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Title: A Western Story
Post by: CQCKenpo on October 25, 2011, 10:20:06 AM
Heard today...

The old prospector and his mule slowly walked into the western town.  The prospector had been up in the mountains for almost a year, prospecting for gold and dodging Apaches.  He was dirty, ragged, and worn out.  All he wanted was a chance to rest up and clean up.

As he walked by one of the saloons, a young would-be gunfighter staggered out of the door, with a bottle of whiskey in one hand and a Colt six-shooter in the other.

Seeing the old prospector, the gunfighter’s eyes lit up and he called out, “Hey, old man, did you ever learn to dance?”

The old prospector stopped and replied, “Why no son, I can’t rightly say I ever did.”

The young gunfighter took a swig of whiskey and said, “Well, now you are.”  He opened fire at the old man’s feet, making the prospector hop and jump around.  After firing his six shots, he holstered his gun, took another swig of whiskey, and turned to go back into the saloon.

He suddenly stopped when he heard an ominous “click-click” sound.  Turning back, his eyes widened when he saw the prospector standing in front of him with a double-barreled shotgun aimed at his gut.

The prospector said, “Now I have a question for you, son.”

The young gunfighter nervously asked, “What’s that?”

The old man replied, “Have YOU ever kissed a mule’s ass?”