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Title: Two Ways Fights Usually Start
Post by: Hock on April 14, 2015, 03:15:47 PM
      "I like to identify two types of attack "starters." But first, when I often say "life is either an interview or an ambush," it is in the most broad and generic of terms. Whether in business, marriage, child-rearing or in gang fights, you are either surprised (ambushed) or have a few seconds or even longer trying to figure out some course of action (interview). 
    Having covered that set of two primitive ideas - the interview or the ambush, let's be even more definitive in a category of actual physical, "fight-starting movements," because this smaller, refined slice of a fight is important enough to discuss. Very important, especially when it comes to training. I have come to believe that people train one or the other, rarely both.
    The confronting aggressor does two common fight starters in the Stop 1 showdown:..."   
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