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Title: Pro Gun Rally
Post by: whitewolf on March 29, 2013, 08:44:37 PM
I attended a 2nd Admandment Day rally today in Clarksville, Tn..
Tn has  been named one of the top Free States---A senator spoke-great talk-Pro Gun/NRA -Gentlemen  and Ladies if they are reading this.
Get behind your pro  gun senators/NRA and other organiztions that want us to be  able to carry-its a  matter of Freedom (not how a AR-15 can kill  a deer}which was stupid statement anyhow.........Stopping us from having
axcess to guns will cause us to wind up  like Chicago,ILL. or London Eng.
Or--Australia............JMHO folks-Don't just  respond here respond  by caling your congressman/woman and tell them   where you  stand and   where do they stand... (We know  where Finestein stand alll ready) WW