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Title: The Importance of Shooting Ernest.
Post by: Hock on April 01, 2013, 07:26:11 PM
The Importance of Shooting Ernest
The Importance of Shooting Ernest. No, not the importance of being Ernest. Shooting Ernest. Among the literate and even the illiterate here, most people are familiar with a book called the Importance of Being Ernest. Ernest as a noun is defined by "showing deep sincerity or seriousness." But if you know the classic story, the plot is not about being sincere at all, but rather the opposite, to pretend and trick people that your name is Ernest. But why would I want to shoot at Ernest? Maybe I am tired of shooting at poor Will?

“Fire at Will!” Poor Will.

Let's just say I want to give a paper target a name, or give a so-called “threat”,” a real name. Or, make something unsubstantial more substantial, by giving it a human name. So I call the threat –“Ernest,” so as to bring a real name of a real person into common shooting range vernacular and solve a certain disconnect problem I feel is rampant.

Disconnect? Yes. Between paper and flesh and blood...

See April 1 entry

Title: Re: The Importance of Shooting Ernest.
Post by: GTC-554 on May 18, 2013, 06:29:17 PM
Hock, what do you have against poor Ernest?