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Title: Hock's Knife Ground Fighting DVD
Post by: Hock on April 19, 2012, 07:13:04 AM
Just got the word, Paladan Press released my Knife Ground Fighting DVD this morning..


(Excuse the slight splash of hyperbole in their advertising, as "Sam for Sales" explains..."sales is sales.")

Title: Re: Hock's Knife Ground Fighting DVD
Post by: wisdom on August 22, 2012, 04:38:38 PM
Just got done watching the new Knife Ground Fighting DVD. It was awesome to have the moves we do seminar after seminar broke down into such digestible and easy to follow moves(seminars we are often in a time crunch!) The other thing that makes this so valuable is if you are paying attention it's almost every the complete Hock ground fighting package. All his ground tricks and techniques that he teaches here and there seem to be right in front of me as he broke down almost everything kind of empty handed first. As in instructor if you needed to shore up your ground fighting combat scenarios or just learn some cool stuff this a good DVD.

That was a helluva fun good one Hock!~
Title: Re: Hock's Knife Ground Fighting DVD
Post by: Hock on August 22, 2012, 06:35:56 PM
I thank you sir!

Title: Re: Hock's Knife Ground Fighting DVD
Post by: Hock on November 07, 2012, 06:59:59 PM
Review from the great Loren W. Christensen...


"I like Hoch Hochheimís stuff, especially is knife-fighting DVDs. He is clearly a master of the blade and as such youíre not going to find tornado kicks or any other flippy-dippy complicated move that will nine times out of ten result in injury, the kind that leaks your blood all over the concrete.
   Itís clear by Hockís presentation style in his DVDs that the man has been teaching for years and has heard all the questions and challenges about the blade. As a result, his material his crammed with solid information that saves lives. This is why heís sought after by police agencies and military people around the globe.
   His newest DVD, Ground Fighting Advanced Techniques, filmed and published by Paladin Press is a perfect example of Hockís excellent teaching style and intelligently organized material. As the below chapter list denotes, you get two DVDs in this $39.95 package.
   My favorite material in the first DVD is on ways to cut from awkward positions on the ground as well as ways to retrieve your weapon when youíre not in the best position to get it. In the second DVD, I particularly liked the many ways Hock teaches to maneuver on the ground in all directions. This is applicable even if youíre not dealing with a blade. These are my favorite things but there is much, much more.
   As a street cop, I saw lots of horrific examples of what a steel blade can do to human flesh, and as a martial artist, Iíve been training and teaching street-oriented techniques going on 48 years. I take knife defense and offense seriously and Iím happy to have Hockís material in my repertoire. "