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Title: The Quiet Gun
Post by: Hock on December 24, 2015, 02:18:44 PM
"I get a little sick of this short sighted bias meme going around, regurgitating by flippant little half-baked, airheads. Saw it again this morning and it caught me at a bad moment, I guess.

I wonder...
- precisely define "likely."
- precisely define "acquaintance."
- what are the exact years of this study?
Since the dawn of man? 1999 thru 2002?
- Does it include gangland, inner city violence?
Lets see now. 340 million people in the USA. Over 320 million guns here. The US Census bureau thinks there are 140 million households in the USA this year. Lets do the math on this....how are we all not dead yet? How? Shouldn't half of us be dead by now? Ohhh, there's that word "likely."

Likely? Here's a stat. We are..."
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