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Title: New people/same ole same ole
Post by: Canuk on November 25, 2013, 12:31:39 PM
Wandered past a use of force theroy training session the other day. The instructor pulled out the old "if your heart rate hits 145 BPM you will always fall part" routine then went on to his version of Hicks law and stated that "for every choice you need to make your response time will increase by 58%"

I look forward to the day when i work with people whos heart rate hits that magic number and they have to have to dedcide between four things, No doubt that they will be shitting and pissing themselves...slowly because they cant make a descion.
Title: Re: New people/same ole same ole
Post by: Benjamin Liu on November 25, 2013, 01:12:43 PM
For the most part I usually see such arguments coming from people selling their RBSD programs (which usually end up being things most people with martial arts training already know) or occasional posters justifying their own lack of skill. 

The dumbest one I remember was a guy on a forum who thought a typical Eskrima 12-strike/angle system was too complicated.  He'd have the same problem with Hock's Combat Clock.  He actually thought 12 strikes/cuts were too many to learn.

Maybe someday someone will come up with a 1 technique system, the 12 o'clock hammer fist/slash/hit with stick/psycho stab and sell it to gullible people. :D