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Title: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Hock on September 15, 2011, 11:22:53 AM
My knife/Counter-Knife course has not changed significantly since 1995. I have added new things, ideas and moves that I have learned, but fundamentally it has not changed. Here in 2011, it has changed internally.

We went through a video tape to DVD media revolution in the early 2000s. I keep a close eye on the Blockbuster video franchise back then and when they crossed over to stocking more DVDs than video tapes - over that 50% line - as well as started selling video tapes at a super, cut-rate, I made the jump to DVDs for all our training films. People whined complained but within a year of their complaints? DVDs swept the world anyway. When I cut into the video tapes to make DVDs, I made some timely updates and changes as well as COMPLETELY re-shot most of the knife course! New cameras. New Medium. AT that turn-over point it was time.

Now we are at confusing new age. This time, in 2011 the Blockbuster is almost out of business because of downloads, Netflex and the RedBox? or is it Bluebox?, dispensing DVDs for a buck in many business lobbies? Movies, like music, travel through the air now.  DVDs and CDs are really ancient. But since piracy has gone wild, everyone from the big movie houses to small companies like us are lingering on the DVD/Download tightrope. All because of piracy. If they can protect downloads? We are all in! Not yet though.

Trying to stay ahead of this next wave, I need to re-shoot things in Hi-Def and prep movies for downloads. I have started this with the knife course. This re-shoot has given me an opportunity to take what I have learned, what I have evolved and make better training films. In doing so, I have for the first time since 1995, altered the foundation of the knife course. Here is the old and new...

     "Old" Knife Course                     "New" Knife Course

Level 1: Stress Quick Draws                  Stress Quick Draws

Level 2: Saber Slash Module                  Closed Folder Combatives
                                                          and Pommel Strikes,
                                                           "While Holding" strikes & kicks         

Level 3: Reverse Grip Slash                   Saber Stab Module

Level 4: Hacking  and                            Reverse Grip Stab
             the Spartan Module

Level 5: Saber Stab Module                   Saber Slash Module
             and Chain of the Knife

Level 6: Reverse Grip Stab                    Reverse Grip Slash

Level 7: Pommel Strike and                   The Spartan Combat Module

Level 8: In the Clutches of                     The Chain of the Knife

Level 9: Unarmed vs the knife                In the Clutches of Module

Level 10: The "Black Belt" Masters          The same test
              test (remember we use the
              term "master" like range
              master, not a Martial arts

Level 11 and higher are specific specialty subjects.

So you can see the shuffling. This is all for reason. It would be too long here to write about my reasoning and perhaps I will do so in subsequent entries in this thread.
All people are grandfathered in at their ranks and instructorships. We will catch up in time anyway.

If you have any questions about these newly titled knife DVDS, email me. Briefly and for example, Military X and Military Quick Kills are newly filmed. Invading Knife and the In the Clutches Of have NOT been. They are actually quite perfect as they were. So, before you old-timers buy any of these knife DVDs, email me first and I will tell you if you have them already. New people? No problem. http://www.hockscqc.com/shop/product60.html

The Knife book is the best source of the course information. The book info trumps all films. http://www.hockscqc.com/shop/product463.html

I will mention a few more things here over the next few days...


Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Hock on September 15, 2011, 03:18:43 PM
Notes on Knife Level One

    Knife Level one remains the Stress Quick Draw. Can't knife fight if you can pull the knife, standing, moving, seated, kneeling or on the ground under the stress of needed it. If I could insist on people buying it? The real-deal Level One, (or "Level Zero") is really all the prep of a situational fighting in First Contact, Ambush or Interview. http://www.hockscqc.com/shop/product425.html

    But it is hard to force new people who want to learn the "mysterious knife-fighting" to start with a film that is not just about knife fighting. But First Contact may well be the most important film I have ever made. It is hand, stick, knife and gun, crime and war. It is the precursor to everything.

    Knife Level One is really covered in the "Combat Knife Primer Set." DVD set. This includes the Stress Quick Draws DVD and as a bonus  - The Knife War Post DVD. This is a great solo training film and a great kick-off to the study of the knife. http://www.hockscqc.com/shop/product114.html

More background notes coming soon...
Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: whitewolf on September 15, 2011, 03:46:36 PM
Appreciate putting this info here-copied the info and added it to the knife counter knife book-hope that ill be in talahoma ill bring book with me for reviewing WW
Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Hock on September 16, 2011, 11:08:13 AM
Notes on Knife Level 2...

    In the old Knife Level 2, we immediately jumped into the study of saber slash. Jumped into the action so to speak. In teaching seminars, this action is a crowd pleaser. But then in the old Level 7 we got around to covering  the closed folder and pommel strikes, after all the saber and reverse grip slashing and stabbing was covered.

    HOWEVER...I was always a little uncomfortable with my choice on this for 15 years. You see under stress, many times peope cannot get a chance to open a folder, or get the blade of a fixed blade up into action in a draw. The very first thing you may have to do is fight with a closed folder (like a palm stick) or strike first with the pommel of a fixed blade.
    Then...when you can...you open the folder or raise the blade of the fixed knife. This material should SURELY be related to the stress quick draw. Yet it was way down in old level 7. Uncomfortable doctrine. With the chance now to regroup the knife course, I was compelled to make The Closed Folder Module and the Pommel Strike Module the "new" Level 2. Close to Level 1.  It ain't sexy, cool, or action-packed when the young turks want to progress through an action-packed knife course, but it makes doctrine sense.

    If the subjects are so related to stress quick draws, then why not connect them right into the Level 1 Stress Quick Draws? In my opinion, the stress quick draws AND the closed folder AND pommel strike material together is way too much material for Level 1.
    From a training and from a business perspective, your level one course must be simple and not overwhelming. Too much material in Level One is a rookie mistake in designing systems. Level one needs to be "accomplish-able" for many reasons, least of which for business. So I decided to put Closed Folder and Pommel Strikes in Level 2.   

    By the way, some people scratch their heads about the pommel strike material - they say..."what?" But in the 1980s, former South African Commando Ben Mangels introduced me to the pommel strike and its old-school, military applications. There are some important ones of the era and they are over looked in our times of fancy drills and so forth. There is an old body of knowledge out  there about the pommel strike. I have taken this info, organized and converted it over to the Combat Clock in hooks and thrusts, etc.

    The closed folder and pommel strike material are competely covered in my knife book. http://www.hockscqc.com/shop/product391.html
They have not been filmed as of yet.

More background notes coming soon...

Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Hock on September 17, 2011, 10:42:41 AM
Notes on Level 3 and Level 4...

    Take a look at the martial arts industry in general. I have and have been in it since the early 1970s. Decades. Looking around me, most people quit it. HIGH percentage. They get married, get injured, get scared, take up golf, get fat, get lazy, whatever. (Kids stay until baseball, soccer or football season.) But, whether you are teaching Kung Fu or Krav, most people...quit. This is why schools need fresh blood like a rabid vampire needs fresh blood. If you own a school, you know what I am talking about.

    What is the shelf life of a common student? I don't know. I can guess. It ain't long. When you couple that with the short time available to teach the military and police, for true value to the citizen, soldier and cop, your time for service is very limited. Your window of teaching them life-saving material is very, very short.

    They may just work on the first few levels or get the first few belts in you are in the belt business? (this is why in my unarmed course, the first three levels is the Crash Course in Self Defense. These 3 unarmed levels include EVERY topic everyone is already doing in their self defense courses. You name them? Its in there. You just have to care to look.)

    So because of these time limits, I decided to swap out the old slash material with the new stab material in the new level progression. I put the Saber Stab module in Level 3 and the Ice Pick/Reverse Grip Stab module in Level 4. In all of my forensic training and experience since the 1970s, the medical vets and experts, and the cases prove, that stabbing has always been a faster, effective method. I decided that in the short time I may see people interested in the knife, I should give them the best, as fast as I could, up front. Political correctness be damned. And that is why the stabs are now set before the slashes in the new order.
    As a further note, I know some people LOVE the reverse grip. They think it is the best. I am committed to teach all stabs and slashes in both grips. I am committed to educating you in both and then you decide, you make an educated decision on your favorite grip, and I hope you will ALWAYS, in the chaos of combat, be able to fight with that grip (good luck on that, best to know both grips). Do NOT train with someone who only teaches one grip because it is THEIR favorite grip. They are doing you a disservice in survival.

These two levels have recently been filmed.
They include the proven quick kills that I have never filmed before.
And it is all in my knife book.

More background notes coming soon.
Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Hock on September 21, 2011, 10:07:06 AM
More Notes on Level 3 and Level 4...

    Inside the flurry of a knife encounter, all the extraneous actions going on and so forth, the actual thing that finishes the fight and saves your life, are the quick kills or "quicker kills." So, these things - scientifically stabs by the way, not slashes- are vital as a foundation. That is another reason why I moved them to the front of the list, moved them earlier up in the program as more foundational material.



Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: whitewolf on September 21, 2011, 06:53:10 PM
The info just provided makes good sense-what is maybe good for me is i am starting out learning about the Knife offense and defense and dont have to erase a  lot of old time techiniques-I.E. we did some knife work -spicifically both had a rubber knife and faced off at each other-one would slash at the knife wrist then stab (not slash) low then high-then the other did the technique-then high and low.We are adding the block pass pin using the blade  to block first then pass with the blade again striking the wrist and other hand strikes face- (ill need to have the guys critique this at the seminar-) ??? WW
Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: michael on October 11, 2011, 06:53:27 PM
Very well researched and thought-out, Hock. I hope to get this one soon, looks like a lot of very valuable and practical information.
Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Hock on October 13, 2011, 07:19:05 PM
Old-timers may notice that the old level 9 was "unarmed vs the knife." My old goal was that one would learn a great deal of knife moves, then better be able to fight against it unarmed by level 10.

BUT...in holding true to the motto that the "the knife course is about you striking, blocking and grappling with a knife in your hand" against all comers, I bumped the unarmed vs the knife material over to where it should be, to level 9 in the 10-level unarmed course.

(The same motto holds true with the stick course. Unarmed versus the stick has been moved to Unarmed Level 9 also.)


Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Hock on August 02, 2012, 10:05:17 PM
Good to re-read for updates and changes...
Title: Re: My Knife Course Update
Post by: Greg Walker on August 04, 2012, 09:59:41 AM
Great info, Hock.

Your book is next on my purchase list.