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Title: New JKD book "Regards from the Dragon" by Taky Kimura
Post by: Martin25 on January 08, 2010, 04:34:48 AM
 New JKD book. One of the best ever!

 Taky has just published his book which we have been eagerly awaiting.
I just got my copy today and its great to finally see it!
The book gives a unique and wonderful insight into the close friendship and Instructor student relationship between Bruce Lee and Taky Kimura.
It contains many rare photographs and stories from Taky, plenty for fans! It also contains detailed information on philosophical and technical fighting aspects of Jun Fan Gung Fu Jeet Kune Do for serious practitioners and Instructors.

Dozens of insightful and personal letters from Bruce to Taky which have never been published before are printed throughout the book. This gives it emotional authenticity and historical impact. Taky's personal lifestory is there and at times it is truely heartbreaking. Reading how he has overcome the tragedies and difficulties in his life is remarkable and humbling. The man's spirit shines through as a truely unique human being.

I am really delighted to see this book and would highly recommend it to any serious martial arts student,historian or fan. I obtained my copy from Empire Books but I believe it's available from Amazon as well.
All the best