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Title: Terrible, Terrible Knife Grips
Post by: Hock on November 04, 2015, 11:26:26 PM
 Terrible, Terrible, Mistaken Knife Grips

     About 20 years ago, I wrote some magazine articles about what I dubbed as The Cancer Grip of the knife. Its a saber grip, as in "the sharp end of the knife sticks out of the top of the hand." You would think people would know this but some don't. Anyway, I kept seeing some of the biggest names in Filipino Martial Arts slashing, stabbing in the air like mad, followed by their students, with this Cancer Grip. This is when the ball of the thumb and the thumb is up off the knife. You can't stab, you can't slash, you can't cut a steak this way, and while dueling its an easy knock-out disarm. Yet many "FMA Gods" were slipping in and out of this grip in photos, films and teaching. There is even an entire Filipino knife system (not a popular one, I might add) that only uses the thumbs-up grip. Not good. And practitioners in training are still simulated stabs and slashes with these grips. Not changing grips.

     This is an "international" problem. A now rather famous American knife guy, on the cover of his first knife book years ago was, and unfortunately still, is shown stabbing someone with this worthless grip - just mindlessly replicating the big boys. He knows better now. Folks, you need the ball of the thumb and the thumb to hold the knife to stab and slash, to even cut a peanut butter and jelly sandwich...."

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