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Who is Chris Ranck-Buhr, what's his background?

Does all of the TNT stuff look like this? What do you do if technique one fails?

Chris Ranck-Buhr was studying Martial arts (1985-1990)while attending College.
chris opened a school and began teaching in 1990.
I believe Chris then maet Torin Hill who was interested in sport and injuries.

Tim Larkin has written that he had heard of this school that was doing amazing training in regard to combat/Violence and anatomy/injury.
Tim went to the school and was amazed at what these men were doing and wanted to learn and be a part.
The group then formed under Larkin as TFT

So Chris Ranck-Buhr is the start of what became TFT.
Torin Hill became the Brain Child and is the creative force behind TFT.

Here is Torin's Bio:

condensed BIO follows:

Torin Hill

My professional illustration experience began fresh out of High School, working for commercial clients producing digital for-print media, comic book covers, and classical painting.
Upon my return to San Diego, I began interdisciplinary research on anatomy, injury biomechanics, and pedagogy. While developing that program, I also got involved in Video Game graphics, and ultimately into Flash and the Internet. All while under the spell of Leyendecker, Tufte, Koolhaas, Struzan, Meier, Eames and Tadema.

Fast-forward 10 years....
I've been a Creative Director (albeit years ago now), and traveled around the world teaching seminars to civilians and tactical personnel. I'm currently directing the product development of a Java/Flash integration software company and creating a training curriculum for the largest Law Enforcement agency in the US.

What a wild ride.

Director of Military and Law Enforcement Training, Master Instructor
The Target-Focus Training Group
(Partnership; Marketing and Advertising industry)

2002 ó 2007 (5 years)

Created the TFT training program for Tim Larkin:
Piloted the physical training and outsourced our Instructors to the TFT program.
Introduced the training focus on Injury and Violence.
Created and introduced the "Assembly" training process.
Created the format, modules, rubrics, etc. for 1st & 2nd phase TFT Mastery Program.
Developed a full product roadmap for the video products.

With Master Instructor Ranck-Buhr:
literally wrote the books on Striking, Joint-Breaking and the course information.
Created the material on "Social Agression vs. Asocial Violence".
Designed the visual graphics for the manuals and target lists.
Instructed/Corrected other Instructors during video shoots.

Created the pilot Mil./L.E. program:
Introduced the concept of training as Applied Sports injury.
Principal Instructor at the FLETC video shoot.
Creator and Principal Instructor of the 2007 TRExpo presentation 'Justified Lethal Force: Injuries, Their Mechanics and Application'.

Additional Information
Torin Hillís Interests:
Sports Injury, Software, Ethics, Dancing


--- Quote from: noload on March 03, 2009, 06:12:50 PM ---Does all of the TNT stuff look like this? What do you do if technique one fails?

--- End quote ---

A Stone Cold Stunner from the ground. That's why this shit is $1000 a tape?

Dumbest shit I've ever seen ;D

So none of these guys has actual experience doing this stuff? No kills, no missions, no arrests, nothing but training or am I missing something? ??? OK, if that's true then I'm in the same boat as far as experience, but I'd feel really silly writing about extreme violence if I've never experienced it.


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