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  • October 31, 2020, 04:33:16 AM
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Author Topic: Interview with a street savy lady  (Read 1515 times)


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Interview with a street savy lady
« on: September 26, 2009, 12:44:15 AM »

Today i met and interviewed a young lady who works in a resturant in Kuwait.

While being served we started discussing the dangerous of her traveling to and from work alone and i asked what precautions she takes. Here are her replies. Note- she has never taken a self defense class or attended a seminar on self protection in her home country or here in kuwait.Also i have changed some of the actual words as it makes more sense.

Question 1-how do you protect yourself? Response-  I carry a heavy ball point pen or sharp object  in my pocket or in my hand conceled- (point is up towards wrist)

If approached and attacked I swing the pen in a slashing motion to eyes-ears-groin or inside upper leg and continue jabs.Weapon is held in fist point down not like a knife being held in a sabor grip.

Question 2-How do you recognize a possible attacker?Response-I observe (what she says ) is body language-looking-threatening gestures or being extra nice.

Question 3-What do you do when you observe this ? Response-I step to the side, or cross street or step back-showing him i do not want to talk...

She also says she has a built in curfew for her self  and that is 1930 hours- she does not go out after that. She waits for husband to return from work and then they may go out.

She also said carying the pen in pocket book is not safe as she would not find it in time to use it.

What is important to note here is the mental strength she seemed to have when discussng  this important fact of life.

No high kicks- no triple punching- no throws- just street applied tactic of survival.

In reality if one looks into this they see Hocks views as to the 5 W's-which she
applies automatically-she also mentioned the power of repeated screaming in this sanario.

This young lady is about 5 ft 3 inches- and weighs in around 120-125 lbs-
Her mental weight is 300 lbs and 6 foot tall.

I was proud to have had the opportunity to get her responses.

Wed i fly out of the sand box and will use this story in my self defense seminars in Tn..

Whitewolf (ELB)
"speed of Light"