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Title: Tactical Breathing
Post by: Hock on October 16, 2014, 09:36:00 AM
Tactical Breathing

      "...let me stake out some points about the "Three Managements,” that of managing fear, anger and pain. Each subject needs a book and PHD. But, I have performed best in my life, within these three problem areas, when I have been slightly or somewhat adrenalized. Some experts might call this time, “riding the flow,” or “in the zone” of some sorts. I say “some sorts” because behavioral and sports experts have some highly refined definitions. For me, I think the zone and the flow are mostly about half-adrenalized states. Just enough juice to function on all cylinders.
     Looking back in my past where I have been both a hero and a goat, some of my worst performances as a cop have been when I have lost this overall control, let adrenaline run amok. And let me tell you a good ambush can snap the sense right out of you. A car going zero-to-sixty in seconds becomes difficult to control. Unless its a race car. Are you a race car in the race track of life? Some people are. Most not. Most of us need work.
   In my past, mental and physical distracting problems like the lack of sleep, hangovers, family problems, constipation - you name it - have interfered with my job performance in many ways, but these problems also interfered with my ability to handle surprises, and control my temper, and these adrenaline rushes.
     How to get to this somewhat, or half-adrenalized state? And stay there? Get into that flowing zone? Its a connection into your personal calm. There are tons of training programs..."

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