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Author Topic: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions  (Read 67813 times)


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The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« on: July 12, 2008, 08:01:31 AM »

Well, here it is 2017 and this mess is still up here. I would love to take it down and totally ignore Jim Wagner, but I leave it up because of a commitment, a promises, a series of promises I've made with former and active Costa Mesa SWAT police officers, an agent from the DEA, a former federal investigator, HSS owners and numerous former Wagner students. They all express the need for this information to be up somewhere on the net and be available to the public. I am stuck with this message. Jim Wagner's "Reality-Based...Past."

" what if it is all a lie, the materials are what attracts people not
the claims..." Jim Wagner to Robb Hamic, 2010.

   Jim Wagner is, or should I say now -was- a public figure, was a magazine writer for Black Belt magazine. For many years he has cultivated an image a seasoned Army vet, veteran cop and SWAT team vet, and even a "Post 9-11 Government Counter-Terrorism expert who performed 140 counter-terrorism missions," as the ads say. His cultivated image is that of a tactical genius sought after by the most elite units in the world. He has even called himself the inventor of, and even using the term, “Founding Father of reality fighting systems," etc. Until Jim Wagner, either in 1998 or 1999, or 2002 or 2003, (depends upon what Wagner bio you read) there apparently was no one on the planet teaching or doing “real world training.” But, his actual, real background has been debated publicly for years now by many.

    A big glitch for Jim Wagner arrived in the summer of 2008 when proof surfaced on the POW Network that Jim Wagner only did 8 months in the US Army as a radio operator, and begged his congressman to get him out og the Army. What? Not a Sergeant in a combat infantry unit, as he told people in seminars? This seemed to steamroll right into his demise.

    I was next somehow accused by Wagner of initiating this POW investigation. I did not have anything to do with it. Nothing. I was also accused of lying about Jim Wagner’s past in his own postings  - this Army topic -and his words had reached as far away as Australia. Wagner deemed me “ a jealous, lying business competitor.”

    BUT! As a side result of these Jim Wagner accusations about me in 2008, I'd also innocently became some kind of internet hero for "calling him out." I did not do it! Still, Wagner had used my name and since 2008, I had unwillingly become a reluctant repository of a large volume of disparaging emails, letters, complaints, signed affidavits and statements against Jim Wagner, mostly from police co-workers and from ex-instructors and police - foreign, federal, state, city. They cheered me on! One California, co-worker cop who knew Wagner personally for years actually told me I was “doing God’s work” for exposing Jim Wagner as a fraud. That was pretty strong (I have it, and everything, still in writing.)

    Strong anti-Wagner talk. And I had nothing to do with any of it! With all this new info, and him waving my name around, I next posted here the Jim Wagner 13 questions to clear up the mess and give Wagner a chance to rebuke all these bad  claims. We corresponded. Except for the simple qualifier question or two I sneaked in there, like “Do you know Chuck Habermehl?” - just to get the pace and tone of Wagner’s honest answers for comparison - like a polygraph qualifier question - the rest of the questions were important.

    In winter, 2008, Jim Wagner contacted me as I asked. He first wanted to answer these questions his way and sent me a short list of answers, a collection of some short, terse dodges and obvious lies. I immediately saw they were transparent dodges and lies and could easily be investigated to be cover-ups. I know Jim Wagner feared that the true answers, once published, would be torn apart by his detractors. I told him so. Then Jim Wagner decided not to print them at the last minute. I agreed, and we did not print his answers as he requested.  The answers were more desperate and confusing dodges that did not match the truth. They were transparently bad.  But, you can still read all of his lies right on his webpage, anyway.

Then, Jim Wagner ordered me to remove his name completely from this Talk Forum or else! Or else...what? Sue? Jim Wagner can’t sue anyone because the actual truth would then be easily subpoenaed into the public domain and it would utterly, completely ruin him. Anyway, I figured I was done with this. That was 2008. Now move to 2010. I had peacefully co-existed with this knucklehead for years before 2008, ignoring him and I assumed that would be my easy fate once again. I could easily ignore Jim Wagner.

     In February, 2010, an ex-cop named Robb Hamic became fed up with his Krav Maga instructors, discovering they were frauds. Hamic started a webpage on this subject. Robb discovered that Jim Wagner was influential in forming and advising some of these Krav frauds (Moni Izik for one) on what-to-say and how-to-advertise. Wagner fell into Hamics’ radar. Ex-cop, Robb went after Jim Wagner like he would go after a criminal. It was serious.

     Then, Jim Wagner began sending Robb emails with blind copies to “his people”....and ME! Me? Somehow, I started to receive these blind copies too because they were messages not just to Hamic, but to me and about me also.

     At first, Wagner thought it was me using an alias. I told him no. (I have no problem talking with Wagner.) Once that was proven wrong, then in these 2010 emails, Jim Wagner accused Hamic of acting as my agent, my proxy. No again. In fact, I have never met Robb Hamic. I know almost nothing about him, except what he said on his Krav-Fraud webpage. Robb never was and is not my "partner, agent or my proxy." I have never even spoken with him on the phone. I have never met him. He apparently is an ex-cop who smells a few rats.

     Like Al Pacino says, "just when I think i am out, they pull me back in." As for me as it was in 2008 and now in 2010, I don't quite know how to rectify me being called a jealous liar AGAIN internationally by a skunk like Jim Wagner - who also had a very large, international voice in Black Belt magazine.  A voice as far and as wide as from USA to Australia? And, I do not know how extensive these April, 2010 blind-copies emails he sent out were? To whom? Maybe the entire email list of Black Belt Magazine? I was becoming Wagner's boogey-man yet again. A scarecrow distraction to his reality-based-past. So, in my potential defense, I decided to pro-actively look deeper into the mysteries of Jim Wagner. It was easy since so many people had contacted me in 2008. I had their recollections stored away. This time, I actively contacted them beginning in 2010 with my own questions.

     I do know this much now. I will never believe a single word Jim Wagner says or a word he writes. There are even trick stories behind the pictures he uses. I don't think he can be trusted. He confabulates, exaggerates, lies, twists and deceives as a way of doing business. Worse, I have an opinion he is a bit pathological in that he has become to believe his viewpoints to some extent. His webpage has covered many tall stories, even lies. Once caught, he takes them down himself, and then, replaces with new sets of lies. Oddly at times the same lies.

     You've met people like this. And all to perpetrate his myth and trick customers. So, its been about for years now, and I know what he says and I know what the facts are:

* Despite his early ads, lectures and claims, Wagner did only 8 months in the Army as a
   radio operator. He begged a congressman to get him out. He told people early on, (we
   have their names, that he was an Army Sergeant. Many years later he joined the
   California Militia and actually became a SGT. He likes to confuse people about
   this timing.

* Wagner was forced out of the Costa Mesa Police. CMPD officers say he wormed 
   himself into a volunteer, unpaid, reserve position first, and then into a deal with then
   Chief Snowden, then he left without public disgrace.

* Wagner worked for and with a group of vets in the 1990s called HSS International, who
   actually got the training gigs that he claims he alone got. These courses were actually
   taught by these vets. He attended or helped out. He deceives customers by using
   these HSS group photos for all his advertising of HIS teaching the “world’s elite.”
   Wagner was fired from HSS for a series of criminal thefts and scams. A judge in a California
   court confirmed this.

* Wagner was a smaller town jailer, then cop, then DARE officer and shopping mall cop   
   when he worked with and met the military and police vets of HSS International. At one
   time HSS employed 100 instructors. Wagner was eventually fired from HSS for double-
   billing expenses and stealing a variety of things (to include the HSS name while keeping
   the money). In his advertising, Wagner uses all these HSS acquired gigs AS HIS
   ALONE! Wagner uses the HSS photos all over his webpage, manipulating them as
   though he alone taught these groups. This misinformation and deception constitutes
   the basis of his ad campaign. Think about this - NONE of these special, military or
   police groups would hire a small town jailer, DARE officer and MALL cop to teach them.
   HSS got those gigs. They fired Wagner for theft. A California judge agreed with HSS in

* Wagner was never on any SWAT team as an "front-line" operator, just as office,
   support help in Costa Mesa police - slickly called a SWAT “Command Post.” Wagner
   failed the SWAT PT test.
He admitted this for a while, then changed that story and
   suddenly in April, 2010, Jim Wagner claimed he passed another test, a second test, and now lies that he was 
   a full-fledged SWAT team member. I now have documents from Costa Mesa P.D. officers
   that declare he was not, as well as a memo from HIM where he complained about his
   surprise/sudden firing from this support job. Further, how he  complained about being replaced
   by a totally untrained, unarmed park ranger. Wagner has never attended the
   California State Peace Officer Standards and Training SWAT school, a requirement
   for a SWAT operator. Attorney Sam Browning has signed statements about this and
   I  have been told by numerous prior SWAT officers about this. I have conversed with
   CMPD SWAT and Wagner was called by them a "house mouse" and NOT on the SWAT team.  Wagner's nickname was "House-Mouse."

* Wagner was forced to leave the Orange County SO unpaid, volunteer reserves for a
   series of indiscretions, mistakes and false claims about being the Sheriff's bodyguard,
   etc, Then there were even more problems...

* Wagner did about 8 months as an Air Marshal and that includes his schooling! He was
  forced to leave over a forgery investigation, causing a hurry-up resignation letter after
  8 months employment in a deal. He'd committed a crime. (I have these documents -
  to include a Congressman Christopher Cox letter) Wagner has already lied about
  this publicly, numerous times.

* From these air marshal flights that he first called uneventful, he later advertised them
  as a mysterious “140 counter-terrorism missions.” Wagner used this short, "rookie"
  background through Black Belt Magazine ads to be called a "post, 9-11 counter
  terrorism, government expert." He was actually forced out after 8 months.

* Wagner uses the “I resigned” cover story to conceal his lifelong professional mistakes
   at Costa Mesa, Orange County and the Federal Air Marshals. All these agencies were
   used to con customers into thinking he was a seasoned, experienced, unblemished vet
   and expert. He just "resigned" form his Black Belt magazine column.
* Wagner is currently a California state reservist, one of the few branches that will
   NEVER go to war (odd choice for a super hero of the world's tactical elite!). But, he
   was quick to play dress up in the uniform and get on the cover of Black Belt Magazine
   in his "dramatic combat uniform"...and "the black beret" (his actual public words on   
   the web.) He got into trouble for doing this.

* Probably Wagner's biggest and most self-revealing lie is when he claimed that US
   President George Bush summoned him to is Oval Office to thank him for his war effort.
   See Question 11.

    Jim Wagner is in effect, a house of cards, with another house of cards built on top. So, I will answer the original Jim Wagner questions based upon collected information from his and other statements, interviews and documents. I have changed the order of the original 13 questions so they appear in some kind of chronological order.
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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2010, 06:41:28 PM »

Jim Wagner Question 1) Do you have any Black Belts? Yes or no, and if so, in what?

Investigated Answer:

    Jim Wagner himself admits he has no black belts. In fact, in his writings he takes some pride in not having any. He advises it! This is predicable since he hasn't any and therefore he needs to manipulate and establish how such is not needed at all for his incomplete credibility. Of course he will rant and rant about such things, but there is nothing like having an experienced mentor guide you for years, and no replacement for time and grade with such. And nothing replaces ring time.
    The poster boy of Black Belt Magazine has no black belt. No rite of passage. Well, he has, or rather "had" a black belt in one specialy - its as a fabrictaor, con man in advertising. But I think the world is catching on to his game and concocted myth.

More on this subject here:,6309.0.html

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #2 on: May 20, 2010, 09:36:46 AM »

Jim Wagner Question 2: You actually did only 8 months in the US Army back in the 1980s? True? Why?

Investigated answer: Wagner admits this now, ONLY AFTER it was revealed by a POWNetwork investigation in July, 2008. Otherwise no one would know this. Wagner then had to suddenly explain this. Wagner then said on his webpage that back then he wanted to be a pilot, joined the Army to be a pilot and when he could not be one, contacted his local congressman to muster out. Without any more documentation, this pilot story cannot be confirmed or denied. But, mustering out early by way of a congressman is not well thought of, in military circles.

Wagner told people in seminars (such as Jim Harigan of New York City and others present) that he was a sergeant in the Army in a combat unit years before 2006. He crafted an image of a unblemished, complete, Army veteran. Rest assured Wagner concealed this fact from his customers for as long as he could.

Years later in 2006, Wagner joined the one California state military reserves unit that cannot go to war, where he finally got that sergeant's rank he coveted and wheeled-and-dealed for, for years. (This is not to disparage these reserves in any way, it is only to comment on a certain pattern of Wagner's choices.)

Wagner seminar attendee Jim Hartigan says:
"In 2003 ,your first class in NYC you said you had been an NCO in the US Army in an Infantry Unit and had seen how your previous martial arts training had NOT prepared you..."

And details here:,4088.msg35959.html#msg35959
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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2010, 07:08:48 AM »

Jim Wagner Question 3: HSS International. Isn't just about every ad or photo on your web page attaching yourself to these "elite units trained," and special forces really come from HSS International? Don't you allude to and pretend that YOU got these elite gigs by yourself?  To sound special? Aren't you really, really, REALLY stretching semantics and the real truth when you simply say, " I taught..." ?

Investigated answer:
    For many years Wagner hardly ever mentioned HSS International, because he knew the real answer to this question. Yes. It was HSS. But, when forced to in 2008 and 2009, he began mentioning them...."to explain." Then re-explain. Wagner has had to do spend a LOT OF TIME, explaining and re-explaining throughout his professional life.

   AT one point, Jim Wagner actually wrote on his web that he owned HSS International, (that would make HIM the star attraction!) then quickly took that down. See:,4153.0.html

    During Wagner's many years as a temp-holding cell, jailer, a stint on the streets then a DARE officer and mall cop for years, Wagner met real police and military war vets in his area. These vets started HSS international. At one point they has 100 regional instructors. Wagner was one.

    Yes, most of the elite units gigs he claims to have as his own, and the photos on his webpage, were HSS gigs ramrodded by these other vets. Sold by HSS vet rep, not Wagner's. Wagner participated in some and did the calligraphy and certificates. But he blew it!

    Blew it? Later, Wagner even got gigs under the guise of HSS for himself. Wagner was eventually fired from HSS for a series of thefts and various subterfuge. (Read the caption on the box) This led to a court case in the summer of 2003. The California judge decided completely in favor of HSS.

    Seriously, look at the actual HSS years involved here. From the early 1990s to 2002. Is it really feasible that these "elite groups" such as GSG9 or Marines sought out southern California, mall cop Jim Wagner for training in the 1990s? Or, was it the vets and reputation of the some 100 HSS International instructors? Think about it.
    During his time with HSS International, HSS International military vets taught numerous military units. Wagner used those pictures to confabulate and exaggerate his importance. Rest assured, none of these units knew Jim Wagner mustered out of the Army after 8 months by way of a congressman. He would have been shunned as a wuss.

Speaking of these other instructors - here below is one of the 100 with a letter about Wagner below.


This writer - Chris - is a well-respected trainer from Robb Hamic.

Hello Sir,
I can see the extend work that you have done bringing Wagner to the surface and I commend you for it.  I want to say that I was not just had by Wagner but I was defrauded  money wise also.  My story quick is I met Wagner through HSS being a Tactical Instructor for the company I was introduce to him.  Nonetheless I was teaching many defensive tactic courses for HSS and Wagner became somewhat a partner.  When he left HSS he ask me to continue helping him  and said yes as I did not know why he was let go by HSS.  I help him build many of his curriculum gave him many tactics and taught him many martial art technique as I am a Black belt in Jukaikido, Kyokushin and Jujitsu and a Master instructor for the biggest Canadian Federal Police.

After one year I became suspicious as he was asking to go teach classes for him in NY city and will never pay me leaving with all the fees of my hotel,food and travel cost as he was pocketing all the money.  As I confronted him with this he began diverting all questions and asking me again to teach somewhere else with promises of great success.

Being a cop I started to call around and contacted the CEO of HSS who gave me the full story about Jim not being a cop and defrauding HSS for some huge amount of cash.  He also gave me the reason why he (HSS) wasn't contacted me to teach as I was associating myself with him.  At this point I confronted Wagner and he gave me many lame excuses that everyone was conspiring against him.  When ask about were he was a cop he would be very vague so I took it upon myself again to call the PD  was stating he was with and I was crush to know that they did not have any Wagner working for them.  After pushing my investigation I discover that a retired friend of Wagner that was working for the PD in question had given him a courtesy badge (reserve) as you need to be a full-fledged Officer to teach for HSS.

As soon that I uncover all Wagner's bullshit I immediately cease my association with him as I also find out he was always namedropping my name to say that he was teaching me and that I was his student when in fact I am the one who was teaching him and helping him with his crap.

After some heated argument with him I requested that he take my name off his site and stop using my name a thing that he never did stating that he's not doing anything wrong as we were together before.

Please take my name (off the Wagner instructor list you have on your page) as I don't want to be associating with him in any circumstances.

Thanks in advance for your great work

                                                                           Chris St-Jacques

This from DEA Agent Jeff Clancy:

"DEA San Diego has hosted HSS International on a number of occasions and during the early years (1999-2002) Jim Wagner was part of that package.  However, he was only there for a couple of courses; primarily as an assistant to Ben Alexander for the Tactical Medic course.  He never taught a combatives course at our office.  The Protective Services Courses conducted at our office were taught primarily by Chris St Jacques, assisted by other instructors such as Tom Love and Jim Rewald. There's obviously more, but I think I've made my point. Don't be duped by this man. JW is a master at manipulating the truth, using people to further his agenda and avoiding accountability.  "

                                                                                 - Jeff Clancy, DEA

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #4 on: May 26, 2010, 07:48:24 PM »

Jim Wagner Question 4: What’s the deal with Costa Mesa SWAT, and your changing answers.  First you’re on, then you weren’t on, and now you say you were on again?

Investigated answer:

    Jim Wagner said he was on the small town SWAT team. Then the truth came out that he failed the PT test, and he only did back office work for them,  a "house mouse," being unable to qualify for SWAT. This piece of honesty stewed for awhile on his own webpage, but then he washed that off and lied that he took a second PT test and actually was on the SWAT team. But officers ON THAT VERY SWAT team I spoke with say that never happened and Wagner is liar. Wagner was a "house mouse." Their term.
    Saying that he passed a second CMPD SWAT P.T. test and was a door kicker, trigger puller, front-liner on the CMPD SWAT team is probably his biggest, bald-faced lie yet. And that is saying a lot. ANd he was even removed form that back-office, helper job! Read on till the end...

   “I expected to get something in writing laying out the reasons I was terminated.” –wrote CMPD Officer Jim Wagner to Lt. Dale Birney and Sgt Marty Carver on 3 September, 1998.

    Wagner was complaining about his sudden dismissal from his support, “back office” of the CMPD SWAT team.  (See attached PDF file for the full letter) But the story goes back further, to specifically explain first that Wagner was never – what ANY  SWAT officer anywhere would officially call  - “on the SWAT team.” Wagner failed the PT test and was offered a support position. Wagner never attended a required SWAT school by the state of California that all SWAT officers attend after being accepted by their agency. An agency letter must precede SWAT school approval. Wagner has none and did none.

   In late, 2008 Attorney Sam Browning of Bullshido collected a signed statement from  CMPD SWAT officer Phil Hartman. Hartman said that Wagner was NOT on the SWAT team. He worked in the SWAT “office” or the command post when they were called out, which Hartman said was rarely as Costa mesa was a quiet town.  Since then, no less than three old and new CMPD SWAT officers have also said that Wagner was officially NOT on the SWAT team.  And several of his former friends told me the same.  “He is really exaggerating,” one told me. Another said Wagner “was lying to sell his name out here.” Veteran DEA agent Jeff Clancy, who knows all these players and knows Wagner for decades states Wagner was clearly not on the SWAT team. Clancy is also privy to a steady stream of Wagner missteps, mis-claims and misrepresentations so sell himself as special.

"Jim was just a 'house mouse,' who did logistics and maintained gear."
No real SWAT member would ever call the support
office job Wagner did as actually "being on the SWAT team."
Worse, he was kicked off even that job.


   All told me that Wagner failed the local CMPD SWAT physical performance test. Then they offered him sort of an office support job. Mostly as an artist to obtain whatever planning sketches needed and to hand out gear to the actual front line, trigger-pullers and door-kickers. These trigger-pullers and door-kickers are actual grads of SWAT schools and what is officially called ‘the CMPD SWAT team.”  Wagner was in a support position. But, he gets to wear the cap and the tact pants. Like in a military unit, the office clerk, or drivers, or cooks, get to wear the unit uniform. And even get the unit business card. And, if you are a person like Wagner?  That’s all you need to scam the public.

   Several officers said Jim Wagner did well at that house mouse, office job. But, Wagner did get himself a business card that said "SWAT" on it (Oh how he used that card to promoye himself!) and did get to wear SWAT clothes in the van. He did participate in various training CMPD courses, often as the bad guy role - (which he chronicled on his webpage) ergo, the many of the “my SWAT team” photos on his webpage.  But many of these photos are also confused up with his other HSS days.

   Playing semantics with the word - “on.” Apparently 'house mouse" Wagner REALLY needs his naive customers to believe he was an action guy ON a SWAT team. Somehow. Anyhow. He simply said he was “ON the SWAT team.”  He also like to wordplay with the "earned." He likes to say he "earned" a position on the SWAT team. So does a janitor. These are terms to trick the ignorant. No SWAT officer anywhere would agree with this slim, confabulated connection of the word "on," or earned. But still, the Wagner bio changed again….

   When the Hartman statement was released in 2008, Wagner had to admit he failed the PT test. He admitted to working the help/support spot with the SWAT team and he distinctly, clearly stated he was NOT a real door-kicker or trigger-puller. He wrote on his webpage about “running like a gazelle” on the PT test, but failing it. He wrote about helping out with the SWAT team with chores and things like playing the role of the back guy in scenarios, etc. These admissions are all probably available now only on the internet through the WayBack machine, because now Wagner has changed his story yet again!

   Changed?  Confabulation? How about a whole, new wonker of a lie? Wagner…in true Wagner form…has once again recently changed his history.  In April, 2010, Wagner completely reversed this support position status. He now claims he took a second SWAT PT test, passed it and was put right on the front line of the SWAT team, contradicting the testimony of others AND EVEN HIMSELF! He now claims he voluntarily resigned from SWAT after three solid, warrior years. In the end there were a party, and he has a nice little story about the whole thing. Too bad its a lie and we have the proof.

    The truth is this.  On May 24th 1997 Jim Wagner was fired from this back office/support slot! Wagner, this…this… tactical and sought-after, world-renown, expert and genius, was replaced by a totally untrained, unarmed park ranger named Kevin Condon. THAT was how important Wagner was to… “his team.” Wagner complained to his supervisors about this and even threatened to report his termination to the city council. How dare they not recognize his superiority! How dare they! Don't they know he he is!?

   When challenged about this new SWAT turnaround story in May, 2010, Wagner wrote Robb Hamic with his PROOF he was on a SWAT team. The best proof?  A SWAT business card and a CMPD bill of sale for Wagner to buy some tactical clothes. Really? Best you can do, Jimbo? Only the ignorant would find this a substantial proof. Is THAT really the best you can do? How about a California state SWAT school grad certificate? Or, a signed letter from a SWAT commander refuting what the other SWAT team members said about you? 

    Jim Wagner DID NOT willingly resign from the CMPD, front-line SWAT team office job, as he now states on his webpage to naive and new customers.  Jim Wagner was instead booted out the support office.

   You know what Wagner reminds me of? He reminds me of an office clerk, or a supply room guy, or a driver, or even a  cook in a Special Forces unit. They wear the same uniform. The same hat. They even have the same unit business card. Then they get out of the Army and claim they were in Special Forces. That kind of despicable, stolen valor.

    But, you see, he is a serial liar. The Wagners of the world are shameless and of course, always, ALWAYS persecuted. (HOW DARE THEY do this to me!)  Wagner’s only defense is to claim that EVERYONE else is simply lying about him. What a conspiracy! You see, Wagner finds the crack and oozes through. He’ll find another crack and ooze through that, too. The Wagners of the world are shameless and of course, always, ALWAYS persecuted and lied about. They are completely innocent of everything. (HOW DARE THEY!) 

   I happen to have this Jim Wagner CMPD SWAT memo, written by him, attached to this thread, courtesy of some Costa Mesa Police Department officers – the memo of him complaining to supervisors about his termination. Take note of the pathology and the manipulation of his words. (Remember the "150 world’s elite agencies" he mentions right away? were HSS gigs. Even the reading officers made side note of this typical Wagner ploy.)

The truth is here. The memo -

And there's more. from a co-worker....

July, 2010
I just had a LONG discussion with long term, tactical supervisors on Costa Mesa PD SWAT. In the late 1990s and early 2000s. The SWAT team really wanted to protest the ads and claims Jim Wagner...

    "We (SWAT team guys) wanted to blow the whistle on him.  We were told to run
     it by the City Attorney, and after doing so, were told to let it go. The City
     Attorney didn't want us to go there.  So, we let it go."

One SWAT veteran added (not Phil Hartman, another)...   
    "He was never a member of the SWAT tactical team...He did hang around
    the team quite a bit during practices, etc.  I do know that he tried out at
    least once for the team and did not make it.  Nor would he have ever made
    the team.  He was a goof and no one liked him. Wagner was a very good artist
    and could draw pretty much anything.  Based on that, the SWAT Commander
    at the time, Ron Smith, decided Wagner could be useful at the command post
    drawing up the interior/exterior of target houses or rooms with the rough
    sketches we provided.  So he brought Wagner on (the office) over the objection of
    the entire SWAT Team. After everything that has happened, we never
    let Smith forget about it. "

This also came in, totally unsolicited from another retired CMPD SWAT police. In part, some of what he said ....

         "I came across the old '08 post reference Jim's credentials and issues.
     I couldn't resist emailing you even though this is a stale topic. You pretty much
     hit the nail on the head. I worked with Jim at Costa Mesa P.D. He was a kooky
     guy who always seem to live in a "Water Mitty" type of dream world. In patrol,
     back when there was street justice, he was pretty much a wuss. I don't remember
     him ever using any level of force, ever.
          On the SWAT subject, Jim was just a "house mouse" who did logistics and
     maintained gear. The only reason was because the guy in charge, Lt. Ron Smith,
     felt sorry for him. After he left the PD, well before retirement, we heard about
     his Air Marshal gig troubles. The Feds came to the CMPD and were looking in his
     package. They served a search warrant at his home in Irvine. Nobody was surprised.
          He was just a goofball. He wasn't social. He had few friends. People didn't
     trust him. He was a wuss as a cop. His only strength was a big imagination and
     some writing skills. Over the years I've come across some of his stuff online. I
     just cringe. To me, he has no credibility.
           I don't think Jim deserves a break. I don't think he's nuts either. He just
     lives in some unrealistic grandiose world that he creates with the stroke of
     his pen. It seems like he's always been that way. Obviously, he's
     misrepresented himself and his credentials, over-and-over, to help bolster
     his personal business. If you're a customer signing up for training, where
     lives are at stake, you simply deserve to get what you paid for.
            Post what you want. Just don't hook  up my email (don't want to be bothered
     by 'Jailer Jim'.)" 

    Of course the entire 1990s CMPD SWAT team and many other city, state and Federal officers will gladly come forward should any court action that Wagner might initiate about his ridiculous, false reputation of blatant lies. No court action will come because Wagner cannot have this truth released.

Read more discussion on this subject:,4084.0.html


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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #5 on: June 05, 2010, 02:18:59 PM »

Jim Wagner Question 5: Why did you leave the Orange County Sheriff’s Reserves Department?

Investigated answer:

“Of course, I am terminated...”. “Now I find myself  being thrown out of the department...”

                                     -writes reserve officer, Orange County Sheriff’s Jim Wagner,
                                       being booted from the department to OCSD Lt. Willy. (see
                                       attached document)

As usual, Wagner said he simply resigned of his own free will. But, DEA agent Jeff Clancy reports that - “He (Wagner) was told to resign or be terminated from the Orange County SO Reserve. One reason was "an incident" and then another was because he was handing out business cards claiming to be a full time sergeant instead of just an unpaid, volunteer reservist.” But there is more...

A southern California police officer reported in:

    "Do I know Jim? Yep. Knew him for years  and years. I wouldn't hate the guy if I were you though, and I don't. Jim is sick in the head. He could never cut it in "the real world" when it comes to high-speed operators and he needed those creds to sell his crud. This  guy is a living joke, a functional retard if you will. Be the bigger man and have mercy on him. I still think it is important to expose him, but for you (or anyone) to publicly hate on him is unseemly when you really start to understand what a sick guy he actually is.
    Wagner had to leave Costa Mesa. Go talk to Les Gogherty of the CMPD and ask him about JW. Ask why JW was FIRED from CMPD (I heard this from JW's mouth himself when it happened) when he was in the CMPD Reserves. But then he was able to pressure David Snowden (The Chief then) to have the firing rescinded and he was able to resign. He could ‘retire-out”. The chief was a softie and did it. Wagner went to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department as a reserve.
    He had to join the Orange County Reserves because HSS, which he was working for at the time, said he had to be an "active" LEO (law enforcement officer). His certifications were running out as a LEO and HSS was talking about getting rid of him. He really needed this police gig! The OCSD will easily accept certified officers.
   Wagner was given the reserve sergeant position by an admin friend named Pam
there (or rather, she pulled all the strings necessary to make it happen). He never
worked his way up in the OCSD reserves. It didn’t last long. Wagner shortly thereafter left the OCSD for two reasons. One - he was trying to make more of his reserve   
position than it was. He was also only patrolling once a week and that for only a few
hours. Two- he was caught telling people that he was Mike Corona's (the Sheriff’s)
personal bodyguard. The head of the bodyguard unit for Mike (George J.) found about 
what Wagner was doing and called him into his office. He was fired shortly thereafter.

    Yep. Wagner was caught lying again. What nonsense. I PERSONALLY asked the
guy in charge once of Mike Corona's bodyguard detail. When I insisted that Jim was
Mike's  personal bodyguard, the head of the detail assured me that I was wrong. I
looked like a fool. An utter fool. (Then there also was some trouble about a training
bomb too. There were other, little reasons he had to leave.)

    Wagner later failed the Los Angeles P.D. background check (after the marshal's
mess)- I know, I talked to the investigator."

                 - This officer stands ready to file a deposition if any lawsuits come

Wagner was an unpaid, volunteer at OCSD.
As is the Wagner profile and pattern, as soon as he can,
he plays dress-up in Black Belt Magazine with his new costume. The
word "Sheriff" appears on this SWAT uniform. But, where is
Wagner's, CA. state SWAT school course certificate? As you
will read here, Wagner was never on any SWAT Team, least of all a OCSD SWAT team.

    Attached below is a convoluted, 6-page email Wagner wrote to a Lt. Willie at the O.C.S.D. courtesy of officers form the OCSD. It covers HIS side of why he was being fired and “police career ruined.” Yes, a cause was Wagner was exaggerating his reserve position amongst the public and handing out OCPD business cards to support that his claims (remember Wagner flashing his CMPD SWAT business card around? Business cards seem to be a Wagner ploy. He STILL uses this truck.).
   Read this letter and try to capture the Wagner mindset. He is trying to explain away a boatload of troubles involving business cards, fake bombs and lies, and troubles with other personnel. (He claims that one fellow officer might bomb his car and reports this to Irvine police!) And this Wagner guy is nothing but an unpaid reserve! Just a volunteer! They could dismiss him at will. Reports say he was nosing around all kinds of OCSD departments, like the DPU, elbowing in as a volunteer. As with Wagner's history, personal troubles follow. (He is like your worst Barny Fife, nightmare employee. See the patterns yet?)

    This disjointed letter also contains the usual, grandiose statements that he went on actual missions and raids with "the World's Elite."  HSS denies this. It's just Wagner hot air. And more with another fellow officer Joe Thinn and a fake, bomb scare, training story - well, at least Wagner’s side of it here which is manipulative and incomplete. Actually, Reserve Wagner was going to create a bomb ruse with it “for training.” Thinn interrupted this, reporting Wagner. Wagner then reversed the story and completely blamed Thinn! This is the unexplained, background story in the attached letter. The admin believed Thinn and not Wagner. Wagner was forced to leave yet again for this and all of his other never-ending, sell-caused, troubles. Click here.

In Summary...
  - Resignation story cover-ups. Saying he willingly resigned from something again, yet
    was really booted.
  - Persecuted! Everyone is against him.
  - Professional failures, one after another, after another, after another.
  - Are you starting to see a pattern yet?
  - How much of a fool are you to believe ANYTHING Wagner says or writes?
  - How does it feel to be connected with a skunk, one known internationally as such?


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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #6 on: June 15, 2010, 12:25:35 PM »

Jim Wagner Question #6: How did you get hired by the Air Marshals with such an odd and debatable past?  

Investigated answer:
They needed to hire a lot of people back then. FAST!

     “How could I have been hired by the Marshals if what they say…” This is a famous Jim Wagner line challenging the discoveries about his past. Jim Wagner likes to cover over his pre-air marshal, checkered police past by mentioning that the Federal Air Marshals hired him and they required a security clearance. How could he get this clearance? Here’s how.

    Since September, 2001, since the birth of the modern air marshal service, the government requires what is called a TS SCI clearance. This means “Top Secret, Sensitive Compartmented Information.” This, loosely translated means a “need to know” basis. Lawyers describe TS SCI clearances as “a sign of trust and demonstrates faith that you are able and willing to safeguard national security information. Federal employees, military members, government contractors, and even some private sector employees are often required to hold security clearances because their job is a sensitive position that requires access to classified documents or secure facilities.”

    A huge range if government employees have this need-to-know clearance level like cooks, drivers, engineers, computer programmers, clerks, secretaries, guards, police, agents, etc.. This particular clearance runs a gamut with anyone near certain information and places. 70 percent of the intelligence budget is spent on "contracts, not contractors."

    In July, 2010, the Washington Post reported that nearly 900,000 people have these level clearances through jobs and contracts. "Those contracts cover major acquisitions such as satellites and computer systems, as well as commercial activities such as rent, food service, and facilities maintenance and security..." The Post said there are now more than 1,200 government organizations and more than 1,900 private companies in some 10,000 locations across the U.S. All groups need this basket clearance to function. proper checking under these pressures became impossible.

     In the post 9/11 heyday, with a sudden, critical, huge demand for Homeland Security personnel and especially Air Marshals, how truly cleared and adequately vetted were all these people? The answer is a proven “no.”  

     In fact, the Department of Homeland Security's inspector general also found gaps in the Air Marshal background checks. Their report found hundreds of applicants who were recommended for hire, noting that nearly a third had potentially disqualifying problems, including past arrest histories, bankruptcies or disciplinary problems. "Many (air marshals) were granted clearances and access to classified information after displaying questionable judgment, irresponsibility and emotionally unstable behavior." (see linked report). Before 9/11, the Air Marshal Service was a nearly forgotten force of 33 agents with a $4.4 million annual budget. Post 9/11, the agency now has a $785 million budget and an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 air marshals, after that first massive, hiring spree.

     USA Today reported just one example - “Before becoming an air marshal, Brian Phelps had worked at five small police departments in Alabama, but none for more than a year. He was fired from the job he held longest for losing his temper and acting "irrationally" before thinking things through, prosecutors said. He quit another job in lieu of being fired for misconduct while on duty, says Mayor Paula Phillips of Douglas, Ala. In 2005, Phelps, known as "Cooter" among fellow air marshals, told a colleague that he wanted to see his wife's picture on a milk carton, court transcripts say. He asked the air marshal, who'd worked in Chicago's housing projects, whether he knew of anyone who could help. The colleague said he did: (a man nicknamed )The Crucifixer. The colleague told the Air Marshal Service, and after numerous contacts with FBI agents posing as hit men, Phelps was arrested and sentenced to 25 years in prison.” (see linked story about this and many other, poorly hired marshals that was syndicated through USA Today and hundreds of other newspapers.)

     A veteran Air Marshal supervisor and employee since the 9/11 start-up era, reports to us that - “It is my understanding that the agency received a waiver to allow for quick hiring during the (post 9/11) start up. For instance, they hired me and then finally finished my clearance, 3 yrs later. My thought is that Jim Wagner probably passed the first hiring process/clearance since it was not too tough. In fairness, they hired quickly back then but it was not too, too haphazardly.”

      3 YEARS LATER? And then Jim Wagner lasted only about 8 months before his in-service, forgery investigation forced him out of the Marshals and he had to resign in a deal. Needless to say he lost his trust, his faith and...this clearance.

      A high ranking law enforcement official in southern California told me he was approached by the Feds concerning Jim Wagner. He reports - "They told me that when the program started, they hired a whole bunch of people without doing much of a background on them.  This was done to get the program up and running.  There were more then a few that were now giving them problems, and Wagner was one of them."

      I also have it from a very reliable, high ranking source that Wagner was under investigation by the Marshals for another security problem, but once Wagner resigned under pressure over the forgery, that other investigation was dropped. I am not sure even Wagner knows about this one!

Read “Hiring criminals to guard planes.” This article appeared in USA Today and numerous other syndicated outlets. It appears here on the author's home page.

In Summary so far...
  - Resignation story cover-ups. Saying he willingly resigned from something again, yet
    was really booted.
  - Persecuted! Everyone is against him.
  - Professional failures, one after another, after another, after another.
  - Are you starting to see a pattern yet?
  - How much of a fool are you to believe ANYTHING Wagner says or writes?
  - How does it feel to be connected with a skunk, known internationally as such?

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #7 on: June 23, 2010, 04:29:23 PM »

Jim Wagner Question #7: Why did you leave the Air Marshals after only about 8 months?

Investigated answer
    Jim Wagner left the air marshals prematurely because of a forgery/security investigation. This is without a doubt, despite ANYTHING Wagner might say or claim to the contrary. Apparently it is important for him to have customers believe he was a successful FAM. But, it also proves he lied, blatantly, for many years about his background.

7 to 8 Months!

    A marshal insider working in the southern California FAM states that Wagner did something very bad, but we also know this from documents and witnesses that Wagner spoke with back then about what really happened. Wagner's gun, badge and credentials were seized as a result of this. Wagner was questioned in 2008 about this seizure and claimed on his webpage that such seizure was completely normal right before someone resigns. A lie. Proof of this lie and seizure was presented on  in a letter from Wagner himself, complaining about the seizure.

    He made a bald-faced lie to cover the truth he’d screwed up and lost yet another police job. And in 8 months.  Wagner had his creds taken away over this forgery/security investigation.

    Federal Investigator Richard Tobin was sent from Washington DC to investigate this matter. Jim Wagner had a few days to make a plea deal and disappear or face security /forgery charges. He resigned. His resignation letter makes no reference to his troubles and therefore he uses it to convince ignorant people he simply resigned of his own free will over difficult hours. (Remember, you can say whatever you want in your own resignation letter.) FAM admin breathes a sigh of relief as this lifelong, Barney Fife leaves them. Jim Wagner -your worst employee and partner.

    Irvine, CA. police report # 02-17117 records that on 9/12/2002, at 2:20 pm, Federal Investigator Tobin made a search of the Wagner home. Wagner was officially unemployed at this very date, as stated right on the report.  Evidence from the Jim Wagner home was processed.  A once close friend of Wagner told me that both he and Wagner’s wife were very ashamed of this Federal intrusion into their home.

    Jim Wagner was in the FAM about as long as he was in the US Army. A mere 8 months or so.  Yet, somehow,  these 8 months made him Black Belt Magazine’s “Post, 9-11, counter-terrorism expert” and veteran of 140 “counter-terrorism missions.” (FAMs call them…flights)

      I also have it from a very reliable, high ranking source that Wagner was under investigation by the Marshals for another security problem, but once Wagner resigned under pressure over the forgery, that other investigation was dropped. I am not sure even Wagner knows about this one!

    In true Wagneresque fashion, Jim Wagner has a long, involved, crafted, multi-layered, complicated alibi about all this, (did you expect anything different?).  But he has not published it anywhere yet, hoping his FAM screw-up would never become public, would never affect his phony history and business sales pitch. After all, how many times can a guy fuck up and still be considered competent, serious and trust worthy?

   Are you one of these stupid customers?


In Summary so far...

  - Resignation story cover-ups. Saying he willingly resigned from something again, yet
    was really booted.
  - Persecuted! Everyone is against him.
  - Professional failures, one after another, after another, after another.
  - Are you starting to see a pattern yet?
  - How much of a fool are you to believe ANYTHING Wagner ever says or writes?


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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #8 on: July 24, 2010, 06:22:55 PM »

Jim Wagner Question # 8: Do you ever feel funny advertising that you were a "government, post 9-11 counter-terrorism expert," after only one rookie year with the Air Marshals? (As if air marshals were some kind of Marcus Luttrell / Jack Bauer agents anyway!)

Investigated answer
When Wagner answered this question to me in 2008, his only answer to this question was this ..."There is no such thing as a rookie in the marshals."  

    Ahhhh - that's it? That is the only answer? The only answer? Not a mention of ethics or the truth, or even some truth in advertising? The best he can do is a "rookie" comment? Worse, later we learned that Wagner didn't even complete 8 months with the Marshals before getting into forgery trouble.
    These "counter-terrorism missions" were actually uneventful flights by Wagner's own webpage accounts. He can't cover that question because he knew it was an 8 month sham.
    I recently asked a veteran Marshal supervisor about this "mission" flight terminology and he said that-

        "...the only time I would call them counter-terrorism missions would be if I
         was trying to pick up a chick at a bar."

Can you tell the difference? Wagner? Luttrell? Or are you just a dumb chick at the bar?

Sooo then, are you out there just a dumb chick at a bar to be fooled?

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #9 on: August 25, 2010, 08:53:17 PM »

Jim Wagner Question #9: For years you called yourself the founding father and the creator of Reality Fighting. Starting around the year 2000 or so. 2002? 2003? You couldn't have REALLY believed that YOU and you alone are the founding father of reality "based" self defense training?

Investigated Answer:
Lordy! Where oh where would we be without Jim Wagner? Even Wagner has slipped off the idea of pushing this damn silly scheme that he, that little ol' him changed the martial world just a few years ago with great invention of reality training.

     "SGT. JIM WAGNER TO HOST FULL WEEK OF TRAINING. Yes, the founding father of
      Reality Based Self Defense, JIM WAGNER will be hosting a full week of ALL his
      course outlines at...."
                                                                   - reads his Black Belt Magazine ads.

Now he tells people that he never, EVER made such "founding father" claims, but rather his people made those claims. Just look at the old BB magazine ads. Years of them, and at very least, certainly in his very control, and/or 'his people" under his control that he should have controlled the use of his name.

He knows now this was a stupid claim to make. But MAN! It was a big marketing ploy for Wagner. Black Belt Magazine right there with him all the way. When readers heard this claim way back for years ones with any sense and experience scoffed it. It was one of the first problems Wagner brought upon himself. It was a real advertising mistake.

Folks...were you and are you really that stupid to believe he was? Come on! Really? Even he has dropped this line of crap now, pretending he has nothing to do with it. Guess where the idea came from?

More on this subject here:,4054.msg35644.html#msg35644


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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #10 on: September 29, 2010, 01:04:52 PM »

Jim Wagner Question 10: What is with this Sergeant title thing?

Investigated answer -
    For years Wagner advertised he was Sgt Jim Wagner when he wasn't one. We have witnesses that say years ago he told seminar attendees he was a Sgt. in the US Army in the 1980s. Not so, as he mustered out after 8 months.  

    After years of saying he was a Sgt. he later joined the California Reserves and eventually became one  - which is now his pat answer to the Sgt. question, "I am one."
HA! Not always...  

    Wagner responds to the POW Network complaint with the comment - "I am a sergeant." But you know? He wasn't always one. He barely was one as an unpaid, part-time reserve in Orange County Sheriff's Department, just before he was dismissed from there for controversial behavior. Fact is, Wagner used the Sergeant moniker for many years while he wasn't one. Usually someone retires after 20 or so years as a sergeant, to be forever called one after service, with a "(ret.)" after one's name. But people use military ranks as ad campaign for all sorts of businesses.

    I am not personally bothered all that much about this “Sergeant” title thing, though he called himself one for years, when he was certainly not one, and then finally become one in 2006 with a California state militia reserves. This to me is just like a business ad gambit, and not uncommon in the business world to use military terms, such as “SGT Fitness” or “Captain Cleaners ” and so forth. He has his own corporation. He can be a sergeant in it, like a Sergeant of Arms, or whatever? Can't he?

    Is it more like a business "nickname?" But, this needs to be explained a bit by him. The unsupported NCO moniker has indeed aggravated many police and military vets as well as fooled many naive civilian customers worldwide, all inside a carefully, crafted, marketing, package of suggestive innuendos. Business nickname? Ad campaign? Trick? For me, I don't care that much about it. In the total Wagner sham, it does fit in a negative way.

    Wagner  on the other hand, thought much of it. He needed to be sergeant. Somewhere. Anywhere. Wagner asked an old HSS contact, then a police officer in Phoenix, Oregon, if he could possibly be on their police reserves and be a sergeant so he himself a sergeant. The friend said yes, providing the Californian Wagner, at very least, would fly up and attend required annual training. This was a real stretch for this friend because any kind of policing requires in-state residency and an in-state, drivers license. The HSS guy really went out on a limb so Wagner could say he was a sergeant. But, Wagner never attended the training and finally the stressed-out, Phoenix officer requested the credentials back several times. Wagner then offered him a Wagner Bokker Knife in trade of the Reserves training and status. No deal. The officer reports to us that only after much coercion, did Wagner finally surrender the Phoenix reserve credentials.

    Wagner has a lengthy, lengthy history of abusing friends and relationships.

For more, Read here...

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #11 on: December 27, 2010, 09:38:21 PM »

Jim Wagner Question 11: You claim on your webpage that you met President George W. Bush in a private meeting …

       "I had been invited by my Commander in Chief to a private meeting in the Oval
        Office of the White House for my war effort."
                                           - a quote right from your webpage.
A quote next to the standard visitor photo with Bush in April, 2007.
Question #11 is blunt. It is this - how do you have the sheer skunk, punk, audacity to print such a slimy, outright lie?

Investigated answer:

     Well folks, this…this event really demonstrates what a worthless, little piece of wormy shit, Jim Wagner really is. It also epitomizes and demonstrates Jim Wagner's, life-long method of operation as a business con man to stretch, confabulate and lie about his past to trick customers into thinking he is...special.
     In tonight's never-ending serial episodes in Jim Wagner’s twisted career -  he creeps into a religious prayer group meeting (in his unrelated, un-required California Militia uniform) and gets the standard visitor photo shot, as did each member of the prayer group.
     And then folks, Jim Wagner shamelessly prostitutes the highest office, prostitutes President Bush, prostitutes the war effort, prostitutes real soldiers doing real war efforts, prostitutes the California Reserves and prostitutes the Project Prayer Flag group to sell his little line of crap to impress the naive.
     Here is more of the real “poop,” if you will pardon the pun.

Jim Hartigan (JimH here) investigated this for the www.POWNetwork:

    “Wagner was invited to the White House event by a friend of his, a Mr. Shawn Black, who is a founding member of "Project Prayer Flag", due to the groups work with the Military and Veterans. Wagner WAS NOT Required to wear his uniform, (Uniform of the CSMR), Wagner wore the uniform for the photo op. Mrs. Black is a retired member of the USMC with 26 years of service and she did not wear her uniform.
     If one reads the purpose of Project Prayer Flag and then reads Wagner's account of why he was at the White House one would see Wagner imagination and story-telling taking over from the reality of the event and reason for being at the White House to Meet the President for a Group and private photo op.
     Project Prayer Flag site of what they do for military members:

     Wagner's news page in which he says he was invited to the White House By the Commander in Chief for his work with the Department of Defense: Quote Wagner-

           "I had been invited by my Commander in Chief to a private meeting in the
            Oval Office of the White House for my war effort."

Jim Hartigan

Tonight, in the end I have to admit I feel a little sorry for CDR LTC Frank Naumann, XO CPT James Acquarelli and 1SG MSG Dennis Barberic of the California State Militia Reserves for having this trouble-making, chuckle-head in their command. These guys drew the unlucky piece of coal. He is like your worst employee, isn't he? Oh, you may not know it now, I think they do, but then just wait. It will probably get worse. He just can't help himself.

And by the way, watch how fast Wagner "fixes" his webpage after this is outing. But it has been photographed and documented so he cannot claim to to his very few, remaining Wagner-ettes that he..."never said that. They are lying about me."
It is Wagner doing the lying. Always has been. And I guess always will be.

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #12 on: May 26, 2011, 02:23:58 PM »

Jim Wagner Question 12: Black Belt Magazine? How did all this happen?

Answer:  Luck, timing and bullshit.

With Jim Wagner’s actual, “Reality-Based…Past.” Anyone might ask -

   - how did a guy who begged out of the Army in 8 months via a local Congressman,
   - who shot up an old lady’s car while she passed out when when a smaller city cop,
   - who was really just a bellhop, gopher for a small city SWAT team because he flunked
     the SWAT PT test, so they let him work the back office
   - and was run of the Air Marshals for committing a crime in less than a year,

HOW did he become Black Belt Magazine’s poster-boy, Post-911 Counter-Terrorism Expert? With a monthly column for years?

    The answer is simple. Mostly bullshit. Luck and timing. First, he created a swashbuckling myth about himself. Wagner-World! SWAT! Counter-terrorism! Etc. And carefully hid his "Reality-Based Past.”
     The old regime at Black Belt magazine would not accept Jim Wagner-World. But when new editor Robert Young arrived, Jim Wagner saw his chance to try again. An old columnist for Black Belt Magazine told me that when Robert Young first arrived he was totally new to the martial arts scene and knew nothing about anyone. This ignorance included the military and policing.

     I was at a photo shoot at Black Belt in Los Angeles years ago. The group there before me were some SWAT officers doing some flashlight techniques. When they were wrapping up the shoot, one of them challenged Young.

    “Hey, who is this dufus Jim Wagner you’ve got writing for you.”

    Young then challenged the SWAT officer right back to write some articles and send them to him. The officer said he would. Later Young and I sat around in his office and Young said,

     “I hear that all the time about Wagner. And they never send me any articles. But every third Wednesday (I actually forget which day he said) there is an article and photos on my desk from Wagner.” His finger pounded the desk.
     I got the impression that Young valued that promptness…well, more than anything else? That was years ago. Whatever - I was then blissfully unaware of Wagner-World and could care less about him. It would be years later he called me a liar an international talk forums.

     During this time, Wagner also introduced Israeli Commando Moni Izak to Black Belt and showed him the infamous PR ropes. The commando that was not the commando, by the SWAT guy who wasn’t a SWAT guy. What a combination.

     As facts of Wagner’s “Reality-Based -Past,”  his checkered and shallow history  filtered out since 2008, culminating in Wagner’s bogus and disgusting claim that President Bush himself asked to see him in the White House “for his war effort.” (remember he was only there with a church prayer group). Jim Wagner slid off the Wagner-World pedestal. And I am told Young was concerned during the slide too. (and personally I believe Young was learning these things about Jim Wagner right beside us at the time.)

     But now in 2011 - Wagner is finally gone from his monthly column in Black Belt. Deep insiders tell me that a certain military vet, new columnist, would simply not write in a magazine that had the likes of Jim Wagner in it. The adjectives used were a LOT more colorful.  Advertisers were on board with this, and Young agreed. Bye-bye Wagner-World. Hello, Reality-Based-Past.

     I dabbled in the magazine business and I know I would not want Robert Young’s job. It is very difficult to manage a diverse a title as Black Belt magazine which has become something you thumb through in a bookstore and don’t buy off the shelf. But this magazine would be really tough to herald. It can’t seem to make anyone happy anymore. A diverse title on a macho world of diverse systems and styles, and the young turks in MMA. All thinking they are badder than the other. It is a no-win.

Robert Young even had to write subscribers a land-mail letter recently telling them it was safe to re-subscribe to Black Belt, that the magazine was not going out of business like Inside Kung Fu has. 

     Lots of people ragged on Robert Young for propping up and supporting this clown Wagner. For years.  Was Young aware of the torrid and fake details of Wagner’s past? I’d really would like to think not. Not in the beginning anyway? Others would argue that Young is guilty of propping up a fabricator. Young is quoted once as saying they (Black Belt) has

      “...bought Wagner a few gallons of gas.”

      I think they actually supplied him a whole used car.   

     Wagner now has retreated to writing in the old USA Dojo or whatever their new name is now …Intergalactic Under the poor owner Dana Stamas. I say “poor” because Dana is a nice lady by all counts and apparently utterly duped by this jerk. I really do wish her well. Odds are she will become another in the long line of Wagner burn-outs. Burn-outs like Young, whose reputation is forever scarred by propping up the likes of Jim Wagner. 

     Without Black Belt Magazine Jim Wagner has slowly disappeared into lower rungs of oblivion. Month by absent month. But his shameless psych-profile lingers. He waits. He awaits the day when his “reality-based-past” falls deeper away in time. And he can trick new people with his Wagner-World bullshit.

     He is utterly shameless. He now only awaits your stupidity and ignorance. 

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #13 on: August 24, 2011, 10:18:50 AM »

Question #13: Is Jim Wagner a liar?

Answer? Yes.

" what if it is all a lie, the materials are what attracts people
not the claims..." Jim Wagner to Robb Hamic, 2010.

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #14 on: September 20, 2012, 10:21:50 AM » Wagner's "Reality-Based-Past."

Yes, folks I have reorganized this question display based on the newly discovered evidence, mostly from Wagner co-workers since the 1990s who could no longer stand his lies, misconceptions, exaggerations and fabrications. He is the type of person who sticks his toe in the water, then claims to have swam the English Channel.

It is depressing, ugly work and I don't like doing it. I would really like to Ignore Wagner. But, I started it in 2008 for the aforementioned reasons in the first entry and I needed to finish it up so future Wagner-World con artist targets might have a place to look his real history up somewhere. Wagner's "Reality-Based-Past."

Each year Wagner and his remaining, few conned Wagner-ettes like to drop my name as a liar, or an inept investigator, which just fires me more. Keep it up, Jimbo.  Keep dropping my name as your scarecrow dodge. I will just get a bigger shovel.

People's previous comments here on the 2008 version, especially the extensive and good observations by JimH have been carefully snatched and carefully pasted by me onto the other Wagner threads with subjects that directly relate to JimH's - as well as the observations - of others. It became more than obvious to me, that waiting for Wagner's TRUE responses was a complete mistake on my part. It is foolish and crazy of me to ask a con man about his con. He would only lie, twist, cover and deceive, as his record already shows time and time again. What was I thinking? Only outside proof would prove otherwise. He and his words could never be trusted.

For the record, I really would like to take this down and totally ignore Jim Wagner, but I leave it up because of a commitment I've made with former and active Costa Mesa SWAT police officers, an agent from the DEA, a former federal investigator, HSS owners and numerous former Wagner students. They all express the need for this information to be up somewhere on the net and be available to the public... 

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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
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Agreed, Jim Wagner is a small turd in a very small punch bowl. Drink from that and get brown lips,,,,,,,,,,,,, you done been told.


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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #16 on: October 18, 2012, 04:29:17 AM »

We can read how much disinformation and lies Jim Wagner used discribing his background. But what about his teaching skills? Is he a good teacher? Does he teach something that can really save someone's life or does he teach just bullshit?


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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
« Reply #17 on: October 18, 2012, 10:48:14 AM »

Hi Freekoral,

I only know a small bit about what he teaches. I only know that a few times, one in which I simply had to challenge him in a Black Belt "letter to the editor." One of his columns he claimed that punching people will never hurt your hand. This was pretty dumb and I explained why. There was no response to that.

Others have described his material as super simple. And, not in the good way some people explain "keep it simple." One called it "untrained simple." Numerous times I have been told his material is dangerous and has holes in it (just last week in fact on the airways).

But, I myself do not know. Nor do I really care. I would really like to forget all about Jim Wagner. The only reason for all this, as I mention him is the opening story on this thread is where he said I lied about him, and well...his continuous public mentioning of my name (one just last month on Facebook). But, I fully expect that he has to call me a liar and with some regularity because...he just has to. What else can he do? I fully understand this, his desperation, and I do try to ignore this and ignore him.
The other telling observation on the quality of his material is the fact that he has almost no seminars anymore, except a rare few where foreigners cannot read the English critiques about him. The fact that he has no sustainable instructors, students or seminars might be a really big clue to the depth, quality and importance of his material and his teaching skills.

The world is so full of competent and experienced instructors now, that you might easily find one without his baggage. If anyone is interested, and doesn't care that he has the personality flaws of a pathological skunk, then I encourage anyone to go see him and find out. Go for it.



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Re: The Jim Wagner 13 Questions
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As someone who TOOK Wagner's FIRST Instructor Course:
(which was supposed to be the full course,before he decided to make it the apprentice course and created several other joke courses where he has very little knowledge and most of the materials from websites and books over learned knowledge)

The Self Defense portion is Very Basic.
As JW was ,supposedly, promoted to a green Belt level in Karate ,that is about where I would say his skills level and teaching rates.
His teachings are based around Basic,Kicks,knees and punches,as found in most martial arts schools.

His knife defense used a very dynamic knife attack with a now basic  hook /grab/secure to control the weapon bearing limb,strike and down the attacker. Now seen as very basic,at the time it was more than was taught at most schools,but now after the FMA boom,it has all been seen.

Ground work was attacker on top or bottom holding a focus mitt and the victim punching striking the mitt fom the bottom and or top position.Kicking from the prone position against a standing attacker, (Very Basic/simple)

As said above the other portions are filler,not of any real use and most of the info is from the web rather than learned knowledge.