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Title: PAC vs. Other FMA Programs
Post by: Benjamin Liu on June 14, 2010, 07:58:00 AM
I was looking at various FMA programs and really didn't see anything I liked.  Some were too easy (weekend certification) and others too difficult (years of training, though understandable for traditional arts.)  A more important factor is that many seem to be too into a specific FMA system rather than my preference to be more general.  Then some want to sell expensive uniforms, patches, and other things I'd rather do without.  I don't have anything against these things, they just aren't for me.  Then of course there are the high fees of some groups.

My question is whether PAC ranking is respected by FMA in general as a form of FMA.  Would that be a good way to go if someone wants to teach FMA but wants to avoid high fees, hidden expenses, politics, etc.?

Title: Re: PAC vs. Other FMA Programs
Post by: Hock on June 14, 2010, 09:17:22 AM
"Hello Sir,Hock,
I was attending your class and wanted to thank you for the great course. I have been stick training (with_______) .Now that I understand the diamond and X-system (and the hand claps of course) I'll be training them because you could feel that it very effective but it has to become second nature. Kind regards and thanks again for the great course. - Eric"

"Understanding"...that just in from the PAC course in Belgium. Just one I get and have gotten for many years now on my approach to the FMA. Most people complain about the same things you just did. I did too. I hear it ALL the time.

I use the combat clock instead of all these disjointed and utterly forgettable angles of attack drills designed by so many despots and/or high school drop-outs and frankly, a few are flat out crazy! I have neither the time or the patience to be jerked around in martial arts.

Understanding. It is scientifically comprehensible. I don't want to turn this response into a commercial. Wellllllll. Have a read over the PAC page:

Have a read over this:

My goal with the PAC / Filipino course is create a person so well grounded in single stick, double stick, knife, stick and knife and mano mano, that they can easily and better blend into ANY Filipino system. The core of it all.  Once you understand these fundamental concepts, then you can grasp, digest and categorize almost any FMA they throw at you.

For example, there are only five stick vs stick disarming concepts
-Hand-side snakes
-Stick-side snakes
-Strip and keep (because you grabbed the stick)
-Strip and send (because you grabbed the arm)

Once you have grasped this basic outline, you can make lists and collect disarming skills. Once you have the list? There are really 5 to 10 core moves within each. It suddenly becomes digest-able. Learn-able. In 25 years I have never saw or heard anyone explain that or anything close to it. Why? Instead you are left in ignorant daze of never-ending disarm possibilities. Same with other aspects of FMA.

This has been my mission with the PAC. Find the core. Establish the core. From which all else emenates.
The PAC course and FMA are not my favorites. Its fun, but not at all my favorite. I have customers who love it, and therefore I am asked (and paid) to teach it. Have stick will travel. The PAC is a martial art that I have tried to combatize as best as I can. To do that I had to go add a little Karate, a little jujitsu, a little Kaju. Thus the PAC approach.  Still some reality truths are inescapable. Who fights with double sticks? Who fights stick vs stick (the same sized sticks by the way!)? Etc. Skill development sure, but it is ABSTRACT! All fighting systems are abstract to some degree.

The PAC:
  - Each level test (1-9) is $50
  - Each instructorship (basic, advanced, expertise) is $100 each
  - The Level 10 Black belt ($250)
  - No annual dues.
  - No monthly or student tithings.
  - I expect to see you in seminar about once a year so I know you are still alive.
  - Take tests. Don't take tests. I don't care. Whatever.
  - Teach or don't teach, I don't care. Whatever.

Politics? in FMA? I got the juice straight from the homeland. My experience is really unquestionable. 3rd black from Ernesto Presas. (took my first Dan black on the Negros Island) 2nd Black from Remy Presas. Years and years in other FMA systems. Some folks won't like me because I don't gush over, or worship a Guro, kiss their ring, and/or have somebody's logo tattooed on my ass. Sorry. Not my style. I really admire, doctors, cops and soldiers. But That kind of street corner, politics are also inescapable and out of my control.

PAC? CQC? My personal favorite? Really?
I wish I'd never given up baseball.

Title: Re: PAC vs. Other FMA Programs
Post by: whitewolf on June 14, 2010, 08:08:04 PM
what no tatoo on the tushie-oh well thats life in the big city- heheh  WW
Title: Re: PAC vs. Other FMA Programs
Post by: sifu007 on June 16, 2010, 07:57:55 AM
If you want some solid fma then get into Hocks pac course, you won't be dissapointed.

Snoeck Chris