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  • January 16, 2021, 12:41:40 PM
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Author Topic: Jim Wagner, only 8 month Army vet. How?  (Read 12377 times)

Bryan Lee

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Jim Wagner, only 8 month Army vet. How?
« on: July 20, 2008, 02:16:10 AM »

  Here is the fantasy, In the Army nobody goes into Basic as a E5. Even college graduates who are promised a slot in OCS (Officer Candidate School) are only given the rank of E3. Yes upon completion of Basic they are upgraded to E5 but that is a completely separate issue.

While a senior in high school Jim Wagner approached the United States Army. He was a student pilot at the local flight club at John Wayne Airport in Orange County, California and had the dream of becoming an Army aviator. Immediately after graduating high school Jim Wagner applied for the WOFT (Warrant Officer Flight Program) at 18 years of age. After undergoing a written flight test, a three officer panel oral board, and a flight physical Jim Wagner was qualified for the program and his paperwork was submitted through the proper Army channels to Fort Rucker, Alabama by Army recruiter Staff Sergeant Smeltzer (Costa Mesa, California Recruiting Office). According to Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) Jim Wagner was to wait for his class date, in which case he would go in with the pay grade of E5 and attend flight school.

So here you have it, Wagner was never a sergeant prior to his rank of E5 with the California Militia in March 2006.

On 26 January 2006, by order of Governor Arnold Swartzenegger, Jim Wagner was appointed in the California State Military Reserve (CA SMR), State Order 6-026-R-03 to the rank of Specialist (SPC/E4) assigned to the 40th Infantry Division (Mechanized) Support Brigade with the duty assignment of Physical Security NCO with the Provost Marshal Office (Military Police) where he serves to this day. Then in March Jim Wagner was awarded the rank of sergeant (SGT/E5) after successful completion of Basic Orientation Course at Camp Parks, California.

  This can only lead to one conclusion, all the pictures, advertisements, and even chatter about Wagner being a Sergeant prior to March, 2006, is total bullshit.

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Wagner, 8 month vet. How?
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2008, 10:32:55 AM »

The Warrant Officer Flight Training program exists and did exist.

The requirement for WOFTP is be 18,pass the flight physical and score a 110 or better on the ASVAB.

First is a basic training ,then a warrant Officer training,then flight training.

The thing is that if you flunk the WO school or the flight training school you are then in the Military as an E5.
Even though you do not get WO rank or Flight status you STILL complete your obligation to the military.
You  do it if you do not have a congressman pulling to get you out.

As said before JW could have still gone to the program,he choose not to because something along the way soured him and his dream.
(hold on a minute ,I feel a bit teary eyed over this)

OLE JW was in a HURRY to go into the Military,to get away from something and he took the enlistment rather than wait the 6 months.


Hey JW did you get permission to wear your California State Militia uniform on the Black Belt cover and the other mags and book covers you have been on since joining your one day a month military unit ?
You filled to be allowed and they told you to clear Pictures and content and you did not.
Unauthorized use and wear of the uniform without permission for self promotion.
Very Bad Boy there Jimbo.

Is it true that in a French Magazine Article you are claiming to have done a tour in Afghanistan ??
With whom may I ask ?

I was wondering why as a former SWAT trained Officer and a Dignitary Protection Officer,you get really no work in the Bodyguard field ?
Yes I know you Bodyguarded Brad and Angelina's HOUSE while they were at Brad's other house,(why bodyguard a HOUSE,isn't that just House sitting security guard work? I forgor your JW and nothing is just what it is ,it is MORE,lol) and you worked the 63rd Golden globes Award pre event Party,and named some of the stars that attended.
quots from your site:
"he was on a security detail at the 63rd Annual Golden Globes Awards pre-event party protecting actors Shirley McClain, Matthew Perry, Scott Bakula, and Tom Arnold."

You were SECURITY,not protection detail right ?
You were one of the guys who lets people INTO the event Right ?
Protection would mean you had a firearm right ?
You did not have a firearm did you ?

Yet you list the names of people protetcted by students YOU TRAINED,(people who attended your course).
You DO NOT train Bodyguards do you ?
None of the people you taught got jobs as Bodyguards based soley on your training have they ?
So people who happen to be Police  and or Bodyguards who took your course,entitles you to claim their clients as due to you ?

From your site
"Some of Jim Wagner’s Reality-Based Personal Protection personally trained students have protected Pope Benedict XVI,  actor Will Smith, Steven Segal, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the president of Finland Tarja Halonen, former Prime Minister Jean Cretien, golfer Tiger Woods, as well as musicians and fashion models. Jim Wagner has also trained various European bodyguard schools that in turn protect American celebrities when they are in Europe."

So do you take credit for your students clients ?

Where are YOUR lists of one on one clients Personal Protection clients ?
Brad and Angelina's house does not count,lol
You cannot BG a House Jim.LOL

Jim do you even have a Carry Permit ?
I don't think so,lol.
I wonder why a former PO in the state in which he lives and works,who does security guard work,would not have a Pistol Carry Permit ?
HHHHMMMMM wonder why that would be,lol ?

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Re: Wagner, 8 month vet. How?
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2008, 05:21:59 PM »

One of our long term, SFC instructors is our old friend Dave Green, US Army retired Command SGT Major - recruiting  - and he looked over the Wagner story. He says...

"If he had a approved WOFT packet at USAREC that is different than having a WOFT training seat. Once you pass a local board at the Local Recruiting BN HQ then it is forwarded to HQ USAREC and the Recruiter and the BN received WOFT packet credit. Then a USAREC Board date is established than the packet appears before the board. All packets are qualified at that point but the board selects the most competitive packets. You can be qualified, non-competitive.

Now the hole in the story once selected and approved you have 7 days to enlist and make your training seat selection. Once a reservation is made in REQUEST the system used at that time in 1981 you can not make another training reservation until the previous one is canceled.

So if he had a reservation for WOFT and a contract typed up by MEPCOM he would have had to renegotiation his contract cancel his reservation and make a new training selection. People can make mistakes or screw up, but REQUEST is a computer system and it only works the way I discribed.

He can't have two reservation or two contracts. The check and balance in the system is a JOINT command when you joined called AFEES and when he joined called MEPCOM. They type up all contracts and place them in a system called SYSTEMS 80. This holds all service contract info and will not allow you to have but one contract and reservation with one service at a time so you can't be in delayed status to join the Army and Marine Corp  or any other service at the same time.

I question the story?? I don't doubt his Congressman didn't help him get out but for what is the real question???

As far as I know the Privacy Act would prevent Recruiting Command from giving out that info. REQUEST is still used doesn't look the same with the newest release but SYSTEMS 80 was replaced by MIRRORS in about 1997. And it may have changed since I retired 7 years ago.

Sorry for all the tech talk..."


Thanks for your opinions, bubba!
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Re: Wagner, 8 month vet. How?
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2008, 05:24:05 PM »

Post written by By JIMH....moved here to try to condense Wagner threads and get "less Wagner" on this talk forum

"All the military Units you list as having trained:
- How many did YOU, ALONE, obtain and train using your Defensive tactics concepts?
- HOW MANY are you claiming,  that were performed by the HSS International staff people?

CSMR Article
    I am also interested in an article that was up on the California State Military Reserves, that you belong to, in which you were a participating trainer. The article listed the members who are the SENIOR Hand-To-Hand trainers,their bio's include military and law enforcement training and experience.

    Then when we look at your BIO it never mentions the Military,the Police, SWAT, COUNTER TERRORISM specialist with the Air marshalls. It tells us NOTHING about you except you are a regular writer and contributor to Black Belt Magazine.

    Why is that? It is certainly not for some security reasons as you have been plastering your lengthy Bio and Jobs for years. Just curious. Could it be the guys listed are the REAL Deal and trying to sneek in a B.S. Bio wouldn't fly with these guys?

I am sure I will have more questions."

                                                                                              - JimH

Organized and moved here to condense the Wagner Footprint on the forum - Hock
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Re: Wagner, 8 month vet. How?
« Reply #4 on: August 09, 2008, 08:20:30 PM »

hahahahaha ..., what a HERO!!!

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Re: Wagner, 8 month vet. How?
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2008, 09:01:36 AM »

On Military related issues, JIMH rights this-  This is put here to condense and lesson the Jim Wagner threads as much as possible - Hock


JimH says:
"Mr Wagner I have a question on the CSMR article on your site:

The picture of you on the cover of Black Belt was a photo shoot for Black Belt it was not shot at the H2H training was it?

You say YOU TAUGHT the H2H course:
Can you tell me were you the PRIMARY Instructor?
How many Men actual Police Officers,military and Black Belts were teaching the course?

If I remember correctly I believe there were about 10 Instructors listed and you were the LAST one mentioned as your Bio on that was that you were a Contributor to Black Belt Mag and a Self Defense Instructor.

Where was the mention of your Military,Police ,SWAT and Counter Terrorism Training/Jobs ??

In the Clip of the C130 air drop can you tell me:

Are you a Member of an Air Crew?
Are you a Qualified LOAD  Master?
(we know you are a Load but are you a load Master? lol)
Are you Airborne Qualified?
Did you hitch a ride on the drop and take the film?

My perception of you in the clip is that you a SCARED crapless and you were well off the end of the Platform and even well back from the Hinge

I see you standing OFF the Platform and I notice you are NOT Wearing a Chute,You are wearing a regular Steel pot unlike anyone else in the AIR Crew who are wearing Halo Helmets.
Do you know why they are not wearing steel pots as you?

Ever do a self rip /HAHO/HALO/LAHO/LALO jump with a steel pot on?

You are pictured Holding a safety line for the Rearward positioned Load Master.

Another Nice action shot portraying BS

Due to Your Position in CSMR No other Information of you in the CSMR will be issued.
OPSEC,from you? LOL

You are a Provost Marshall for a transportation unit.

You do one day a month Guarding or training to guard a Truck Holding Pen.

Please stop the Insanity
(Susan Powter said it so do not steal it,lol)

There are People out here who can see the BS.

Keep it coming ,LOL."

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Re: Wagner, 8 month vet. How?
« Reply #6 on: August 30, 2008, 02:41:39 PM »

Advice coming in from a southern California Law official covering the Marine sniper certificate (I have his name and contact):

"Continue to check out Jim's claims of being a Sniper and while you're at it, have a good look at that "Sniper Certificate" again: Jim was the one who helped organize the class, (with HSS)  then brought the "Certificates" with him, thus handing them out to all of his friends.

JW gave himself that certificate (hence, the reason why there is no signature). Also note: that is JW's caligraphy style. I believe it is unique to him. Match it with other "Certificates" that Jim has issued through the years and I believe you will find that the style's match up."
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