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Title: Color Code
Post by: Professor on August 06, 2005, 09:27:10 AM
As you know by now, I am an admirer of Jeff Cooper.....not an "agreer" in all instances, but an admirer:

The following is from his latest commentary page http://www.dvc.org.uk/~johnny/jeff/ :

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Having invented my own personal color code for individual response to personal danger, I like to feel that I ought to know just what it implies. This is, of course, not obligatory. I may have designed the code, but nobody is obliged to observe it as I declared it. Still I wish people who wish to use it would use it as designed, rather than as improvised after the fact. Specifically, I would like to insist that my own four-stage color code refers to decisions to take deadly action, rather than a degree of danger. As I have designed it, the color code designates that psychological condition which enables you to take action which is very unusual in your experience and which may result in lethal violence. A reasonably well-adjusted human being finds it very difficult to take lethal action against another human being. It is so difficult that it may prevent him from saving his own life. I have described it, taught it and written it up several times, and I am satisfied that it works as I have created it. It has on several occasions saved the life of the individual who had used it correctly. Put as simply as possible, the color code runs White, Yellow, Orange, and Red. It does not need amplification, but it does cover the subject in hand completely.

    * In White you are unprepared and unready to take lethal action. If you are attacked in White you will probably die unless your adversary is totally inept.
    * In Yellow you bring yourself to the understanding that your life may be in danger and that you may have to do something about it.
    * In Orange you have determined upon a specific adversary and are prepared to take action which may result in his death, but you are not in a lethal mode.
    * In Red you are in a lethal mode and will shoot if circumstances warrant.

That is putting it as quickly as possible, and we can go into it further at your convenience.
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He invented this system... I like his summary and clarification.

He has a lot of good information and insight in his commentaries.....well worth a look for those serious about hot weapons.