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Title: Womens Self-defense
Post by: Bonz on April 19, 2010, 01:01:06 PM
I'm not sure where to pose this question, but since I'm a newbie with Hock's training and have yet to attend a seminar (hopefully may in PA), I wondering what you all do to train women for selfdefense? I was looking at Steve Kardian's seminar in NJ, but the cost is so expensive.

I want to offer classes for women's self defense as it is a great need in the area of the country I live in.

Any input would be appreciated.

Title: Re: Womens Self-defense
Post by: whitewolf on April 19, 2010, 08:01:55 PM
Bonz-look through the unarmed section and the business section here on the forum-gives you a lot of tips on haow to instruct-lots of us here teach womens self defense- i have some background in it as i have been envolved to some extent in teaching actual rape victims and currently instruct at my school and at a health club-
ask away we will give your our opinions-
one i will give you now is dont just teach them groundtype grappeling-they will get killed.
Just my humble opinion-
Whitewolf (elb) "speed of light"
Title: Re: Womens Self-defense
Post by: Webby on April 21, 2010, 08:20:54 PM
Try contacting Community Groups, Neighbourhood centres local colleges, looking at a venue.
See who else is also teaching in the area, do a bit of research.
Advertise an upcoming course for Women only, mention no date or fee, but include your contact details. This way you can build up a data base of interested people.
Now you can book a venue. Now you can advertise the course and off you go.

Four tips : Don't teach without some sort of insurance

               Make them sign a waver
               Try to organize some child care ( it's a good selling point )

               Don't try to do it single handed if it's your first time

                                BEST OF LUCK !!
Title: Re: Womens Self-defense
Post by: whitewolf on April 21, 2010, 08:36:03 PM
thats good info also-look at the city yellow pages- see who is advertsing womens self defense-know your compition.

although you dont make any money-go to rotery club-civitan-womens aux vfw
etc give a seminar on unarme self protection tips-pas out your flyer-then offer a free class at your school

it goes on and on

forget the local paper-costs a lot for advertising an fe results these days-too many people look at internet news

goo luck WW
Title: Re: Womens Self-defense
Post by: whitewolf on May 22, 2010, 08:01:48 AM
Going to the mall today -signed up fpr a booth at the senior Day-should be a lot of families there-going to push unarmed self defense topics/use of a wheel chair and a cane to defend yourself-hope to run into some army families also for womens self defese-also pushing kids judo classes for my buddy who owns the school where i instruct at. Booth cost $50.00 which is pretty good for space at a mall. This money hopefully will draw more prospective students than trying to advertise in a local paper which does not work for me here in tn. WW (ELB) speed of light-and-ha, i have decided that it is just not in my own mind. It is here alive and well.