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Title: Small Boats Puling the big boats down
Post by: Hock on December 29, 2007, 08:17:17 PM
You may from time to time receive requests to join this or that related web organization, or swap links... but lets talk about some of the business aspects of this.

Computer 101 tells you that the more links you swap and share, the greater rating you will have and the higher your website will appear in searches.

BUT Computer 202, 303, and 404 and BEYOND has a different story. Actually the internet is an unruly and wierd monster with picky, little mission-oriented, finicky spiders. Huge corporations with HUGE budgets grapple weekly with trying to get high placement on ever changing standards. WEEKLY! (I read all about this rat -or spider-race in business magazines).

I have learned about all this by reducing things into terms I can understand. There are big boats and small boats. If many small boats hook onto to your big boat, it will pull you down. If you attach to a bigger boat, it will pull you up.

The same is true with webpage banners and links. If you let lessor links on your webpage this decreases your rating and pulls you down.  His small boat pulls down your big boat. BUT his canoe still rises higher. And you wonder why you are suddenly bailing water and springing leaks?

When these people try to get you in their organization, or link to you, ask yourself how big is your boat? How big is their's? And consider this not just in web ratios. Who the hell are these people asking you this connection question?  WHO! A major league player doesn't join up with a minor league team. It is simple. Simple. Simple. SIMPLE!

There are all kinds of CQB, CQC, Arnis, Karate groups and "street fighting" reality webpages out there on the hunt to hook their little diftwood onto your bigger boat. In thie end? Some want to use your name and search engine mojo just to sell their pepper spray. Some want to make themselves famous at your expense.

You might think like a graduate of computer 101 course and you join right in. You dream of the masses of new people and new sales.  You are even so flattered, "THEY asked ME to join! ME! "but soon you are bailing water out of your boat wondering what the hell has happened to your search status, your sales AND your reputation? Who were these people?

There are many things you can do to improve your status rather than tying yourself down to a small boat armada looking up at your status and position, and licking their chops.

We here at "SFC Texas Command Central" have a computer program that legally scans any webpage and reports its traffic. Year by year even. This is a scary tool because it ruins your idea of who'se-who pretty fast. I feel a little dirty a bit using it, but it is perfectly legal. We have learned for example that we here have more hits and viewers here than Black Belt Magazine webpage does and each and more than every individual Krav Maga organization (not all together but indivually). And they are major leaguers in this business. Dan Inosanto is STIll a major leaguer. This very webpage and talk forum together reaches more people then many do?! AND You might be a little surprised who beats us! And in some cases not surprised who beats us (like the UFC). But they too are not small boats and very minor leaguers compared to stores like Target or cat food brands.
If you are connected with us - the SFC -  student, or instructor, email me and we will look up the actual traffic of the organization asking you to join or link with them. You may be fa better on your own.

Stay away from small boats, small minds and minor leaguers, or else? Keep your pail ready....



Title: Re: Small Boats Puling the big boats down
Post by: Hock on December 29, 2007, 09:19:37 PM
Well, birds of a feather flock together. Major leaguers flock together. Minor leaguers flock together.

But, it is all very tricky really. Remember when Controlled Force tried to be re-born and they paid Pat Milteck to be their poster boy and up their mojo and ante. When this "contract" expired, Militek was gone that midnight, and they were left with themsleves. But they had a bump. They were smart. They paid for a big boat to tug them through for a while.

"That which differentiates" is the business theory that we have mentioned here before. What makes you different than the others. Special. Dennis Miller has his own way of saying it..."whats your niche, babe?"

Getting this squared away is a big step to sucess in this weird business.

Title: Re: Small Boats Puling the big boats down
Post by: Hock on December 30, 2007, 08:21:31 AM
Networking is a good idea, but as in real life, you have to network with good folks. BMW doesn't link up with Kia, they link to Microsoft.

There are a few of what I call "media whores" out there who let their mug and link be on ANYTHING, ANYWHERE they get asked. This not good. (Note I used the word "whore")
I will offer an example. For awhile ANYONE who asked Jim Wagner to be anywhere he invaded. Then he graduated Computer 101 and started taking course 202 and realized this was mistake. Now he is picky. Or pickier. (Wagner is slowly learning real business and martial arts. Someday he might actually become the expert what he claimed to be in 1997. (Key words being "someday" and "might")

So when you get a nice email from Randy Jones (thats's right...who?) asking you to join their Intergalatic Close Fighting Brotherhood, or Three Planet's Modern Arnis Starship or their Urban Reality Based Street Fight Pentagon webpage....flattered and excited, only a rookie signs up.

"Mama! Mama! They like me. they really think I'm special!"

Thats right, an uneducated rookie.

Or you get a nice email from a steroid freak, unpopular, disliked, loose cannon, eye plucker, reality-based, high-school drop-out, wanna-be, who simply wants to,"...share links, dude." Is this a wise move?

* Who are these people?

* What do they really want?

* Who are their members? Take a good look at the members. If they are all unknowns
   with poor quality webpages, with little obvious impact and influence?
   Congradulate yourself bubba, you have just signed up with the minor leagues.
   Grab your bailing bucket. You will be towing some small boats for awhile.

* Do they and their members use free photos of special ops soldiers
   on their webpage and declare "we teach the military...or the police...or, or..."

Forward, never straight. Climb up the ladder, not down or sideways. Woody Allen once said, "I would never want to join a club that would have me as a member." HA!

I could go on and on about this business subject, but I offer you this quick, virtual condom. Just be thoughtful and careful who you link and hook up with. Think evolution, not prostitution.

Title: Re: Small Boats Puling the big boats down
Post by: Hock on October 26, 2009, 09:58:57 AM
This needs re-reading as it gets about 100 or so guest readings a week, week after week.

Title: Re: Small Boats Puling the big boats down
Post by: whitewolf on October 26, 2009, 01:58:53 PM
I agree - i only stay in touch with one other site an they dont ask for anything i just review latest information they put out concerning classes i took in europe- the forums i see over  here are not very informative-or they critizice other styles-WW (ELB)
"speed of light"
Title: Re: Small Boats Puling the big boats down
Post by: Hock on February 10, 2014, 03:42:26 PM
Now much "Slut-linking" going on theses days but still worth reading again.