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Title: Dropped another gun!
Post by: Hock on May 12, 2005, 09:36:12 PM
May 12, 2005: Oops. Dropped another gun!

In furtherence of my prior blog about lanyards, all over the U.S. TV news today is the shooting of a Los Angeles/Long Beach, CA. armed robber, who while running from his car, was shot by police and guess what he did on film? Drop his pistol while falling. The pistol went flying. He tried to pull a second pistol from his pocket and was shot in 32- bullet barrage.

ANNNNNDD....while conversing with cops today that have been involved with a lot of Simunitions training, they mentioned how often their pistol hands were shot in the scenarios. Shooters have a propensity to look at the gun and therefore instinctively shoot at at it, or they aim center mass and shoot. Since so many shooters pull their pistols to their center body line, these elements are a recipe for an arm wound, which disables the limb and/or sends the pistol flying.

But, back to the LA shooting.
If anyone gets some web footage of the full shooting, can you please direct us to it? They have cut the ending off the usual news shows...