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Title: thoughts on the Jun blog
Post by: whitewolf on June 04, 2010, 10:54:21 PM
OK-good blog on tactics Hock-makes good sense-question-

Good topic Hock-makes one think-so with this in mind lets take for example a
2 handed choke to front of victim- I show a couple variations on breakin hold and attacking the opponent-

I assume i.e.   that in slow motion as choke is being broken I have the attacker
respond to stop the break away by responding with their own strike or going into another movement before the victim actually strikes back. Or let go and come back in.

I have not done this type training yet so this might be a way to see if the tactic would work-i have been told to try a tactic out and look at it from attackers point of view-
it sounds like this is what you are telling us.