected by this type of light. Good for walking your own dog at night but not for disorienting a bad dog?

What do you think?

This is the effect that I'm looking for:  :o ::) :'( And then I just hit him!  ;D
Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: TwoGun on December 27, 2006, 07:30:43 PM
Hmm....  they look amazingly like a SureFire flashlight.  I will admit that the strobe is a unique feature.  I don't know if it worth the extra cost.  I've had a SureFire G3 for about six years now and it has never failed nor given me the slightest bit of trouble.  It is extremely bright generating 120 lumens.  I didn't catch the intensity of the Palm Stick things but would assume that they are similar in intensity.  But they cost more than $100 mroe than my SureFire.  I'd think long and hard before committing that kind of money on a light.

Just my two cents worth.
Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Hock on December 27, 2006, 08:45:53 PM
Sure fire captured the market so professionally and so well and collected BIG Bucks.

It was just a question of time when others wanted to get in on that market.

Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Ridgeback on December 28, 2006, 06:35:11 AM
I want the clip and double strike bezels of the Surefire Executive Defender, the strobe of the Gladius and the Cyan light of the Ledwave PDL! And the Automatic Flight Return System of the Hammer of Thor.
That would be something.  :)

Nah, but I use the Surefire 6P with the 120 lumen lamp and the Inova XO. They're both great lights. The Inova XO has really good dimensions for using it as a palm stick.
Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Nick Hughes on December 28, 2006, 08:56:31 PM
I accidentally got hit with the strobe a few years back at the Blade Show in Atlanta...it works.

Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Kaliman33 on December 29, 2006, 07:54:43 AM
I have the Surefire E2D Defender, it is awesome, you can strike with either end, and bright as can be, i try it on everyone.
The pam stick as an everyday weapon is great, you can do a lot of damage easily and it id very easy to learn.
My next DVD i will put a whole section on the palm stick, if you come to the seminar on Jan 13 i will try to do some there as well

Marc Halleck
Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Sharif H on December 29, 2006, 03:58:51 PM
This thread made me do some searching on the subject of these tactical flashlights (or 'torches' as we Brits call them).

Being a fan of palmsticks since introduced to them by Ernesto - i'm hooked! In fact I'm deciding between the surefire E2E and the Defender. The serated type design on the head looks like a very effective weapon (provided the blinding light doesn't do the job first)

A question for you guys who already have em (Mr Halleck) ... can the clip be reversed to face the other way like on some tactical folders?


Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: mleone on December 30, 2006, 09:52:10 AM
Would love to see that Palm stick dvd Mark
good stuff!
Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Hock on December 30, 2006, 10:21:09 AM
Also, one could do pretty much your entire, favorite trapping hand course with one or two palm sticks in your hand.

Early Aiki-Jitsu material covers a lot of palm stick work also. There was once an emphasis on palm sticks and that has been left over in many of ready stances and fighting stances.


Also, the closed folding knife? ....is a palm stick!  Providing using one in this manner does not hurt your hand, as many knife designs will. We cover this in Level 7 of the knife course.

So, when you select a folding knife, think about how it feels in your hand also as a palm stick. AND that my friends is a tip you will not see many so-called, knife experts advise. Why? Because so few worry about the harsh realities  of stress quickdraws and their subsequant failure to open the folder when attacked suddenly - which often leaves you with a closed folder in your hand and leads you to use using the knife as a palm stick like weapon.

(as an aside, another reason to pass on the karambit- usually the karambit knife's dull edge, when closed, extends way far out of the handle to facilitate the curve tip of the knife. When you grip this closed karambit knife as you would a palm stick the dull side of the blade hurts your hand - fingers or palm.  Then, start hitting things with this fist and watch your hand become quickly become hurt injured, disabled! ......open trash can lid...deposit karembit)

I use my combat invading/trapping hand outline (form UC level 9) as a closed folder knife/palm stick workout.

As a cop I carried a Cold Steel Tanto folder. It was a big rascal, but it fit well in my hand when closed.

Title: Re: Palm sticks with blinding lights
Post by: Kaliman33 on December 31, 2006, 08:57:28 AM
No the clip can not be switched, i wish it could. I will talk to hock about starting a palm stick DVD. I do really like the defender, the only thing that worrys me is i carry it in my coat pocket with my keys and such, I dont want it to get scratched up, and also afraid to lose it, it is expenxive. But well worth it, it feels great in your hand and the bevels really hurt.

Hock is right about the folder being a palmstick, My cold steel voyager works well, alos goes well with my cane.
who says we never carry stick and dagger :D