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  • October 30, 2020, 07:14:07 AM
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Author Topic: Hostage Child Stabbed To Death  (Read 1569 times)


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Hostage Child Stabbed To Death
« on: July 05, 2007, 02:35:44 AM »

I was watching a documentary on ABS-CBN (Filipino cable TV network) the other night on Hostage incidents in the Philippines.  Some awesome footage taken right in the face of the action, like four men back in a SWAT stick as the shooting erupts and so on.

The most disturbing segment for me was young Dexter, the 4 year old taken from his mum at the Philtranco Bus Depot 30 May 2002 by some deranged man and held at knifepoint.  The footage showed the police surrounding the man who was holding the crying boy and holding a thin bladed knife to his neck and clavicle.  Some police aimed rifles or pistols, others tried to negotiate.

Then, the man just stood up and walked away, stabbing the boy repeatedly and steadily (not frenzied, just stab, stab, stab at the same pace you would read that) It seemed forever until the first shots rang out.  As this was off camera by now I don;t know if the boy was removed from the man, then he was shot or what.  Next scene the man is on the ground, there is yelling and then you see them pump another dozen rounds into the lifeless form of the murderer.

It was disturbing to say the least and I know there are men with far more experience than me on this forum and I know they would be just as disturbed by this.  I wanted to leap into the TV and go back in time and run in and even take a stab if need be but get that boy out of the mad man's hands!

It all looked so calm and matter of fact and why wasn;t somebody rushing in and taking ACTION!

Of course I am sure the police were doing their best, they are all parents too.  When do you take action?  When do you decide we had better risk harming the boy and take out this killer because he will go off any moment?  How can you decide that when, if you just hang in a little longer, maybe he will let the boy go or give you an opening? It would have been a horrible dilemma for those on the spot and out of respect I won;t second guess them.  I am sure they did their best but it was sadly not enough.

As a parent (three girls with one on the way) I must say I was truly saddened to see this footage but grateful they did show it.  I think our TV News is too sanitized and we forget how violent real life can be, to the point where we expect the impossible from our police.  We need to see some bodies from time to time to know that those car bombs we see filmed from afar really did more than just smash some shop windows.  Or do we?  What do you think?  Redcap.
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