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Author Topic: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history  (Read 59363 times)


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Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« on: July 19, 2008, 12:20:24 PM »

Black Belt's Jim Wagner was never on a SWAT team, just an "office boy," or as they called him a "house mouse"

This comes in from a veteran, federal investigator, DEA agent Jeff Clancy. I consider him a reliable source.


Here's the answer to the SWAT team question from his own department. 

From JeffC:
"Here's the answer to the SWAT team question from his own department.   Info about JW:  According to the Costa Mesa Police, JW could not pass the SWAT physical and was not a SWAT Team member at Costa Mesa Police Department. He did work at the command post for his artistic abilities (and did do an outstanding job for the SWAT Commander; who brought him on for that purpose).  But, JW never kicked a door on a SWAT operation, never passed the SWAT oral board, never deployed on a call-out and was not issued a sniper rifle or subgun.  When he was asked to leave the command post position, JW’s spot was replaced by a non-sworn, unarmed, untrained city park ranger. His was brought on for his abilities relative to computer graphics." I can assure you that the source was a former partner from Costa Mesa who can attest to this and has nothing to gain."
                                                                     Jeff Clancy,DEA                             


Here's more from Agent Clancy: (moved here from another thread to space and further reduce the "Wagner fingerprint."

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department:  JW was told to leave the reserve division with no explanation.  Apparently, JW was claiming to be a full-time OCSD Sergeant and this may have been why he was dropped from the department without signing anything or any known reason (very unusual for any member of any department).  Before he was let go for unspecific reasons, JW was called into the Assistant Sheriff’s office on an unrelated incident.  The Assistant Sheriff had JW’s duty weapon taken from him during the meeting.  There were also two armed OCSD deputies in the room; supposedly to protect the Assistant Sheriff.   

Also, on JW’s website 073103 he states about his first assignment with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, “I was placed in the Search & Rescue Unit, but before my paperwork ever went through Sergeant Willie Moreno told me, “You want to go to the Dignitary Protection Unit, don’t you?”  So, JW puts search and rescue on list of “Law Enforcement Training”.  But, he was not in the unit long enough to even have the paperwork go through.  How much training could he have received in a few days to make him an instructor?     

Still waiting on the list of training officers from the 200 or so police/military units who have asked JW to come to them for his skills.  Don’t need all 200, how about just 60 of them?  50?  25?  If you try to get to JW’s 2007 article on DOCUMENTING training, it goes to a different article.


The memo from Jim Wagner himself that proves that he was not ON the SWAT team and served in a "office capacity" and was even TERMINATED from THAT support position.

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Re: Wagner and SWAT
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2008, 09:08:32 PM »

Wagner's "Reality-Based PAST" does not match his "Wagner-World Bull"
Wagner's old bio reads,"

     "During his career with the Costa Mesa Police Department, Jim Wagner earned a place
     on the SWAT team."

"A" Does it suggets to you that he was a trigger-puller, actual SWAT Team member?  Is he trying to fool us? Read on.

This is from Attorney Sam Browning of Bullshido...

Attorney Samuel Browning interviewed Officer Phil Hartman of the Costa Mesa, California Police Department. (07/23/08) Phil formally served on their SWAT team as a tactical officer for 10 years, and spent another 13 years as a crisis negotiator. He was on this team when James Wagner was involved with the team. Phil told Browning that Costa Mesa has a Department of approximately 160 officers. The SWAT team is part time in that the SWAT officers normally perform other functions and then are called together when they need to be deployed. Phil also indicated that this team was not deployed often since Costa Mesa is more peaceful other California communities.

Phil stated to Browning that Wagner was a logistical officer,

he was not a regular SWAT officer, though he worked/helped with the SWAT team in the office. He was not a sniper, and he was not executing entries or acting in such a tactical capacity.

Further, Wagner did not train that SWAT team in Tactics, and Phil told Browning that he does not remember Wagner conducting tactical training for the department…”

For the complete interview, see...

(As Sam said then, we now have two reputable sources on this, but since -  I have been contacted by three other Costa Mesa officers who tell the same information. They report that Wagner was annoyed that he was suddenly dimissed " mysteriously" from his SWAT-help-out job, and was successfully replaced by this unarmed, non-SWAT, untrained park ranger. Wagner complained a bit about this to deaf ears at his police department)

Now today? How far will he push the thin semantics on this to still suggest he was "on the SWAT team?" He only did some background support. Never front-line. He was dismissed. He failed the SWAT test by his own admission now (but, why not try again and again through the years?). If he continues to word-play and splits hairs and wants to say he was still "on a team?" Then, this should suggest to you a flaw of deception in his character. No SWAT member or cop even, will accept this deceptive, hair-splitting, only the most niave naive citizens/customers.


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Re: Wagner and SWAT
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2008, 07:19:19 AM »

Costa Mesa CITY Jail

The following is Information from Orange County Jails descriptions;
"Most of the jails operated by city
police departments are short-term holding facilities that hold prisoners
for six hours or less. The prisoners are either cited and released or
transported to one of the long-term jail facilities operated by the Orange
County Sheriff-Coroner Department"

Yep a San Quentin,only a smaller version,lots of fights and shankings I bet,lol.

The Costa Mesa Jail that Jim Wagner worked in was a 25 person holding center.
Here is the breakdown as listed by Wagner
"the Costa Mesa Police Department Jail (16 felony and misdemeanor beds, 6 trusty beds, a drunk tank, two solitary confinement cells, and two booking cells).

Andy Friggin Griffith (Andy of Mayberry) had a 6 person Holding center,lol.

The NYC precinct my wife worked at as a Police Officer had a 50 person holding Facility,(that is in one precinct).
Precinct cells are activated when central booking cells are FULL.

Jim Wagner talks about shanks and shankings by prisoners as if he worked in folsom Prison.
How long were prisoners held in this jail?
For a weekend?
Did the prisoners have a yard that they went out in that had to be supervised?
How many shankings ever happened in Costa Mesa JAIL?

Jim Wagner SAID and has written that he had TWO incidents involving a knife.
Neither was during his Jail House work.
Neither intentionally tried to stab him.

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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2008, 11:00:53 PM »

Here's more:

Additional information regarding JW’s “standard” exit interview from the Air Marshals LA office (on September 12th, 2002):

JW was called at home and told to come in for the exit interview. (just short of one single year of work) JW writes, “Part of an exit interview is to try to talk good employees into staying.  Donzanti (the agent in charge) not only did not want me to stay, but said, “I think you got into the program just to get some training.”

This rings true as JW states, on his website dated 2003 (regarding becoming a jailer for Costa Mesa Police), “However, after entertaining the thought for a few days, I reasoned with myself that getting to know how criminals act and think would ultimately help my martial arts teaching down the road.”  and “From day one, starting at the academy (for CMPD), I had the mindset that this career was temporary, and I would bail out when I was good and ready.  I kept taking steps up in the police department to expand my horizons in the martial arts.” and finally, “Of course, gaining a slew of training experiences from the Federal Air Marshal Service only helps my programs to be that much more realistic.” These statements are contrary to JW’s defense that he never proposed to use his police & and (short) military career to his teaching benefit.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department:  JW was told to leave the reserve division (fired)with no explanation.  Apparently, JW was claiming to be a full-time OCSD Sergeant and this may have been why he was dropped from the department without signing anything or any known reason (very unusual for any member of any department). (The agency was also troubled by wagner's claims that he was the Sheriff's bodygurad and ran a dignitary protection team) Before he was let go for unspecific reasons, JW was called into the Assistant Sheriff’s office on an unrelated incident.  The Assistant Sheriff had JW’s duty weapon taken from him during the meeting.  There were also two armed OCSD deputies in the room; supposedly to protect the Assistant Sheriff.   

A JW trend:  Impersonating rank, fabricating titles, having his duty weapon taken away (Sheriff’s department & the Air Marshals) and using his computer skills to falsify documents.
Still waiting on the list of training officers from the 200 or so police/military units who have asked JW alone to come to them for his skills.  Don’t need all 200, how about just 60 of them?  50?  25?  If you try to get to JW’s 2007 article on how very important it is to DOCUMENT ALL training, even Wagner's own, why now does it go to a different article?

JW says, on his website in 2003, he spent 365 days, “directly involved in the War on Terrorism (September 11, 2001 – September 11, 2002)”.  Then he goes on to say that for several months following the attacks he guarded the Sheriff of Orange County during various public appearences?  This is being directly involved in the War on Terrorism?  How? What is JW’s determination to make this far-reaching statement? According to the Sheriff’s Department, unpaid/volunteer/reserve Wagner was let go because he was pretending to be a full-time Sergeant and for other reasons; on or about the 20th of January, 2002.  JW says he “resigned” after the FAMs made him an offer and he was flown to the FAM’s training center.  The time frames and his statements just don’t add up.  But with JW, facts are of little concern (see the next paragraph as well).
“Jim Wagner decided to resign from the federal government working his last day on September 11, 2003 - the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks.” What attack is he talking about that occurred on the eleventh of September, 2002?  And, according to the air marshals, JW had his badge & duty weapon taken from him on the 29th of August and he took vacation days until he resigned on the 11th of September; so he was not working up to his last day (at least not on the front-lines of combating terrorism…as JW always promotes.  Hard to fight terrorists from home when you are suspended and with no duty weapon or badge of authority.

JW states that he has, “…actual combat experience.” (in a letter to his congressman – page 7 August 22, 2002).  When was this experienced?  In the 8 months of Army time where he states he “saw not action”?  He also states, in his article "Just Who Is Jim Wagner Character? Part 1,  “…I never saw a live combat” (incomplete sentence is his)  12/27/06.  I think we would all like to know what actual combat experience JW has experienced.

                                                                           Jeff Clancey, (veteran DEA investigator)
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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #4 on: September 04, 2008, 08:27:27 AM »

In case you all are wondering while I am listed and then quoting other people's entries here? As I have said here, months ago,  I am trying to reduce the "Wagner fingerprint" on this forum and consolidate random threads. I also just don't feel right erasing people's comments, but I do need to reduce the overall "thing." - Hock


This in from an old time, long time, police officer co-worker of Wagner's...

"You see, in Jim's mind, he feels that if people come to their *own* conclusions, then technically he's not lying. That's why he's so slick in the way he says things.

You could ask him: "Jim, have you ever been on a SWAT stack"?

And he would answer "yes", because he might have done it one time at an HSS training event. He'll leave that part out, however, and let you think that it was done while busting down a crackhouse door in the worst parts of L.A.

I was there at the Orange County Sheriff's Office meeting with the Head of the bodyguard detail (George J.) when JW was grilled for saying that he was Mike's bodyguard.
Yep....JW got caught in the lie with the Head of the detail, himself. Embarrassing, to say the least. It's lies like this that got Jim fired from OCSD in the first place.

Now, was this the *ONLY* reason that Jim was fired from the Orange County S.O. Reserves? I don't know for sure. There may have been other things as well that may have been as bad and/or worse that he did.

Be careful when confronting Jim with this because if there were worse things that he was fired over, then he will say that this wasn't the reason...and then neglect to mention that it was a contributing factor in addition to X, Y & Z."
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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #5 on: December 03, 2008, 05:41:19 PM »

Had been a member of the hide Stalk Shoot Company teaching SWAT Tactics and other things,According to him,along with running the shooting and sniper ranges at a Marine Corps base and he Failed the SWAT Run ?

So as we look at his site and read about his SWAT Training and add on training which encompassed we are reading BS,right ? We are reading his HSS courses, not SWAT. Courses,Right ?

Quote from JW Site:
On March 11, 1994 Officer Jim Wagner earned a place on the S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics) Team thanks to Lieutenant Ron Smith's support. For most police departments in North America this is the top-of-the-food-chain, and Jim took full advantage of the opportunities. It was through this conduit that Jim learned about logistics, command post operations, hostage negotiations, entry team tactics, and police sniping. On the job training included courses with LAPD SWAT, the U.S. Army Special Forces, the Orange County Sheriff's Department Tactical Training Center, and from U.S. Marines Division Schools MCB Camp Pendleton (Advanced Sniper Course, Military Operations Urban Terrain MOUT, Helicopter Rope Suspension Training HRST, and Range Safety Officer RSO).

The Above is ALL BS.
Isn't it Jim,LOL.

Earned a Place on the SWAT Team ? You mean earned a place in the TOC  typing on a computer. As a member of the TOC,did you ever train with the Police departments or Military units listed above as an entry team member ,a door kicker,trigger puller ?
No,only with your HSS courses,Right ? Keep adding on and correcting the BS Jim ,it is going well,LOL.

Hey Jim,
Please tell us what courses you took to learn the Anti Terrorism tactics you learned and employed when you and your OPFOR as you call them on your site were doing Martial arts at your Karate school.

Tell us why you left the Costa Mesa Police.
Why were you Fired ?
Tell us why you left the Reserve sheriff Department.
Why were you Fired ?
Tell us why you left the Air marshall Program.
Why were you almost Fired and quickly resigned?

False accusations against fellow officers,False/misleading paper work claiming rank and jobs not held, misuse of ID Cards,creation and use of False documents,creation and use of false ID Cards.

Please tell us how you are NOT IN JAIL.


Wagner did a short, 8 month stint as a Federal Air Marshall before being forced into resigning over a forgery investigation.

Wagner's website still says he WAS a Federal Air Marshall.(FAM)
quote from his site
"On April 18, 2002 Jim graduated with honors (Academic Award achieving the average score of 97.68 and qualifying as EXPERT on the Practical Pistol Course), and was sworn in as a full-time Federal Agent."

"After Agent Jim Wagner completed 146 Federal Air Marshal missions, suspicious activity started dying down in the aviation sector. At the same time Jim Wagner's monthly column HIGH RISK in Black Belt magazine, and his feature articles in Budo magazine in Europe in five different languages, were becoming increasingly popular. Since writing for these two publications, first in 1999 and then in 2000, the martial arts community was finally awakening to the real threats society was facing thanks to Jim Wagner’s reality-based techniques and training methods that are based upon military, police, and special operations training.

In conjunction with several other events happening at the time, Jim Wagner decided to resign from the federal government working his last day on September 11, 2003 - the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. "You can only tail so many people, fly back and forth so many times before it gets a little repetitive. Besides, the FAM higher-ups, now run by former Secret Service agents, were starting to put too many restrictions on the FAMS and officer safety was being compromised. It was no longer the elite team I had originally joined, so I left,"  Wagner said.

A few errors in the above.

I had attended Wagners Instructor course in New York City, July 2003.
Wagner SAID,he had been gone from the FAM service. Wagner says on his site he left Sept 11.2003 "The first anniversary of 9/11/01. The first Anniversary was 9/11/02.
That would have been a BIG deal in the FAM as it was in the WORLD.

Wagner graduated from FAM Training April 18,2002. Wagner RESIGNED Sept 11,2002 (The First Anniversary of 9/11). That is 5 Months flying at Most, after the academy.

Originally Wagner said he left because the job was UNEVENTFUL.
Now he has posted on his webpage, 3-4 major ANTI TERROR STORIES, LOL. (Now we know he was forced out because of a forgery investigation)

So was UNEVENTFUL or Jim Wagner eventful ? LOL

Hey Jim Wagner
you have written on your webpage: "Where do I, JimH, come up with 5 months riding in a seat?"

The WAYBACK Machine is great when one KNOWS what to look for:
Here is July 24,2003 about JIM WAGNER

Then, on September 12, 2002 (a year to the day when Jim Wagner started counter-terrorism work) he resigned as a Federal Agent. The reasons for leaving were evident as explained by his own worlds, "I was on a mission in Washington DC when the idea hit me. Right then and there I knew what I had to do. There were a lot of martial artists out there who had the right idea about what reality-based martial arts should be, but most still do not understand what reality-based martial arts actually is, and has to be.

WOW! Jim RESIGNED Sept 11,2002
Just as I said and have said.
Not an error on MY Part but a BIG Error on your part Jim.
Jim Wagner sent an application just after Sept 11,2001
(also coincided with Black Belt asking for Wagner to write an article on FAM)
FAM was hiring and holding off proper security /Background checks.
Wagner gets in and graduates April 18,2002
RESIGNS SEPT 11,2002. 8 months. 5 months riding in the seat.

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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #6 on: March 02, 2009, 01:29:40 PM »

When one has NO CLUE,they do not present the truth they defer to
the old Baffle them with BS, as the selling point.
Baffle them with BS is still what is going on in Black Belt articles by Wagner.
Black Belt is sticking with him and he has more videos and books in the works with them.

The latest Black Belt has him telling how to know when you are being followed and how to avoid and evade these situations,lol.
He tells of having an ability to spot terrorists.
His old story of seeing a terror suspect,following him onto an aircraft and having the Feds pull the passenger and taking him away,never knowing the outcome has changed
Now Wagner spotted the terrorist walking through the terminal
Wagner Follwed him onto the aircraft.
Wagner took the passenger off the aircraft as the passenger had a briefcase which looked as if it could contain a bomb (I guess the heightened Baggage checks after 9/11 were not in place a year later in 2002?? LOL)
Wagner took the passenger to the Gangway just outside of the aircraft,downed the passenger but could not wait for the bomb squad so to prevent detonation by the passenger Wagner opened the briefcase,LOL,LOL,LOL
(Just like his searching for car bombs at the airport while a Sheriff,what BS.)
The case had no bomb but dd contain papers,papers which as an engineer Wagner knew to be about NUKES,LOL
The Passenger then told Wagner he was correct the information was about Nuclear Bombs/weapons and the Feds took the passenger away.
Talk about Baffle them with BS well there it is PURE BS

Wagner worked SWAT Classes for HSS.
He was given a shot at the SWAT physical agility due to connections made through HSS and he failed it IMMEDIATELY because he could NOT make the initial run.
End of SWAT story.
Never offered or attempted a retry ???
The pictures with helmets and weapons are from HSS training.
He worked the TOC on the computer providing logistics,and bringing up building blue prints when and if needed.
This computer job was also short lived.

His website Bio is in constant change with loads more pictures and certificates to try and air brush over the fact that it is all BS.


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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #7 on: March 02, 2009, 02:39:58 PM »

So now...wait...I have to digest this...

1) Wagner sees a suspicious person in an airport before he takes off, thinking there is a bomb in a briefcase. He takes him down. DOWN! (but briefcase has gone though X-Ray security, yet our agent Wagner "detected" a bomb on mere visual inspection)

2) All bomb-squad protocol aside, Wagner opens briefcase! No bomb! Papers! (But I thought Wagner's honed 007 instincts had detected a bomb?)

3) BUT, despite these two egregious, mistakes -
               a) wrong on bomb/tossing man without bomb to the floor,
               b) wrong on opening suitcase if it was indeed bomb, (ka-boom!)

Wager - like Jack Buar on 24 - instantly recognizes the papers in the briefcase to be "tossed in, in a hurry" and to be secret NUKE engineer papers. The man instantly confesses. Right there. Instantly. The man is swept away by the Feds and Jimbo Bauer saves the world again. Right, children readers!?

THAT was close for us boys and girls! Imagine if the man had the nuke papers on a CD? Or small, hard drive? or those little spy-ish things we see - you know those micro-chippy-things.  Something you, I or everyone else would have for common papers since the 1990s. Especially these pesky international terrorists that smuggle nuke plans. Why, why...Wagner would not have seen the engineering papers to identify them instantly! Lucky us! Lucky world. Whew!

Am I digesting this properly?
Does this sound like childish, fantasy, thin-air, neurotic bullshit?
Or, am I missing something?

Please correct me.

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Nick Hughes

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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #8 on: March 02, 2009, 03:04:33 PM »

That's the problem with bullshite...the pros know immediately when you start speaking it...the amateurs get fooled all the time.

Hard pressed on my right. My center is yielding. Impossible to maneuver. Situation excellent. I am attacking.
--Ferdinand Foch-- at the Battle of the Marne


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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #9 on: March 02, 2009, 03:06:23 PM »

Sorry Hock
No correction needed

Here is the same story slightly changed as it appears on JWs web site:

Another exciting day on the job as a FAM was when Agent Jim Wagner spotted a Pakistani man doing surveillance on an aircraft bound for Washington, D.C. Jim followed him into the aircraft with his team and blended in with the boarding passengers. Upon the signal Agent Wagner and his team took the man into custody and his team secured the aircraft and searched for other possible suspects.

Not knowing if it the briefcase contained a bomb or not, and not having the luxury of calling a bomb squad should there be a second terrorist in the plane with a cell phone who could activate it remotely, Agent Wagner opened the briefcase immediately when in the middle of the jetway. Fortunately there was no bomb inside. However, upon searching the contents of the briefcase Agent Wagner found suspicious documentation inside. The unorganized papers that seemed to have been just thrown into the briefcase contained unusual diagrams that Agent Wagner did not understand, even though he had taken years of architectural, mechanical, and electrical drafting in school. When Agent Wagner pressed him for an answer the man nervously spouted off, "They have to do with nuclear!" and would not elaborate further. He refused to answer any more questions. Two hours later the FBI whisked the man off.

Agent Wagner was never given any further information about the man he took off of the aircraft. “I don’t know what happen to the man I pulled off of that plane. I don’t know if he plans for a nuclear weapon or a dirty bomb. He could have been a legitimate scientist. I’ll never know, but I did my part in fighting on the War on Terrorism. At least I stepped up to the plate” Jim Wagner said.

Safety of the passengers first,LOL.




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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #10 on: March 02, 2009, 03:18:06 PM »

Good thing the loose, nuke papers looked "quickly tossed" in the suitcase, huh! I mean, as opposed to loose papers that would move around when someone was walking around, or when tossed to the ground by Wagner's A-Team, Takedown squad.

It takes a special skill set to determine papers that were "quickly tossed" into a suitcase, between those loose papers after a man walked through the airport and/or the man himself was "quickly tossed' down holding a suitcase with loose papers.

I guess this was Wagner writing about himself in third person, I gather, as though it was from a news reporter. Of course there will be no public news reports on this, as this was top secret, nuke deal never to be documented or discussed.

                      "But he did his part in fighting the war on terrorism!"

(Darn, he forgot the words "frontlines," that time. Frontlines! "Frontlines of terrorism!" Thats the catch-phrase that sells, Jimbo!!!)

Yup, lets jump any ol' Pakistani with a large suitcase. "A-Team charge!" 

A federal insider read this and reported to me -
"On Wagner. I've been around real bomb shit for 19 years.  My 'Jack Bauer' skills might get me a quicker decision on the papers, but then again, I wouldn't have opened the suitcase.  At __________, where REAL bombs ___________, our guys routinely shot and/or blew up briefcases that employees left unattended.  Blow up first, review contents later - usually included Penthouse and sandwiches."

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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #11 on: March 02, 2009, 10:41:01 PM »

2) All bomb-squad protocol aside, Wagner opens briefcase!

Reminds of a scene from the movie "SHOWTIME" (2002, Robert de Niro and Eddie Murphy)...

William Shatner: (advising Trey on how TV cops taste drugs) You spear the knife into the bag... then pick some of the drugs up with the knife... then lightly press it on your tongue. And that is how TV cops taste drugs!
Detective Mitch Preston: What if its cyanide?
"Any experiment of interest in life will be carried out at your own expense. Mark it well. "


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Re: Wagner, SWAT and Police
« Reply #12 on: March 02, 2009, 11:19:44 PM »

Is this for real? I dont consider myself to be a genius but do people actually fall for this BS? I'm a baby in the self-defense world compared to the pioneers on this site and i would never in my wildest dreams cook up a crock a shit like that story to sell my Agent Jimmy does it again!!


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT and Police
« Reply #13 on: March 03, 2009, 08:12:33 PM »

Wagner was thrown out of the Air Marshals for...(edited out by Hock)

Wagner also is always in charge of a team of men, Funny that. Here is a guy who did a full 3 Months flying,(sitting in a seat) and he is in charge of a Team ?

In charge of a Team,why? because he was a:

* former Military, (lol) finished basic, got his radio MOS and quit with a congressman's help.
* former SWAT, (lol( Never was one!
* Former Body guard (lol) yep his story is that - because he was on SWAT he was pushed
  to be a Bodyguard to THE SHERIFF.(well if he never was NEVER in SWAT then how did he get
  the BG job? And, was in trouble for telling the public he was the sheriff's bodyguard) LOL.
  He was an unpaid, reverse anyway.

He also has several other similar stories of Terrorist encounters on his site,lol.
He always is able to spot the Middle Eastern man who is a definite Al Queda operator,lol.

Yep, always in charge and always doing some stupid crap that if it were real and if he ever actually had done what he claims could him his job and cost people their lives.
JW got to play with inert explosive devices while with HSS.
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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT and Police
« Reply #14 on: March 04, 2009, 05:25:08 PM »

Resign or be fired ,or charged ?
PLEASE Sir,instead of Firing me or charging me ,PLEASE allow me to resign ?

Neither of those fit the reasons on his website:
"When the demand for Jim Wagner's services became substantial (defensive tactics, tactics, and firearms training courses) he became a Reserve Police Officer with the same city for several months in 1999. After handing in his Letter of Resignation"

(I will resign please do not fire me)

"After the Al Qaeda terroirst attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001 Jim Wagner applied for the position of United States Federal Air Marshal. On January 28, 2002 Sergeant Wagner turned in his Letter of Resignation to his chain-of-command"

(I will resign please do not fire me)

"In conjunction with several other events happening at the time, Jim Wagner decided to resign from the federal government working his last day on September 11, 2003 - the one year anniversary of the terrorist attacks. "

(I will resign please do not fire me)

He left the Costa Mesa Police to persue his training of Military and LEO with HSS.
He joined the Sheriff Department to teach with HSS and keep a foot in the Police.
He then RESIGNS from a Part Time VOLUNTEER job to go into Full time work with the air marshal program ?
(what happened to training the world and HSS ?)
The Terrorism dropped off s in 3 months he flew so he resigned and returned to Training the military and LEO,though not with HSS ??)
Then he joined the California Militia,as a Volunteer, so as not to be found to be a liar with claims of SGT /NCO in the US Army.

According to the above from JWs site :
JW resigned from the sheriff department Jan 2002.
Wagner joined the Air Marshal Program and finished training at the end of April 2002.
He started to fly mid May,he finished flying Aug .
He says that he resigned from the Air Marshal program Sept 11,2003 ,the first anniversary of the attacks ??
The First anniversary of the attacks was Sept 11,2002.
I attended JWs course in Aug 2003,he was already out of the air Marshal program,and had been for a while.
I imagine that he and the WHOLE WORLD knew when the first Anniversary was.
JW did a total 5 months in the Program,with 3 months of actual flying/sitting in the seat as he says.

Also of question from JWs site:

The responsibilities of Sergeant Jim Wagner's position as Team Leader (TL) of the Dignitary Protection Unit (DPU) included:
1.  Control the movement of the close protection team
2.  Assign and control of agents at fixed posts
3.  Liaison when multiple agencies involved.
4.  Training of agents (defensive tactics, tactics, and firearms)

Anyone notice YET AGAIN that the job description from above is not one of HANDS ON ,walking with the client and being in the actual PROTECTION ROLE ??
(similar to working with SWAT in Logistics and never being on a TEAM doing entry)

Nice photo op of the group of Close Protection Operators ? with the PRIVATE Jet on the web site.
Photo OP.
A dignitary who has a PRIVATE Jet ,especially if they need PROTECTION,gets in and out in the HANGAR.
If a Hangar is not available the Car is brought to the foot of the stairs of the plane .


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT and Police
« Reply #15 on: March 06, 2009, 08:36:33 AM »

yes, JIMH it is funny that Wagner always has...a team. The less-than-one-year-rookie FAM, a few months out of the academy and flying, is leading...a team.

Didn't like bomb story, people? You are not alone. An active-duty Marshal read this, that I know, contacted me and called it a sham. The story violates numerous procedures and realities.

Cheer up though. Because Wagner will re-write it like he has done everything else about his history and try to straighten it all up with snakey, word play. We are his best editors here actually, picking at his weak points - but he still does not really follow the full advice. Fess up, clean up and become a respected instructor through time.

Once again we stand ready to clean up and correct ANYTHING said here by, about Wagner, from him or ANY past co-worker, friend or rep.

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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #16 on: April 09, 2010, 08:08:55 AM »

See this is where we get into the Wagner symantics:
Wagner was NEVER on a Legit PD SWAT Team as a shooter.
He Was ,and says,he was in the TOC,Tactical Operations Center supplying information.
He was on a SWAT Team as a Trainer with HSS
He was also an HSS sniper /counter Sniper with HSS.

He was NEVER on a SWAT Team as he was only ever given ONE SHOT and he failed the initial run,Immediate Disqualification.

Wagner recap:
He was never certified to teach JKD or ANY other art/system he just did it with limited knowledge.
He left the Military after just under 8 months with the help of his congressman,never reached SGT rank.
He was a Jailer in a 16 person facility that held most people for a maximum of 6 hours
He was a Police Officer who WORKED A BIKE PATROL at the MALL
He worked at the Tactical Operations Center supplying information to field units.
He was NEVER a Body Guard for the sheriff
He was a Reserve/part time sheriff
He got into the Federal Air Marshal program when they did not do complete investigations,he graduated the course and flew for less than 4 months,in which he HAD NO INCIDENTS.
He started RBSD and befriended Avi Nardia and went to Israel and trained at Wingate with Avi,NEVER at the military compound of BAHAD 8.

Most of his Police jobs he resigned rather than get fire,same with the FAM Job.

He is now a member of the California Militia and works for FREE,doing one day per Month training.
He is not Regular Military nor can he be deployed to a Military Conflict.
(though he is alluding to that now in his writings)
He now can wear the Uniform of the California Militia,which looks like Regula Army Uniform,and he no longer fears Stolen Valor charges.

Most of his claims are from time with HSS.

It is all smoke and mirrors,Pure BS stories of an ORDINARY Man claiming to be a Been There Done that guy,who has done CRAP ALL.


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #17 on: April 19, 2010, 07:08:32 AM »

Okay, It is April, 2010 and my head is spinning a bit. Let me get this straight.


AFTER attorney Sam Browning has collected statements right from Costa Mesa SWAT cops back in the summer of 2008....that said Wagner was never, EVER on the CMPD SWAT team and only worked in the support TOC office....

AFTER Wagner admitted that he flunked the PT test and just worked with other SWAT guys and learned a lot...

AFTER Wagner told me in 2009 that he was never on a SWAT team. He failed the PT test...

Now...NOW Wagner says this Aptil, 2010, about two years later after the Browning evidence, he now says he retook the test in the 1990s and "came in first" and was then officially placed on the "door-kicker, trigger-puller" SWAT team?

Is he making this up like...daily? Does he not know people will check this out?
I think maybe he now just lies to the few stupid people he has left, stupid enough to believe him and his ever-changing bullshit, concocted sales image. Jim Wagner now says on his webpage some new news! Forced to admit he flunked the SWAT PT test in the 1990s and he asked to help out for office duty, suddenly today, Wagner "reveals" that back in the 1990s he retook the test and this time came in Number 1 and was officially put on the CMPD SWAT team!

Of course this is all coming from the pressures of the new:

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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #18 on: April 21, 2010, 04:44:16 PM »

"When SWAT Officer Jim Wagner received his Range Safety Officer (RSO) certification from the U.S. Marine Corps he was authorized to run and supervise live-fire sniper range training on various ranges at MCB Camp Pendleton."

JW ,
Does the MOUT Card allowing you to be a Range Safety Officer,not say Wagner,Jim (OCS) ?

Does not OCS stand for Orange County Sheriff Department ?
(because the quote above,SWAT Officer Jim Wagner received his Range Safety Officer (RSO) certification , is directly with the cards you posted)

You were not on a SWAT team then were you ?

The reverse side of the card says "SMALL ARMS FIRE" and expires 10/2000
(Front was issued 7/2000)
You were not on SWAT then were you ?



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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #19 on: April 21, 2010, 04:58:37 PM »

Civilian Safety and Department Protocol do not matter to a Glory Hound ,do they JW ?

 "On two occasions Jim Wagner, a patrol officer using his SWAT skills, would be the point-man on two different hostage rescues while on police patrol when there was not enough time to call out the SWAT Team. The Costa Mesa Police Department did not have a full-time team, but members where called out when there was an emergency or for training. On both occasions forced entry was made by Corporal Wagner and both ended satisfactory. (Report number 97-37340 occurring on October 11, 1997 and the second incident to be posted)."

*** Note use of an Incident/report number ?

Seems Public Safety does not matter.
The Above quote says,JW acted as the point man on TWO Seperate HOSTAGE RESCUES while on Patrol.
Not enough tIME TO CALL SWAT ?

So you just kicked in the door ?

A hostage situation,as determined by JW,No Negotiator,no Trained SWAT back Up ?
Just JW,AKA Jack Bauer

This goes in with the :
Searching a Car for a BOMB in front of an Airport Terminal,with Traffic flowing ,Cirtizens walking By.
Not time to call the Bomb squad hey ?


As a Federal air Marshal JW sees a suspected Terrorist with a Brief Case.(JW suspects a bomb).
JW Enters aircraft ,removes the suspect.
No Time to wait,so JW Opens the Brief case,(which he has suspected of having a bomb),on the gangway outside the doors of a Jet fully fueled and loaded with Passengers .


JW just does not follow the Rules ,Protocol,or care about public Safety

Joe Hubbard

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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #20 on: April 22, 2010, 03:18:31 AM »

Check this picture out:

Note the caption at the bottom of the page LOL.

Didn't Phil Hartman of Costa Mesa SWAT say that Jim never was involved in training SWAT?

That picture looks more like his paintball team.

The full scoop here:

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Hunter S. Thompson

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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #21 on: April 22, 2010, 06:31:42 AM »

There appears to be a women in that pic, were there any women in SWAT back in 88?


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #22 on: April 22, 2010, 09:04:29 AM »

Yes, CMPS SWAT Hartman said Wagner was never on the SWAT team.

Last night I spoke with another former CMPD SWAT team supervisor/member, who simply said, "Wagner was never on the SWAT team." He reminded me that Wagner failed the PT test (as we all know) and never took another one because he quickly got the assist office job - the TOC job. The TOC job was NOT a front line SWAT slot, and was - what any SWAT team member would simply call - "not on the team." It is easily understood and easily said by any real SWAT team person.

Plus, he insisted that Wagner NEVER attended a police SWAT school, which is normal requirement for any SWAT team member. Lets face it, you know by know, that if Wagner had attended an actual, state, POST - required SWAT school, that graduation certificate would be on EVERY page of his webpage and tattooed on his self-aggrandizing, forehead. He has not.

Wagner is DESPERATE to concoct ANY connection to a SWAT team, and he uses the support TOC office (from which he was fired even from that! - replaced by an untrained, unarmed park ranger - he did not resign from SWAT) as his only confabulated ad.

There is not a SWAT officer on the planet that would call what TOC Wagner had done being “on the SWAT team. I personally know of officers wounded and some in wheel chairs that do TOC style work for their SWAT teams (oh, and they get SWAT team business cards to!)

You know what Wagner reminds me of? He reminds, me of an office clerk, or a supply room guy, or a driver in a Special Forces unit. They wear the same uniform. They even have the same unit business card. Then they get out of the Army and claim they were in Special Forces. That kind of despicable little wanna-be pussy. Stolen valor.

“Look at my business card!”
"Look at my SWAT pants!”
“I trained with those guys...sometimes! Can I come along? Please? (and bring my camera?)”

But Wagner is different than most other people. Some people like Spour and others have the common decency to melt away. But Wagner, being a pathological liar, still tries to find cracks to slime through, still tries to lie and manipulate and con to the bitter, bitter end. I have sent con men in prison who still to this day, try to explain and re-explain, and re-re-explain how they right and their con was true. And of course, how they wre so maligned and mis-understood. In a way, its like a thinking disorder.

Wagner wants to play semantics with the word “on” for “on a SWAT team.” And let me tell you something. The other tricky word he uses is the word “resign” He has papered over a lifetime of police fuck-ups, with the word “resign.” And a resignation letter can say anything, can’t it.

“On” and “resign,” Two words critical to Jim Wagner’s little transparent, bubble of false advertising.

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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #23 on: April 22, 2010, 11:07:14 AM »

Semantics :
See when you say JW Never attended a SWAT school,it must be CLARIFIED to read,JW Never attended an AUTHORIZED  SWAT School for the Purposes of Police Deaprtment duties.
As JW will counter with his Bogus USMC Scout Sniper certificate and his HSS SWAT certificates and all the other weekend warrior BS paper work and photo's.

Hey ,JW has pictures in many uniforms doing many this,with many certificates,(some of which he ,himself,made up) and he has those Business cards,and those thank you letters ,with letterhead not even from the groups he worked with,surely it all must be true,surely he is not faking it all.
All Smoke and Mirrors.
He is an Actor Playing a ROLE as a SUPER COP.

The photos and articles Joe mentioned  in his post show Wagner's leanings towards Terrorist and Gang activities.
All the Pictures say for SWAT.
But it was not for SWAT and JW was not with SWAT,nor with HSS when he started this little group of Martial ACTORS.
His private little Terror cell which eventually became BLA,(Baleric Liberation Army)

It was all for Jim's BS JKD/Kali classes which became him running How to classes:
How to Take Down and Aircraft
How to Take down a Home/school

To stay within the Law he then moved to what to do if you are on an aircraft that is taken.

I like this quote from the article:

"Jim was toying around with a lot of ideas at the time, which nobody else was doing in the martial arts then. Today everybody is doing what Jim started. It’s a lot easier to build on something that has already been started than to break new ground.”

Totally wrong and Totally BS because I was doing similar training,REALITY BASED MATERIALS in the late 60's early 70's and beyond in NYC with several Great Teachers.

Reality Based stuff was used,being taught and was featured in many of the martial arts mags well before JW.
You had Combat Karate,Offical Karate,Inside Karate,Karate Illustrated ,Black Belt Magazine and many others that covered what was being taught and the Reality aspect being applied.
GM Johnny Kuhl had some of the most realistic training going on in the 70's and he put it all out in his Magazine Combat Karate,same as the name of his art.

It was also being DONE in the Military for decades,the military which JW got the revelation from in the first place.

All I,I,I as far as JW is concerned,he thought of everything.
He made SWAT what it was in California,hell what did Daryl Gates and John Nelson know in 1969 when they thought of the idea of SWAT ? LOL.

Let's recap
Never invented Reality  Training,he coined his term RBSD,that is it.
He was NEVER a Certified Instructor of JKD.
He was never a Certified instructor of any art,he made up his own and may have been given rank by Nardia in Israeli something or other.
He was in the US Army long enough to get an MOS/8 months then RESIGNED
He became a jailer in a 16 person holding facility,which held prisoners for around 6 hours ,sometimes for 24 ,not regularly though.He RESIGNED
He became a PO,did short stint on Patrol,mall cop,bike patrol ,Dare and then was GIVEN the Job with the Mobile Command Post working the TOC,which was NOT JUST USED FOR SWAT,he was NOT on the CMPD SWAT TEAM.He RESIGNED
He became a Reserve Deputy Sheriff,was not a BG,not trained in dignitary protection FOR THAT JOB,maybe in HSS,weekend warrior world.He RESIGNED
He got into the Federal Air Marshal program at a time when Background checks were rushed through to get numbers,he worked for less than a year and flew for 3 months without incident,He RESIGNED
He is not a Body Guard to the stars,as he has NO Weapons Carry Permit.
He has his RBPP,or what ever it is called now.
He is a Staff Sergeant in the California State Militia,which is a one day a month circle jerk,as he guards a Transportation/TRUCK yard.
He sells knives and books to the Germans
He BSes the rest of the world thanks to mags like Black Belt,BUDO,Blitz.
(all the Mags that back him start with B,they need and S in there for the people they bring to the public eye)


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #24 on: April 27, 2010, 01:58:16 PM »

From the site above,(,the date of Wagner Resignation Letter is August 29,2002.
On Wagners site he has his Certificate of Completion from the Federal Air Marshal BASIC Training Course as 3/14/02 - 4/11/02.
That means that JW did not even last the 11 months we previously thought,he only lasted 5 months and 14 days.
He was gone by the first Anniversary of 9/11/02.

Wagner even mentioned me in Blitz Magazine as saying he did 3 months riding in a seat without incident,(His words from the August 2003 NYC Seminar), and now it looks like 3 months riding in a seat may have been too long,LOL.

Reading those letters it seems Wagner never wanted to be taught anything,he knew it all and more .
He wanted to be the Instructor and change the way they did Training in CMPD,OCSD,and the FAM's ,lol.
Always wanting to be the Leader.

It only gets Better and Better.


Hey Jim,I know you have the new story of retaking the SWAT Physical Agility and being given the SWAT Badge and the supplies list you posted that PROVES,lol,that you were actually a SWAT Team Member.

You are Again engaging in semantics.

Who is actually a member of the SWAT Team ?

Does the TOC,the specially created job for you,the most important job on the Team,the job that requires the MOST Training to be had count ?

Does the fact that you were replaced at that VITAL Job,by a Park Ranger with ZERO SWAT /Sniper training mean the job Really needed a Multi Talented FULLY TRAINED SWAT/Sniper Operator such as yourself ?

The Uniforms list,according to you had a Ghillie Suit.
You say you had one you assembled with the help of the US Marines at the Scout Sniper school.
Was that the Ghillie suit made while training with the Marines while with HSS,before SWAT ?
Is it the Scout Sniper School  listed down the line at the Jim Wagner Costa Mesa SWAT Page ?
If the Ghillie suit were part of issue ,did all the NEW SNIPERS get one,or did the all make their own,or were you the only one with one,for your job  as the first to respond scout,doing Recon drawing pictures and noting the walls and doors of the building/structure ?
Your Scout Sniper Training ,from the post below,by you,must mean the HSS two day Scout Sniper Course you did ,with the certification you posted which ,you NOW say you do not know if it is REAL or Not,LOL.
What a Joke

The following are YOUR WORDS,and they are here now for all to see,no matter how much you change your site.

"In 1994 Jim Wagner became a member of the Costa Mesa Police SWAT Team. It was not to be in the role of police sniper as he had been working towards, but by the request of the new SWAT commander, Lieutenant Ron Smith, it was to be for the newly created position of Command Post Operations Officer (CP OPS OFC). Jim was the only person on the team who could do accurate tactical diagrams, and he already had extensive scout sniper training, which was required for the position. These two skills were vital since the position required Officer Wagner to scout out the target area, which meant moving up to the kill zone, obtain photographs and sketches, and then draw up the tactical diagrams back at the Mobile Command Post. This is why Jim’s official uniforms consisted of a Battle Dress Uniform urban camouflage along with a Battle Dress Uniform woodland camouflage, and a ghuillie suit he made at Scout Sniper School under the directions of his Marine instructors. The mission depended on what uniform, and what gear, to take out of the SWAT van during deployment. The new position suited Wagner well because it was to utilize many of his skills and ultimately give him the good fortune of being the most crossed training officer on the team."

Might as well take down the new pages with all the SPECIAL Schools you attended and graduated from as a SWAT shooter,that you now claim to have been ,LOL.
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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #25 on: April 28, 2010, 05:55:19 AM »

Does that 6 or 7 month including FAM basic traiing


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #26 on: April 28, 2010, 06:45:12 AM »

It is going to get a lot worse than this.  All of his lies will be systematically proved and exposed.  Wagner is done.  Thanks for all of the help and insight from your forum.  You guys have really carried the torch on this moron.  I had to really get up to speed on his past and this was a great resource.


Robb Hamic


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #27 on: April 28, 2010, 08:26:34 AM »

This guy really is Danny Kaye from the movie, im starting to think that he actually believes that he has done all of it


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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #28 on: April 28, 2010, 08:30:46 AM »

Dateline Irvine, CA: Irvine County Sheriff's Deputies attended the home of Jim Wagner today after neighbours complained of an offensive smell emanating from his home. Upon entering the house the Deputies found_______________

I wonder if all this coming home to roost stuff will tip him over the edge? Too bad? Serve him right? What about his family? Surely there must be someone out there who will mourn for him if he does __________? Any thoughts?

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Re: Jim Wagner, Phony SWAT & troubled Police history
« Reply #29 on: April 28, 2010, 09:11:33 AM »

Wagner adores himself way too much to hurt himself like that.

He has convinced himself of who he thinks he is. His entire professionall life has been covering over his egomanical and impulsive, immature personality, actions and mistakes. He's  spent vast amounts of time spinning and spinning to cover over and excuse himself. He is right and everyone else is wrong. All the others can't seem to recognize his powerful genius from their jealousy and/or ignorance.

He is either pathological or is a complete, cutthroat, conman, business shark. My opinion is pathological. I have had the unfortunate experience of hearing comments about him and reading his reports and explanations, these dodgy, semi-confessions going back to his 8 month stint in the Army, then to his use-of-force complaint in Costa Mesa and subsequent "resignation," the insane bomb mess at Orange County Reserves which led to his "resignation" ; then the short, his malfeasance and scams at HSS which led to his firing, and then his major screw up with the Marshals that forced his "resignation" in only 7 months! The same babbling, manipulative, corkscrew, angling, deceptive lingo remains. Lifelong.

Jim Wagner is like Barney Fife on steroids. Your nightmare employee.

But, he will NEVER hurt himself. Not in the profile.


April 18, 2010.
Jim Wagner now says on his webpage some new news!

As you might recall from reading above. Wagner was forced to admit he flunked the SWAT PT test in the 1990s and he asked to help out for office duty. He even lost that helper's job when it was dissolved and Wagner was replaced by an untrained, unarmed park ranger.

Now, suddenly just today - Wagner "reveals" that back in the 1990s he retook the test and this time came in Number 1 and was officially put on the CMPD SWAT team! Despite all other previously collected statements that said he hadn't.

Do you think for one moment that Wagner would have sat quietly for almost two years as a failed guy, and relegated to volunteer for back office worker compared to his crafted image as a world wide, tactical genius, publically admitting failure as he has? And two years later, now say this?

I'm going to tell you something. First, its nonsense. Second, this is going to be checked out. And finally, this Jim Wagner is losing his mind? Or, he is a little lying, skunk fuck, punk, con man, who like real con man criminals, cannot, will not, ever give up their con. Ever.

This is a seriously troubled, maladjusted man/child.

(This all comes out now because of the new . )
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