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Title: ĎArnisí is now national martial art
Post by: Edgedweapons on January 08, 2010, 08:07:04 PM
Arnis is now a National Martial Arts in Phillippines - Its about freaking time!


i hope they dont do the doce pares style compitions though. I Hope its live sticks with min protection as possible
Title: Re: ĎArnisí is now national martial art
Post by: Professor on January 09, 2010, 08:14:01 AM

Gotta love the Phillippines.

About time.
Title: Re: ĎArnisí is now national martial art
Post by: redcap on January 12, 2010, 09:36:27 PM
I think it inevitable the WEKAF format will be followed. Far more people will prefer to stand there hitting each other's armour rapidly and ignoring the other's blows than taking a few stingers.

I competed in the 1994 WEKAF and won the Superheaveyweight division only to be ripped off by the corrupt score keepers. I've probably told this story here before, years ago but no matter. That competition saw Filipinos win 22 of 24 divisions, the next comp (1996) was in the USA and they won maybe half a dozen of the lightest divisions. The man I fought for the final was a ring in, brought in after the only two Filipinos coming close to being 103kg  (226.6lb) or above were eliminated in the first round. This guy had been eliminated in the middleweights and was resurrected for the semi-final superheavyweight. he was knocked down several times by the American competitor and I knocked him down several times also... however he won. Funny thing is you see your first two rounds scores and I was ahead on points 10-9, 10-9 then you don't see the final score. No way he could have turned a 7-10 to win! I was warned not to make a fuss or we would all be sot or stabbed or whatever. I just grabbed my troops and we left as soon as the last one received his medal.

I asked two of the judges and the ref and they just smiled, the South African Ref, a police officer, said 'Somethings are not worth getting killed over, Kerel' and said no more. The ref ran out to our bus just as we were pulling away and gave me the stick I had fought with as a souvenir, shook my hand and just smiled that embarrassed smile Filipinos use when they want to show they know but what can they do? Only in da pilipeens!.

I think any National Competition will be just as corrupt, political and bent as the rest of the society. Sour grapes for losing? Damn right! Especially as the locals had voted out the knock-down rules because they knew from previous comps they were always underweight in the heavier divisions and were forever being thrown around by westerners.

That was my first and last crack at WEKAF.  Redcap.