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Title: The End or Near the End
Post by: Hock on October 14, 2014, 02:47:05 PM
The End or Near the End

 I started in Kenpo Karate in 1972. I haven’t stopped since, messing with all kinds of systems.  Now, in my 60s too like R.J. above, I believe there is much to say for the word “moderation” through training and life. I too have a hip replacement. Right side. The left side is just fine. My sports surgeon said the right side wore out from “stuff” I was doing, as in "martial" stuff. I tore muscles in my upper right arm so badly that two doctors thought they could not fix them. My back is a ticking time bomb. My head? My brains? Not good. My neurologist demanded a knockout list from me a few years back  -

     “How many times have you been knocked out?”

"...the accumulated list is scary. I have been knocked unconscious at least 14 times since 1970, and that was back when knockouts under a minute didn’t really count as a potential brain problem, so we have thought of a few more. Now, neurologists want to know about anytime you “see black.” Not all of those black outs were from martial arts. Two knockouts were from baseball, of all things (I was a catcher). One from a car wreck. Two from boxing. Two from kickboxing. Some from police work and fighting suspects. The worst, I think - one night in a group fight/arrest, we all hit the floor, and witnesses saw a guy prop up into a crab walk and he stomp kicked me in the head from behind. Never saw it. I was out cold for about 20 minutes. I was hospitalized that night. But, I have been hit in the head a lot in training, from hand strikes, kicks and sticks. Knock-knock-whose-there?..."

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