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Title: 45 As Sap
Post by: Bryan on December 07, 2009, 02:48:31 PM

In the fine art of pistol whipping and cold cocking with a handgun the 1911 is as good as it gets. Don as big as you are Im a little suprised you believe you would get the same results from cracking someone with a G26 versus 1911, Sure I would hit sombody with one but I would always be more comfortable sapping them with the barrel and slide of a steel 1911.

Asia can get whatever he wants and the G26 is a fine and popular weapon. Most people I know and myself included do not consider it a primary weapon where as the 92 he would be replacing is a primary weapon.

Im trying to be helpful here based on my experiance, I just dont care to help him make a choice based on limeted information. He is looking for a primary weapon and I believe one of the new Sig or Wilson 45s or the Sig dehorned 9mm or 357Sig are a much better choice and would give superior results if God forbid you ever did have to defend your family with a handgun.

If you feel Wilson or Sig are a poor choice maybe you can explain that to me?

  This was a answer I gave a guy a few years ago when recommending a handgun. If I remember right he planned to use it at home for home defense rather than a shotgun. 

  Does anyone see any problem with recommending a 45 be preferred over a G26 as a primary weapon or if you needed to Sap somebody with a handgun? This is not exactly a new theory as it is age old with revolvers but Im being called out as unknowledgable for suggesting this and wondered if anyone cared to agree or disagree and why, maybe we can learn something.

Title: Re: 45 As Sap
Post by: Professor on December 08, 2009, 12:00:01 AM
None.  sounds solid to me.