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Title: A Ninja Interview with the Hockster
Post by: Hock on March 12, 2015, 04:56:10 PM
"Dr. Michel Farivar, author of the book Ninja Tools and Weapons interviewed Hock Hochheim and we wanted to share the interview with our readers prior to the magazines publication.  Mr. Hochheim is one of the  most highly acclaimed close combat instructors in the world.  His unique blend of military, police and rich martial arts training make him uniquely qualified in his field.  His near total immersion in the close combat martial arts are legendary as exemplified by the resounding successes of his international training seminars.  Additionally he makes available his teachings in what we here consider the best tactical training videos on the topic at Close Quarter Combat Shopping. We think the question and answer approach between Dr. Farivar and Mr. Hochheim reveals why the world renowned Close Quarter Combat Instructor is in such demand."

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