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Title: Drilll to run in your self defense class
Post by: whitewolf on November 23, 2011, 06:47:04 AM
Last night we practised the following exersise=One student is in the middle of the circle of others. He has a hood put over him-Instructor points to a outer student and tells him to start to move towards the hooded student and as the hood is pulled off he either attacks empty handed ,with a weapon, or just starts to verbally abuse the trainee.
the trainee has to react by the appropiate response-which could be attempting to defuse or defend a physical attack-He would also have hood pulled off and face the whole circle crowding him with shields  and he has to get out-if he gets out he then has to get on floor and get up while they hold him down holding the shields- great reaction drill. Everyone wears protection helmet ,mma gloves and groin protection in this drill.....WW