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Title: some thoughts on umarmed defense
Post by: whitewolf on January 20, 2011, 07:59:31 AM
Thought i would trhrow this out to the forum-sense I have many students who come in to the class at the athletic club -i hold 3 one hour classses a week- i get members who never took a lesson in thier life-and do not carry any type weapon-I will get a member who does it maybe 3 times only a month-so i always start out with awarness discussion and go into use of hand blocks-then wrist releases-  head lock releases-use of palmstrikes
use of stances (prayer with hands to block and attack quickly) basic boxing stance-strikes with palms--and couple choke releases-if they come for more on a regular basis .
We also make a circle and throw a ball at each other adding a couple balls -they member is in a tactical position and we practise being alert to a object being thrown at them,when you use 3 balls it gets good as 3 different balls are being thrown at same time-they catch and rethrow.
Remember some of these memebers are older and never ever been in a altercation.
Any thoughts on how to improve . Thanks -WW