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Title: use of double stick training
Post by: whitewolf on February 07, 2011, 04:06:56 PM
I found this - i am a novice using sticks-comments please-=hope this worked--WW

Title: Re: use of stick training
Post by: Adventure on February 08, 2011, 12:45:14 AM
This is some basic DBMA movement patterns. Good stuff if you know what you are doing with it. They have good info.

BUT, the best place to start is with SDMS TM 1-10; Then PAC 1-10.


PS: WW good job on FILIALLY adding in the like for all of us. Your computer skills are getting better. 
Title: Re: use of stick training
Post by: whitewolf on February 08, 2011, 06:31:46 AM
morning adventure- yepper do do- i can submit vidios- its great to be part of the "gang"
i only pick out the ones who i think can assist us (and Me)
as for the vidio and basic use of the stick- I train with a philipino american who is a former ops guy attached to sp forces-he has been in iraq and had altercations against a knifer-he teachs some good defense/offense movements-hope i never have to use it but glad to learn all i can-stay  safe   WW
Title: Re: use of stick training
Post by: Hock on February 08, 2011, 11:30:05 AM
In the big picture...

     - 99.9999% percent of the population of the world, don't know, don't care,
       never will double stick fight or drill.

     - About 75% of that .0000001% who do? Just train with the patty-cake, dance drills.
        You know they never suit up, head-hunt and duke it out.

     - that remaining 25% of the 75% of the .0000001% actually fight with    
       double sticks and the drills you see in that clip are an effort to do some  
       1, 2, 3 step moves for actual fighting.
       I have been in this teeny-tiny silver percentage! In the Philippines we
       fought/sparred with double sticks a lot. Mandatory emphasis. I learned...

          * you beat the double stick drill by not doing the same drill!

          * the patterns learned re-create mano-mano "Sinawali boxing patterns which
             match actual boxing and "kuraty" moves. Good footwork work-out.

          * these types of 1, 2, 3 movements are best done through the combat clock.
             I have learned through time that done this way, they are very comprehensive,
             hard to forget/ easy to remember.  I like this way is better than giving them
             random nicknames like "drive-by" etc.

          * these 1,2,3 isolated steps? Soon start looking like classic drill patterns! There
             is a common sense reason for this, but most FMA practitioners never go
             through the proper progression for kindergarten to college to see this. They
             just get shoved in at about 6th grade and start doing Heaven-Six

          * these double stick combat steps on the combat clock are here

    And lastly, The Dog brothers have also broken the modern progression rules I mentioned above and have tried to develop an emphasis on double stick fighting moves as opposed to double stick, patty-cake, over-drilling. Which is very commendable and should be supported. If The DBs have a DVD on those drills too, people interested in the subject should get those too. It is important to support Mark Denny, the DBs and all FMA-ers and FMA subjects.

It is lonely sometimes being in that that remaining 25% of the 75% of the overall .0000001% .


Title: Re: use of double stick training
Post by: whitewolf on February 08, 2011, 06:35:07 PM
Makes good sense to  me Hock-I agree wholehardelly that one needs to take basic steps not start at 6th grade-anyhow appreciate your input-I guess I would be in the basic arena
and going upwards (hopefully)- WW