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Title: Airlines, Guns and security
Post by: Hock on January 12, 2007, 08:01:20 PM
Airline Flights per day: 28,000

Airborne Right Now: 4988

Flights Protected by 2 Armed Pilots: <1%

Flights Protected by Air Marshals: {6%}

Defenseless Flights: 94%

Taxes Spent on Airline Security: $12B

Airport Screening Failure Rate against concealed weapons: 75-95%

#Pilot Volunteers Refusing to Fly Armed Due to Program Problems: 50,000

Cost to Protect 5% of flights with Air Marshals: $688M/year

Cost to Protect 97% of flights with Armed Pilots: $11 M/year
Title: Re: Airlines, Guns and security
Post by: Professor on January 12, 2007, 08:36:21 PM

I was traveling by car over the holidays.    As a leftover to holiday travel, this (similar) knife remained on my key ring:


It was attached in the front pocket of my backpack.   I was remembered it after coming back from my trip.

This keychain knife was missed through two X-ray examination....

Additionally, this knife was in the top pocket of my pack:


I found the second knife while at DFW airport on the "secure" side of security.   This knife would have shown up flat on the X-ray.  It was missed.

I was lazy and unfortunate when I left these knives in my airline travel luggage -- they would have been tough to explain if  found -- an accident, but tough to explain.

I've got to tell you, our airline security bothers worries me.   I was better armed prior to 9-11 and now my government has disarmed me so that they can take over my personal protection -- I'm not sure that they can handle this responsibility.

How about letting retired law enforcment and properly trained private citizens carry?

IM me and I'll tell you of a long term experiment that ended after 5 years (post 911).      These are scary times, and our government in failing to do what they will not allow us to do.   :(