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Title: Gerber MKII / MK1 Question
Post by: Greg Walker on August 04, 2012, 10:07:43 AM
Has anyone out there used Gerber's MKII or MKI combat/survival knifes as intended, or are still carrying/using one or the other for SD or MIL use?

The MKII continues to be manufactured / sold by Gerber and clearly has an audience.  Current issue of Tactical Knives features a short story on it.  Just wondering how many folks might still find favor in some manner with either.

I carried / used one of the original MKIIs for a number of years when I first got to SF.  One of our class's instructors in Phase I always had his on him and that what's influenced me the most to pick one up.

Several years ago I found a MKI in L5 tool steel with original sheath at a local gun show and picked it up for $5.  Great little bit of history and still very effective SD blade.

Just ask'in.  Be interested to hear everyone's thoughts.

Title: Re: Gerber MKII / MK1 Question
Post by: Hock on August 04, 2012, 03:37:15 PM

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It was in the Garden of Eden, under some bushes and they didn't find it right away.

Title: Re: Gerber MKII / MK1 Question
Post by: Benjamin Liu on August 04, 2012, 05:30:32 PM
I recently bought one for my collection, the remake they sell now.  The MKII was cancelled in 1999 or so and was not made again until  few years ago.

I don't see how the current version would be a good field/survival knife.  The edge is too thick and it is dull.  IMO it puts it in the same category as the F-S, pretty much only good for stabbing.  But with the narrow blade it should work well for the techniques in the "Military Quick Kills" DVD set.

For a general defensive dagger I'd use the Boker A-F instead, or the Cold Steel Peacekeeper if I wanted something larger.

I have a couple old Gerber Guardian IIs in my collection and the blades are thinner and sharp, so they should work.  I heard that the MKII and Guardian II had the same blades, so maybe the 1970s-1990s MKII would be better as a tool than the new ones.  I'm also sure that L6 is better than the current steel.

I also bought a Gerber Guardian Backup last fall.  It is so light you won't know it is there.  I bought it to experiement with some carry concepts and found myself using it to cut open packages and for food preparation.  It isn't a hard use knife though.

The use of a double-edged knife as a tool seems to be a lost art.  A type of trade knife sold to the Indians was double-edged (the Cold Steel Warhead was modeled on this style) so they must have had some use for it.  As late as the 1980s, when boot knives ruled before being replaced with tactical folders, many used boot knives as tools.  Now most people on knife forums will say double-edged knives won't work as tools. 

I've actually used my CS Peacekeeper as a yard work tool and it will cut saplings and small limbs in one swipe and do pretty well for a 7" knife.  Mine is Carbon V, I'm not sure if the current stainless version will work as well.  In general I'd rather use a single-edged knife as a tool, but a double-edged knife is far from useless.
Title: Re: Gerber MKII / MK1 Question
Post by: JimH on August 04, 2012, 08:14:58 PM
I carried the MKI in the Military and carried it for Self Defense.
I liked it for the double  edge, as well as being light and versatile.
I always had access to it on jumps.
I wore it in my waistband and or down my boot.
Also carried either a K-Bar or US Air Force survival knife in the Military.
Also alternated carrying an SAS Commando knife for SD .
Title: Re: Gerber MKII / MK1 Question
Post by: Greg Walker on August 06, 2012, 08:24:32 AM
The late Al Mar, while at Gerber, refined the MKI and MKII.  When he started AMK he evolved both designs as the Fang I and Fang II.  When the PX system, Vietnam era, stopped carrying the MKII it was Al who added serration feature and offered it was now a survival knife.  PX bought it and brought the knife back into the system. 

The MKI boot knife is a superb little SD blade.  The thickness of the blade does require some careful honing of the edges but once you've got it up to speed it's very nice.  Original leather sheath with clip attachment was/is excellent. 

Title: Re: Gerber MKII / MK1 Question
Post by: Greg Walker on August 14, 2012, 03:57:55 PM
Great fun!  A close friend just helped me score 1976 made MKII with original sheath - and for decent price - gotta love it :)