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Title: word, stick, knife, gun?
Post by: Mr. Barnett on January 23, 2017, 01:55:47 PM
It is a force necessary world.
Make no mistake about it.  It has always been so.  Yet today we find ourselves here.  In this moment.  Our imaginationns are larger than life, and reality is cold and hard.  In your face.  Same as it ever was.  same as it ever was.  Other men’s words say so much, and yet say so little.  We repeat them, we bend them, flex them, alter and abolish them, can them, spam them and everywhere kablam them, and yet they keep coming.  Words keep on coming.  They will never stop.  What words have value?  what words do not?  Paul (The Apostle) mentions that every sssound has a meaning.  Every word is a sound…or is it?  Are there words unsponken?  I recon so.   

Its a force necessary world.
Does every drop kick noun and spinning back kick adjective have a right to exist without a sound?  Oh!  What right do I have to lift such a weapon as this?  This medium of exchange, this physical disaster in our mind?  That is to be tamed, and that alone...

File under humor and satire. 
Title: Re: word, stick, knife, gun?
Post by: usks1 on March 02, 2017, 02:39:59 AM
As Hock has said before.. There aren't many knife duels, but plenty of knifings.. Same goes for impact weapons, firearms, and empty hands.. We need to train to be functional in these areas against all areas.. We won't see a 10 round streetfight, and we won't be in a 3 musketeers duel or even a WEKAF bout on the street.. As for the 80/20 rule.. This is more like 99 / 2 rule.. So work hard, train hard, and as those Lansdale Texicans say.. "Hit fast, Hit hard, go to the house"
Title: Re: word, stick, knife, gun?
Post by: ghostrider on November 19, 2017, 03:20:55 PM
Gentlemen, we do indeed live in the real world. And the real world has little rules but to adapt, overcome, and escape.  What influences many is the media, as seen in the news. So many have their minds bent to an overload of frequency of nonsense to the highest degree. So it is with many systems of martial ideas. Reality needs to rule the day, because it is the one rule that rules them all. Instead of rumors we need the facts, just the facts! Let our training reflect our world. Let our methods be those that suit the mission. To do less is to court disaster.