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Title: Stand your ground or not
Post by: Crafty on October 15, 2012, 12:24:43 AM

Thats a preety serious weapon to be pulling out on someone in the video.
Title: Re: Stand your ground or not
Post by: Professor on October 15, 2012, 07:24:32 AM
Standing your ground depends on the situation.   
Title: Re: Stand your ground or not
Post by: redfive on October 19, 2012, 07:36:33 PM
Well the law was written to where if you had  the chance or opportunity to get away or retreat, then you had to. So if some one broke into your house you would have to leave your own home, as compared to standing your ground and defending what was yours, or in short putting up a fight. The Trevon  case is a little sketchy to me. Standing your ground while on your back on the ground and all. Dont have much of a choice there. But the law wasnt written for a cluster F*** such as that. But the lawyers or going to twist it. Just like  in the video. 18 and up can buy a rifle, but only 21 and up can by a pistol. And the back ground check is not all that simple, its very in depth. Its just through the years its been stream lined and can be done in a couple of hours or so. As compared to the old days where you had to wait 7 days. Liberals own guns just as much as conservatives . Its just a few groups on both sides that like to blow it all out of proportion. As far as them reporting that homicide went up after the passing of the stand your ground law, well how many where justified. Just like Jeff posted. A lady in Dallas killed one of two intruders that kicked in her door. She didnt have to retreat. And her father taught her to shoot. I was shocked that they even reported on it. Normally they just tell you about how many shootings happened in a day and how bad guns are. Very rarely do they report on justified shootings and self defense.

ps: o and to Crafty's comment regarding the shot gun used in the video. Well that one is really tame compared to most. Auto shotguns are becoming more of the standard now, with 5 to 10,15 round mags. Though I do love the old " Street Sweeper". It was a pump, but had a 25 round drum magazine on it and was just at 18" on the barrel .