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Title: Females Pistol Shooters
Post by: TwoGun on December 27, 2006, 11:32:53 PM
While cursing another website the topic of women and guns seemed to be pretty hot there. I read several articles and opinions there and many seemed to put a lot of focus on just how much gun your typical woman can handle.  I was curious and looked specifically for the topic.  Opinions were quite varied as were individual experiences. 

I would seem to me that a womanís attitude is more important that the size of her frame or her biceps.  And some of the post seemed to agree.  While others continued to claim, in a politically correct way that women were just not strong enough to handle larger calibers and larger guns.

My own personal experience is mainly around my two daughters, currently aged 15 and 19.  The older of the two is far more into shooting than the younger but both have put a lot of rounds downrange from a variety of weapons.  My oldest daughter shot action pistol competition for about five years shooting a 9X21 for the most part.  She also shot my .40 in competition on a few occasions.  She is 5í3 tall and weighs maybe 118 pounds. 

The first time she picked up and fired my .44 Magnum I didnít say a thing about recoil.  She never hesitated and after empting the cylinder she was looking for more ammo to shoot.  She didnít shoot it fast but few people do.  She did shooting reasonably accurately with all shots in the A zone of a standard IPSC target at 20 yards.

My youngest was practicing with me for a bowling pin match when she was 11 and she didnít weight 100 pounds.  She wanted to shoot my .40 one round so I stood behind her and let her fire away.  The double stack 1911 style Para was tough just for her to hold up.  She shot and shot until she had finally knocked down all the pins.  She didnít shoot it well but she said not a word about the recoil or the fact that the gun was way too large for her hands. Instead she just told me sheíd shoot it better next time.

Based on my limited experience with females and guns, (my daughters are not the only ones, but I can claim few enough others) it would seem that attitude and approach are far more  critical in how much gun a woman can handle than anything to do with muscle mass.

 Any thoughts?
Title: Re: Females Pistol Shooters
Post by: Hock on December 28, 2006, 09:45:47 AM
My wife had a 38 revolver as her primary pistol.

Yet, she much prefers shooting my .45, regardles of kick, because she doesn't like the trigger pull (and cylinder turning) of the revolver. But she has like...carpal tunnel like problems with her hands and has surgery on one and stills needs surgery on the other.

Other than that, I haven't heard much through the years with our police women. All sizes. Through time I think the 9mm seems to be popular amongst police women and quite a few I know have glocks. I recall some shotgun comments but years ago. I have seen in the army, a women squat rather than kneel and fire a shotgun and get knocked off her feet.

I do though, think attitude is a big part.

Title: Re: Females Pistol Shooters
Post by: 410indashade on December 28, 2006, 10:18:04 AM
Yeah, my wife has carpal tunnel too and can handle my old service revolver shooting .38s even my 9mm Browning but prefers her .22 Beretta because the noise, muzzle flash and smoke distract her, she says.   
Title: Re: Females Pistol Shooters
Post by: WTAC on December 28, 2006, 11:08:37 AM
My wife love the H&K Compact USP in 45ACP. She that was the second gun she ever fired and just loves it.