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Title: William Hillar. SF Colonel and man of "Taken?" NOT!
Post by: Hock on November 24, 2010, 05:30:10 PM
Army now investigator a school instructor William Hillar. He claims he was a SF Colonel AND of course...the object/inspiration for the movie Taken. Despite the movie makers claiming no knowledge of him. His webpage is down and gone.


Newspaper confirms lies

Two video news clips

Him on film in an interview

More comments-
"William G. Hillar Has never been a member of the US Army Special Forces. COL in Special Forces, only in his dreams. Thats quite a client list Bill! I wonder if any are going to bring FRAUD charges against you? Another Special Forces Fraud bagged and tagged. If anyone would like to write some of Bill's clients and inform them of his fraud feel free. I have Bill's "Reserve Coast Guard Radarman" records. I also have in my possession a FREEDOM of INFORMATION ACT (FOIA) from the UNITED STATES ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND (USASOC) STATING USASOC HAS NO, NONE, ZERO RECORD OF WILLIAM G HILLAR. Bottom feeding scumbag.

                                                                           - "Team Sergeant"

(It is important to read these events. Soon you start to see a pattern of some personality types. Then your 'red flags" should go up and you should check them out. You can see how people can fool, and people can be fooled. All it takes is charm and charisma, and one can move mountains)
Title: Re: William Hillar. SF Colonel and man of "Taken?" NOT!
Post by: Hock on June 08, 2011, 09:57:40 PM
For some reason, quite a number of guests have looked at this lately...