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Title: What;s going on with US gun sales?
Post by: Hock on April 07, 2012, 04:26:52 PM
Why do you guys promote guns no one can find?” one reader recently posited. That was followed up by: “You put the Kimber Solo on the cover; you might as well have reviewed a unicorn.” Another quipped, “I just ordered a SIG Sauer P224 and a leprechaun at my dealer; we’ll see which comes in first." Obviously, unicorn and leprechaun reviews are beyond the purview of American Rifleman, but the Kimber Solo on the October 2011 and the SIG P224 on the April 2012 cover were not. Back when he was an on-the road sales rep for Beretta, Jens Krough, now brand manager for Franchi, spent a lot of time talking with gunshop owners. One of his questions to dealers was ”What’s selling?” The response from a few of them was invariably, “Whatever is on the cover of American Rifleman..."