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Title: Remembering Terry Gibson
Post by: Hock on October 16, 2014, 09:56:50 AM
Remembering Terry Gibson

   "...I was sure lucky to met him in the late 1980s. I hosted Paul Vunak in Texas in the 1980s and one time Terry showed up. Instant connection. He had a vast interest in the arts that Dan Inosanto taught and in his day, Inosanto said that Terry was one of his top 5 instructors. He was thee major player in this multi-state region surrounding the state of Oklahoma. I hosted Terry many times in Texas and would travel to the seminars he did and hosted in Tulsa, Oklahoma, ones conducted by himself, or by Inosanto, Mark McFann, (no, that is not this "animal" McYoung guy - Mark McFann) Master Chai, Vunak, Hartsell, well...so many of the era. I also took multi-day, privates lessons with him up there in Tulsa, staying at his house at night. We usually did these in 3-day sets. 5 hour privates in the daytime, and this included attending all the evening classes too.

     "...we did Thai, JKD, Silat, varieties of Kali, Shoot Fighting from Japan. We were all ground fighting years before the UFC/BJJ craze. Remember that Dan Inosanto Concepts many decades ago was way ahead of the curve we have today. Virtually all martial arts are a collective of moves from the past, but many get frozen in doctrine. The first real, known..."

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