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Jack Idema, Super Mercenary? and now dead

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Keith is a member of the Special Forces community.
He graduated SFQC,served with the 10th SF and did some other SF  schools and courses.
Keith started his Counter Terror Group in the early 80's and he did use some great tactics in his teams training and preparations.
There is a picture out there of Keith on the range with Ron Reagan Jr,this picture was shot at Keiths CTG compound in upstate NY,alot of Police ,civilian needs units and some military and VIPs passed through his compound.
The compound used H2H,(Keith was one of the few to graduate Mike Echanis SF H2H course)Pistol work,Rifle and smg work,sniper work , explosives and demo,with charges Keith(and others ) developed for entry techniques.
(this is on film and was televised by a Local news agency in the mid 80's)
Keith developed gear and took his show on the road and developed contacts,he used them to travel the world getting in the mix in various hot spots.
If he had stayed to this work No one would have heard of him.

To me Keith has developed similarly to "Forrest Gump",if there was a pivitol point in a conflict Keith found it,as Forrest Gump was at and or around pivitol points of history.
Suit case nukes from Russia.
Al Qaeda Video.
Plots to Kill Presidents and VIPs.

Keith did put it out there and he embelished the truth ,so much so people cannot tell truth from fiction,he is a nutter to a degree and he is a publicity hound,but while his stories are embellished,some remakably so, he has had his butt in these hot spots,so fraud is a harsh term.
(he is not in an Afgahan holding site because he tortured people at his hiuse in New York or just outside of Ft Bragg)

As said Keith will land on his feet and we will most likely hear more of him turning up in some other place finding something else of major importance.

Bryan Lee:

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  From the NY Times no less? They have about zero sum total credibility in these type investigations. First thing is who are their sources, the very same people who were getting sued and those sitting on the couch talking on the phones. I'm sure they would have been much happier if Idema would have got shot early on, they could have got the story for free.

   What some people are failing to see is that whatever Jack was before he was arrested having lived the last few years with the Taliban in the very same prison will have given him a superior understanding of these people, a understanding those in the FBI, and those who talk a good game from the safety of  the American Rear could only fantasize about having. Anyone who says this man is not a expert on A-stan is just a fool, If you don't like him, his style, or even what he has to say thats a separate matter.

   Besides, the NY Times has been known to get it completely wrong in the past as I believe they have done here. No matter how simple your math is I want offer this, A man who has been to Afghanistan would certainly know more about it than one who had not, now check the time line, and add, one day in country equals 1 and 0 days in country equals 0, now tell me who the experts are?

Joe Hubbard:
A great expose on Jack Idema is in Robert Pelton Young’s book Licence to Kill.  An interesting adjunct to all of this bru-hah-hah for me personally is that the young guy who was Idema’s sidekick who was released from the Stan prison showed up at the U.S. Embassy in London after going underground in the UK for nearly a year.  The government had given this guy a loan and he showed up trying to get a new passport to go home.  Can’t mention anymore about this, but it was interesting. 

Jack idema is dead...

"Jonathan Keith "Jack" Idema, the con man extraordinaire from Fayetteville who spent years in an Afghan prison for running a private jail and torture chamber while claiming to be a secret Pentagon operative, has died in Mexico.
His death at age 55 marks the end of perhaps the most colorful, unpleasant and self-dramatizing character to tread North Carolina soil since Blackbeard..."

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