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  • December 05, 2020, 04:37:25 PM
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Author Topic: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives  (Read 87758 times)


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #60 on: April 12, 2014, 11:21:02 AM »


What a crazy thread!

Hoch - kudos for publishing Mr. Webb's account - you are responsible for the website and therefore are the "deep pocket" when it comes to civilian litigation (i.e. libel).  If Mr. Webb allowed he'd appreciate the opportunity to "go public" in response to Jim H and Mike Janich's unsupported / undocumented / non referenced statements about him your legal awareness of offering him the chance to do so now shifts the burden of proof to those so noted.

Jim H - Other than it's clear you possess a penchant for some truly fabulous rants, the majority of which offer no basis in verifiable documentation, fact or references / sources who would openly side with you (meaning could stand the test of successful defense in a civil court of law), you are essentially little more than an unhappy agitator who relishes in "flinging poo".  One day someone who is smeared by you will have their attorney send you a "cease and desist" letter.  Please let us all know when that happens and from who its from.

Mike Janich - I first met Mike when he had just joined Paladin Press.  He flew out to Oregon to film my sentry removal video and we had a very nice time down on the Oregon coast, in up and down Oregon weather, getting that filming completed.  He did a nice job of editing and I appreciated his ensuring the program's dedication by me to Mike Echanis' memory was so beautifully accomplished ("Death from the Shadows", Paladin Press).

Since then and most recently Mike and I have discussed his authorship on Echanis in Black Belt, beginning in 2010 to the current "e book" which is merely a 3-page magazine cyber article repeating all the errors, half-truths and outright nonsense about Echanis allowed to stand until my research and publishing efforts, to include seeing Mike inducted into the 2013 Black Belt Hall of Fame, and with the full cooperation of the Echanis Family and now long retired U.S. Special Forces and Navy SpecWar legends like SGM Ivan Jakovenko, Master Chief Bob Nissley and Colonel Juan Montes.

As Mike has shared with me his editorial research and errors are attributed to his "small" research library and the InterNet.  However, he has yet to request correction(s) to appear in Black Belt (something a professional journalist / author is bound by the Canons of Journalism to do when in error) ... and he has, at the instruction of Spyderco Knives' senior managment, been directed to rewrite the Spydero Warrior Knife booklet section on Echanis due to its factual errors and in at least one case possibly libelous statement regarding MDE.

So, Mike - other than the fact that the only reason your forward in the 2010 Michael Echanis Collection from Black Belt Books was requested, as you have shared with me, by the editorial management of Black Belt to help market the product - did the Echanis Family know of or approve your involvement in the book or was it a surprise to them?  Just ask'in.

Also, since you brought it up on this forum regarding Mr. Webb and you and I discussed your Southeast Asia "gigs" some years back, what final military (Army) rank did you discharge from Service with?  I see "team leader", NSA "officer" and whatnot thrown around in your bio and from others.  Were you a commissioned officer or warrant officer while in the Army?  I seem to recall you telling me you were a lower enlisted rank at one time...if I am in error please correct me on this thread. 

And please, if you were commissioned, give your branch, class date (RA, ROTC, "Green to Gold", or WOC class number.

I found your account of Mr. Webb emulating, "ripping off" and otherwise relying heavily on other known and perhaps little known martial artists' video material pretty interesting. 

Datu Kelly Worden has offered - to me - this is his same criticism of you while on your journey to martial arts prominance during his own association with Paladin.  What say you?

And how much range time did you really spend with Colonel Applegate?  An hour, perhaps an hour and a half?  Anything less than one week, five 8 hour days and at least 2000 rounds is just going through the motions.  As you know I knew and interviewed and visited with the colonel quite a bit to include paying my respects at his funeral ("Modern Knife Combatives", Paladin Press, Page 99).

I spent 3 days with the first DELTA / SEAL shooting camp in California and fired 2500 rounds - and did martial arts instruction in the evenings as a student ("Modern Knife Combat", Paladin Press, Page 27 w/ photo).  If you spent any less with Rex it was just, IMHO, a nice opportunity for a photo shoot.

Finally, if Mr. Webb's account / rebuttal of your un-referrenced, unsupported allegations of spouse/family abuse, involvement with the JRC efforts, being PNG'd from Vietnam (love to hear from Mr. Webb what that allegation is all about...or for that matter you), theft of artistic property etc etc etc are even partially true - you probably should not have jumped into this tread so heartily.

Jim Webb?  Never met him that I recall.  Talked with him by phone and I believe we shared some correspondence when I was editor in chief at Fighting Knives and Full Contact.  I did feature a photo of him in "Modern Knife Combatives" on Page 66.  Caption reads "Green Beret James Webb demonstates the knife fighter's 'war face' and 100% commitment to coming out of confrontation the winner."

I'd only offer Jim's "war face" is almost - and not intentionallly - funny.  Much like yours is  >:(  Some guys got it, some guys don't.

Tank Todd is a very good fellow.  Rex Applegate thought so and Tank spent far more time with the colonel than most others who sought him out.

Jim Webb - I trust you are indeed recovering from your illness as described.  I'm pleased Hock presented your side of the story. 

"Na Mae O Me Do Fu" - The Washing Away of Fear


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #61 on: April 12, 2014, 12:06:15 PM »

Postscript -

As for the term "Green Beret" -

A beret is a form of headgear.  Green is a color.

A "green beret" is a form of headgear of that color.

The term "Green Beret" came about when Robin Moore's very successful book, "The Green Berets", was published.

The "Green Beret" term has come into general use and acceptance and understandably so via the mainstream entertainment / and print media.

However, the proper term is "Special Forces Soldier".

This denotes any Soldier serving with a United States Army Special Forces unit. 

Back in the day the green beret, after its formal presentation to Special Forces by President Kennedy, could be and was worn by anyone assigned to an SF Group.  The only important and meaningful designator was the presence of either a small cloth bar denoting which Group the Soldier was serving with sewn onto the beret AND the Special Forces unit emblem positioned above it.

This combination denoted a Soldier either assigned to the unit in a support role OR a Soldier who was not yet a successful graduate of the Special Forces Qualification Course.  The "flash" qualified guys called the bar a "candy stripe".  If you were an non-qual and hoping to get to SFQC it was a real motivator to get out from under that beret and into one with a full Group "flash".

The "flash" was and remains a shield shaped patch featuring the distinct color or colors of the Group one is assigned to.  The SF unit emblem is affixed to the center of the "flash" if you are enlisted.

If you are an officer or warrant officer one's commissioned rank replaces the unit emblem.

If you are a "full flash" qualified SF Soldier this is how, in the old days, one could tell at a glance if you were wearing your beret.

Back in the 80s the Army created the Special Forces tab ("long tab) in conjunction with its new Special Forces branch and 18 Series.  The full flash became common headgear on a green beret and it is the "long tab" worn on the left shoulder that denotes a fully qualified SF Operator.

The wearing of a green beret by support troops or non SF qualified troops went away some time ago - as did the candy stripe - and support / non-quals now wear a maroon beret with the Group "flash" and appropriate unit or rank emblem.  Many Group Support Battalion personnel are parachute qualified and Special Forces is denoted formally as being an Airborne unit.

That being said -

Anyone from the pre / mid 1980s generations of those assigned to an Army Special Forces unit could and did wear a "green beret".  Their qualification status was public knowledge by either the presence of a "candy stripe" or "full flash" on the beret.

Technically whether fully qualified as an operator or not the Service Member was / did serve in Special Forces and under a "green beret".

After military service it is up to the individual to qualify in what capacity he/she served in the unit / a "candy striper" or "flash qualified" Special Forces Soldier.

For example, upon my approved 4187 to attend the SFQC I was authorized to wear the Special Forces shoulder patch and a green beret with "candy stripe".  It was an honor to do so - but I couldn't wait to be rid of the "stripe of shame" as the old "full flash" guys sometimes called it  :D

When I graduated with SFQC 3-80, as an Honor Graduate of the class, I was privileged to don the beret with "full flash" (10th Special Forces Group at the time).

When the 18 Series became the norm I changed my MOS, per the requirement, from 11 Bravo, "S" (the designator for Special Forces Qualified) to 18 Bravo (Special Forces Light Weapons Sergeant) and I sewed on my "long tab".

Point is - that's how it works when you're in Group qualification wise.

The proper question of Mr. Webb is this:

"Jim (Webb), did you attend and graduate SFQC and if so, what was your class number, please?"


"Jim (Webb), if you attended and graduated Ranger School what was your class number, please?

Neither is "classified" information and is provided on one's 2-1 and DD 214 which is available under FOIA.

JimH - (wasn't going to forget you, brother  ;)).  I believe you are a former Marine and went to the Army ("the dark side") after your service in the Corps.  What was your SFQC class number, please?  And did you attend while Active Duty or on orders placing you on active duty while serving with one of our Reserve/National Guard Groups?

'Cause in the Alpha Dog world of SF qualified Soldiers the Active Duty guys ALWAYS used to look down their noses at Reserve/NG SF Soldiers who qualfied as "weekend warriors"  :o

We can be a tough crowd to please.

I would close with my non-distinction of the two any longer.  I served with the 10th and 7th (Charlie Company, 3/7, El Salvador campaign) (Active Duty units), the 12th and then the 19th in 2002/2003 (Operation Iraqi Freedom).

Our two current National Guard SF Groups, the 19th and 20th, are as good a operators as the Active Duty side of the house today; they have seen their share of Wounded and Killed in Action; been awarded their fair share of Valor awards and Purple Hearts; and fought in every theatre of the Global War on Terrorism since it began.

They undergo the same rigorous Selection Phase as the Active side of the house and the same SFQC course, now many months longer than when I went through now 30+ years ago.

In fact, the coming issue of "The Drop", the Special Forces Association's (SFA) quarterly magazine for its members, is dedicated to the service and sacrifice of the 19th and 20th Groups.

And the SFA membership has its own vetting process and its own "green beret" with SFA "flash" and center emblem...or you can wear the beret and Group flash you served with and is the most meaningful to you.

De Oppresso Liber!

"Na Mae O Me Do Fu" - The Washing Away of Fear


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #62 on: April 12, 2014, 01:00:09 PM »

Gads, you guys really got me going this morning  8)

Mr. Webb was apparently an "intel weinie" by MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)-

Mr. Janich was apparenlty a "language weinie" by MOS -

Neither appears to have been either SF or Ranger Qualified -

Neither appears to have been awarded either a Combat Infantryman or Medic badge for wartime service in combat.  In all fairness they wouldn't be given their MOSs don't allow for such distinction.

Mr. Webb, unless I have missed it in his responses here, did not serve in a wartime campaign.  If you did, Jim, please correct me on this thread and give which campaign, operation(s) and year OCONUS to clear this up.

I don't believe Mr. Janich ever served in a wartime campaign while in Service.  Again, if I am in error, Mike, please correct me on this thread.  Provide which campaign, in what capacity, with what unit, and when.  What is your highest military award / decoration?

Have either Mr. Webb or Mr. Janich been fired upon by an armed enemy of the United States?  Have they ever fired back? 

Mr. Webb offers working in Iraq as a PSD team leader.  Jim, which company, which contract, and where in Iraq?  I did same in late 2003 and in 2004.  Custer-Battles was my first PSD gig in Baghdad and northern Iraq/Kurdistan...then SOC...again in Baghdad and Kurdistan...then as Director of Falcon of Iraq (Kurdish company), Baghdad/norther Iraq and Kurdistan.

Just providing answers to my own questions - bona fides.  It's only fair.

Mike - Did you ever work as a high risk security contractor in Afghanistan or Iraq...or anywhere else in the past decade?  If so, for whom, in what capacity and where/when?

Have you ever worked in law enforcement as a member of an LE agency and certified as either an LEO / Corrections Officer?  If so, when and where and in what capacity, please?

I was and did.  Pulled a gun multiple times; had guns aimed at me and then took them away with shots fired involved ("The Verbal Judo Way of Leadership - Empowering the Thin Blue Line", Dr. George Thompson and myself, Pages 174-176).

Have you ever actually used a knife to either defend yourself or others?  To attack someone (military, OCONUS, wartime)?  I have and so stated years ago in an article I wrote for Knife World / Houston Price.

When and when was the last time you went hand to hand in real life?  And either won or lost?  I recall at one of Mr. Worden's Water and Steel events, when you were there filming for Paladin, offering you the opportunity to step into my sparring exercise with myself and the other students attending.  You declined.  I sparred with students and students sparred with each other.  I had some good licks put on me, several by one of Joe Simonet's female students (you know Joe, of course). 

I loved sparring, especially mock blade sparring with only protective head and eye gear, and featured it often in Fighting Knives, Full Contact and my Paladin books.  Most H2H instructors today won't spar...might make them look bad or their instruction flawed.  Me, it's all good training and gives the instructor credibility.

In Kuwait during the ramp up for OIF I taught night H2H in knife, empty hand, firearm disarms and take-aways, grappling, and improvised weapons (i.e. the helmet).  I then taught day classes in the desert to selected student, enlisted and officer, at conventional unit staging areas.

It's in my Senior NCOER and I was decorated, in part, for my extra duties in this area.

Again, what truly qualifies Mr. Webb or Mr. Janich for the purpose of this thread and because both elected to respond to it? 

Otherwise it's all unfounded, undocumented, unreferenced and unproven "dojo talk" to me and likely anyone else.

"Na Mae O Me Do Fu" - The Washing Away of Fear


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #63 on: April 12, 2014, 04:26:45 PM »

And finally -

Regarding Mr. Janich -

I recently asked him if he was considering doing a training DVD with the new Spyderco Pygmy Warrior?

His response was he was not...the Warrior style knife and Hwa Rang Do were not his "thing".

My response, although not shared with Mike, was this -

1.  It doesn't matter what kind of knife one is using - "Warrior Style" or otherwise - we just had a kid wound and kill nearly a dozen of his schoolmates with, apparently, two kitchen knives.  Catagory and style of knife is irrelevant - INTENT is everything.

2.  I concur entirely with Mike's discretion regarding expounding for profit and professional curriculum a knife design tied directly to the strategy, tactics and techniques of an established marital art.  Especially when one has no relationship, training nor certification / ranking in that art.

Especially Hwa Rang Do.

Both Grandmaster Joo Bang Lee and his successor, his son, Grandmaster Taijoon Lee have long established their willingness to seek legal recourse against anyone claiming any form of official, formal, student or instructor relationship with the Hwa Rang Do organization.

This includes instructors with significant Black Belt ranking who have fallen out of favor to include Randy Wanner, Bob Duggan, Gil Kim and others over the years.

Fraternally HWD has long enjoyed a very, very close relationship with Black Belt Magazine / O'Hara and now Black Belt Books.  Extremely influential and close knit.

To produce a book or DVD offering instruction of any catagory and centered on Hwa Rang Do techniques - while not being formally and officially sanctioned by the Hwa Rang Do organization - would very likely be a very unhappy legal experience (i.e. trademark violation, at the least).

In reality a gifted knife technician, which is what, IMHO, Mike is...or a bona fide edged weapons "real deal meal" such as Kelly Worden, the late Sonny Umpad, Dan Inosanto, Taijoon Lee, Randy Wanner, Bob Taylor, Kelly McCann or the late Ron Ishida (who was true Samurai and taught the late Al Mar in sword techniques) can and will take a Pygmy Warrior and make the most of its features regardless of Art.

With that being said, the Warrior Knife is so closely and now formally attributed to incorporation with Hwa Rang Do and its knife training that to fully expound / expand on the knife in H2H you'd have to present HWD techniques.  And to do that you have to be trained and  ranked by the HWD folks. 

Because some martial arts have protected themselves legally so as to prevent, deter or otherwise stop such things.

Good call, MJ.  Good call.
"Na Mae O Me Do Fu" - The Washing Away of Fear


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #64 on: April 12, 2014, 07:38:19 PM »

As for me I don't care about this at all. It is so long I really haven't followed it. My eyes glaze over trying to read it.

I will let Webb say anything he wants anytime. I just don't care. I really wish he would join the forum and just say what he wants anytime he wants. Instead he asks me to post stuff and I will gladly post anybody's rebuttal, anytime. (He often jumps on me as I have had said every word against him!? I have not.)

Anyone is free to rebut ANYTHING. I do wish they would leave me out of it.

« Last Edit: February 27, 2015, 09:18:35 PM by Hock »


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #65 on: April 13, 2014, 09:33:41 AM »

Hock -

The devil is in the detail   :D

But for the sake of those who want a "Bottom Line - Up Front" approach -

Jim Webb did serve, and served honorably, in the United States Army and in Special Forces.

And retired as a commissioned officer (Warrant).

And has contributed, over the years, to the martial arts community.

Mike Janich was a translator who did not serve a full military career, was as I recall lower enlisted ranks when he left the military, did not serve in any Special Forces or special operations units, and like Webb has contributed a great deal to the martial arts community.

Mike should never have written what he did regarding Chief Webb's personal life (his family).  Families are off limits and as former LEOs you and I know that better than most.  In the old school days Jim Webb would have been on Mike's doorstep within 24 hours of reading what Mike wrote.

I know several folks who would do so today.

That should NEVER have been allowed to stand on this thread.

I think Webb handled it graciously.  Far more so than I would have.

"JimH" should have stepped up and given his full name and background when Webb asked him to.  Instead he ducked and covered.  That's BS - and CS, in my book.

Finally, I agree with your assessment you'd like to be "left out of it".

I'm sure Mike Janich feels the same way at this point.  I do want to find out if Janich was declared Persona Non Grata in Vietnam as Webb offers.  You have to really do something incredibly stupid / dumb to warrant that.

Point being...if you want to be left out of the fight don't jump into it.

And if you jump in you'd better be able back your s**t up.

"Na Mae O Me Do Fu" - The Washing Away of Fear


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #66 on: April 14, 2014, 12:01:01 PM »

Wow,another cause for which you have no documntation and of which your knowledge for some reason is scewed even though you state the Green Beret is Head Gear,and clarify that one could not wear a full flash on their Beret unless they were fully qualified,you state that James Webb was indeed Special Forces.WRONG,and he has/had pictures wearing a Full Flash out there.
Again if you read all the posts you would see that I referenced the Professional Soldiers site,that has a few pages on Mr Webb and his false claims of being Special Forces qualified as well as his not being a Ranger.
Both of which he,Mr Webb, claimed / claims.
You will aslo see where he was found to have ripped off family members of those with family members MIA in Vietnam.

You seem to always attempt to defend those you do not know and attest to them being legit when they are not.(Defend them and then ask them,Mr Webb to list fates he attended schools,long wait as he never attended SF or Ranger schools.

I think if you read the pages of the posts on this site and or read the Mr Webb posts on Professional Soldier you will see some very known and knowledgable people who state the truth .
One was a SGT Major who was on the Son Tay raid and when you did phase one  in 1980 was then retired and came and told you about the raid,he looked into Mr Webb.

As for me ,I have challenged the frauds and have even been called a fraud and investigated by POW network at the request of Jim Wagner and others. I was found to be telling the truth about my military Include USMC,graduate of the Royal Marine Commando school,Graduate of the German Airborne  Commando  course 1970's  Altenstadt ,(I have pictuies from there with me ,the Germans and members of 5th group) member of the US Army Special forces from 1980-1988 serving one year in HQ unit,how I knew the candy stripe, and 7 years on an ODA as a fully qualified 12B later to become 18C,I am a SF tab owner,and a Member of the SFA as a Full Member,I am also a member of the Professional Soldier site.
Funny you question me ,but push forward Mr Webb and Mr Echanis as being qualified in all they stated,lol.

If you read my replies to Mr Webb's statements as sent to ,and posted by Hock,I have also refered him to the Professional Soldiers site and told him to go there and rebutt them.

I guess soemthing happened between you and Mr Janich so you are here to attack him and question his credentials,lol.

Keep watching the Echanis thread,surprises to come.
(See  do my homework)
Here is a gift for you as you are all over the Ranger sites about Echanis and the men wounded with him at Ahn Khe.

Hurry over to Wiki with it,lol.
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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #67 on: April 16, 2014, 10:27:59 AM »

"Jim H' -

Thanks for the reply.

But you forgot to post your real name.  Please do ;D

Nope.  Mike and I disagree on some things and have different ways of going about what we do.  I have no animosity or "angst" about or with him.  He may feel otherwise but as for drama.

By the by, I don't rely on websites for my "historical research".  Anyone who does might as well have a MySpace account for the same purpose...or Facebook.

You can continue to bash on Mike Echanis' name all you like.  If all you can offer is "Professional Soldier" and other cyber space "sources" you'll simply continue to look unprofessional, inept, incompetent and with an ax of your own to grind.

Like I asked, post your real name, brother.  Stand and Deliver!

Yeah, I know the crazy situation you described about being doubted ref background.

I was at our SF chapter's annual BBQ two years ago.  A close friend, Jim Day, who was with SOG introduced me to a guy who was likewise former SF.

We start talking and he offers he once lived in a community I lived in, too.  He then says "Yeah, there was this phony SF living there..." and he goes on to describe me.

Jim starts laughing and the guy asks what was so funny.  I, chuckling as well, offered "Hey, that guy is me ;D".  The guy blanches and then offers a supreme apology. 

Like I said...unless you do your homework and do it with due diligence you can expect to be embarrased at the very least :-X

As for the history of the beret and the "flash" and candy stripe.  Again, that's good work - your commentary is limp and avoids reality.  Oh, again, did  you attend SFQC as a reserve/National Guard soldier or Active Duty?  I'm bett'in reserve/guard.  What was your SFQC class number?  Stand and Deliver!  I'd be happy to run your credentials down just as I did MDE's -

Oh, by the by.  Officers, back in the day, could wear a full flash even if not SF qualified but assigned to Group.  Jeffrey McDonald - see new issue of "The Drop" from SFA if you don't know who he is - was an SF doc and wore full flash while assigned to Group...before being convicted of  murdering his wife, of course :o

Gotta run.  Real work to do 8)
"Na Mae O Me Do Fu" - The Washing Away of Fear


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #68 on: April 16, 2014, 02:03:08 PM »

I love how web sites are un professional and you are all over them looking for people to acknowledge knowing Mr Echanis.
Not much luck though.
I also like how much knowledge ,you,as the Echanis historian had when you first came on here,lol.
I guess before you got that record  on Mike ,you were a professional with so many facts, (if you believe that go back and read your posts).
MY un professional approach seems to have gotten you far enough to contact the people I mentioned to you ,lol.

My reference to the professional soldier site was in reference to Mr Webb as the men on there did the research ,ran his name and proved he lied,About being a Ranger and SF qualified.
others worked with him on MIA Matters ,and they said relatives said Mr Webb took money from them. I believe they even have the name/s listed.
These men,their names and associations  with Mr Webb are all listed on professional Soldiers site. Sgt Major Lupyak ran one of the searches on Webb,as stated on that site.
AGain,unless you have a way to get those documents then people at the scene ,with knowledge of the event are your resource, (like on the police department,records are made from interviews)as are the names of people around Echanis,as you do not have documents to back up most claims ,only the little from records and hear say,hear say which is similar to posts on sites.(funny my un professional research has ended up posted by you on other sites and wiki,lol.)

Unless I do my home work I will be embarrassed.
Show me my errors and where I have been embarrassed.
(I am also an agitator,lol.)
Better look back at your post,as your view point was the same as mine,Echanis was not SF and did not attend Ranger school,you were also unsure if jump qualified,lol. Are you embarrassed of your un documented,unprofessional views / opinions ?
 Your goal is to make Echanis into some super warrior and he was not.
You must keep trying,so much so you will attack anyone who goes counter to your view /opinion.

You want to run me ,like you did Mike Echanis  ? Go ahead.
You want me to stand and deliver,lol. Why ?
I have not offered to make money selling a product or a course or a book ,using my military career as a sales point.

Can Echanis and or Webb ,or many of the other fakes and frauds selling courses and books claiming to be SF,Rangers,SWAT,Marines say the same?

 Did Echanis deliver proof of SF ? No he Quit.
Prove of being a Ranger ? No, (people still trying to connect him some how.) aS pointed out in another post as of Feb 1970 one had to be a LRRP or a graduate of Ranger school to be called a Ranger,not just attached to a unit.
Is there any PROOF in the records that says he was a Ranger or a LRRP allowed to be be termed Ranger ?  No . You are associating him with a unit and making your own conclusion. you say his 2-1 says he was a Scout Observer. Is that a LRRP ? No.  Is that a graduate of the Ranger school ? No. So how does Mr Echanis fit the criteria ? The requirements were / Are set forth in writing,so where is the documented proof of LRRP or Ranger school grad to  make the claim he was a RANGER ?

Did Jim Webb deliver ?  Did he prove SF before you defended him ?
Did he prove Ranger ?  No on either case as he did not attend SFQC,not even as a phase one and quit as Echanis,but MR Webb himself says he Wanted To attend SFQC but higher ups denied him the chance. NOT Special Forces,just Military Intelligence that worked with SF?

My name is on this forum in many places.
Sorry I will not put specifics of my life story on here ,an open forum,all tied together with name,schools dates,addresses and social security for you to RUN me.
I have already told you i served with the USMC and I told you what unit I served with within SF.
you asked did I serve with Active ,reserve or guard and I have previously given you this information and years served.
Since you served active and guard,and went active into harms way with both do you have a problem with the capabilities of any of these men,as they all have ,since 2001 ,served in Iraq,Afghanistan and other places.
I have given you more info than most,locate it and then you will have the answers  all tied together.

The J McDonald piece is on page  12 of the new Drop



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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #69 on: April 20, 2014, 09:58:01 AM »

Again, lots of gorilla dust but no gold ;)

You and MJ had no problem jumping in together on James Webb -

Until someone called you on it -

Now it's not so fun anymore, is it?

(Cyber) Bullies are like that, yeah, they really are >:(

So, from your end, you don't want to play anymore, correct?

And from MJ's end he clearly doesn't want to provide (and he could do so privately by email to me, of course) what his last rank was in the Army before he got out...his MOS...what he means by "team leader" in his public bio / profile...nor apparently why - if true - he was PNG'd from Vietnam.

Like I said...not so much fun any more when you the ones called to "Stand and Deliver!".


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #70 on: April 20, 2014, 10:27:02 AM »

As for outing phony SF/SEAL and other frauds -

Team Sergeant and I at ProfessionalSoldiers have talked in the past.

This is the latest phony "green beret" I assisted in putting to bed - in conjunction with what was then a long going police investigation (Bend Police Department, Bend, Oregon).

In the same town (where I lived and worked for 10 years) I outed phony SEAL Dennis Chapman.  I hooked up with the reporter of this article on Chapman's alleged murder of his mother in AZ before coming to Bend -

Then busted him out on local television and in the paper (Bend Bulletin, Veterans Day, 1990) which Paul Rubin at New Times in AZ followed with his article.  In the Spring 1991 issue of Fighting Knives Magazine, for which was the editor, I ran a full feature to include Chapman's DD214. 

All these documented stories got Chapman the honor of being included in the first edition of "Stolen Valor".

In all, over the years, I believe I've tallied about 17 such assists.

Point being - if anyone has a track record of  smoking out SOF frauds I do.

MDE never claimed to be anything other than what he was.  Even Mike  Janich would attest to that and in a recent  email to me he offered my investigative work on this subject was "outstanding".

And please don't go there with the "smoke and mirrors" regarding Reserve/NG SF Soldiers and Service - again, just "Stand and Deliver" about your own background.

I served in both Active, Reserve and NG SF units.  One combat campaign with Active and one with the 19th (OIF).  I was DIMA with the 3rd Group, 10th and 5th over the course of my career.

I worked directly for MG Ken Bowra when he was USASFC Commander and needed this little bit of work done  on behalf of our community -

You likely dug the "Special Forces Underground" - if so, sorry about that 8)

When I retired in 2005 I was awarded the Washington National Guard Legion of Merit for my service with Company A, 1/19th Special Forces Group (Airborne), Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Two of those I served with in Kuwait and Iraq were later KIA in Iraq.  One was a brother law enforcement officer in civilian life - I attended his funeral -

"Stand and Deliver!" - Oh, that's right, you're not going there are you?

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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #71 on: April 20, 2014, 12:23:31 PM »

I don't want to play what anymore ?

this is an open forum and I am not going to put my name and all my info out there in one piece so other a holes can use my info and  service.

Again my info is out there on this forum,you are a researcher ,do the research.
I told you I served in the  USMC and in SF.
I told you where and when. It is all on these pages ,on this forum so you don't have to go far.

I am not playing anything.
I did my time in the USMC and accomplished a lot and was rewarded for it.
I also did my time in the Army and was rewarded by them with an 18C mos. Enough so to do the job and if I had stayed in another  12 years would have been with some of my friends who did the extra time and been in Iraq and Afghanistan with them.

As said I have been through being checked out,because Jim Wagner and others did not like my outing them. Done through research and piecing crap together.
I don't care if you check me out.
I am and have done what I say.
If you check me out ,when done please come on and acknowledge the fact that I am what I say I am,and don't leave it like I am a Liar or fraud.

much appreciated
Semper Fi


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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #72 on: April 20, 2014, 05:35:37 PM »

Mr Walker,
if you can access the professional Soldier site ,run A search for JimH and you will see my info on the several posts I have made.
I believe I have talked of years in ,company and team,along with members.
Also I believe Team Sergeant is a moderator of the site,perhaps he can give you the info I used to get vetted to be a member of the site.

For some reason I have never been able to use the contact / email on this site. if I could I would have no problem giving you what ever info you want.

Sorry,not running from anything,especially not your inquiry,just not comfortable putting all my eggs in one basket where anyone can take my credentials and use them on their site or as part of their life story.
that is why I am not on Facebook,Twitter or any other thing,aside form a few sites.

I know what state you live in,give me two initials of the city and I will gladly call you if you want.
if you can use this sites email / contact ,send me a contact message and I will gladly write back.

See I am not you ,where you have put all your info out there in books,articles,stories and the such.
As said I believe I gave you the information you ask for ,just not at one time on one page,or on one thread.
again sorry for what you take as evading you.



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Re: James M. Webb & Special Forces Combatives
« Reply #73 on: April 26, 2014, 10:29:35 AM »

JimH -

Good morning, Sir!  ;D

Re-checked my account after many months with ProfessionalSoldiers and caught up with what is posted there.

And visited with Kelly Worden yesterday up in Tacoma.  Datu Worden's memory reaches far, far back where folks come from in the martial arts world and he offered some great insights about Webb, among others :D

Although I have to say my favorite guy is Glenn Wheaton where totally off the hook personalities are concerned ::)

While at Kelly's I re-read a video product we'd reviewed in the 1st issue of Full Contact Magazine circa 1994.

Dude calling himself "Thore" released it through an outfit called "Security Rectifiers, Inc" in southern CALI.  "Thore" offered he'd been Echanis' protoge' and had "traveled the global hotspots of the world with his mentor on missions both overt and covert."

Bob Taylor turned me on to this product back then - and we checked it out - and learned the guy's real name - and published death-knell review of the video and its claims to include running the info past Randy Wanner.

It soon went bye-bye on the market.

I loved Randy's comment which we printed - "it's not too hard to association yourself with a man who's been dead over 15 years now...unless you're one of the few people like myself and Gary O'Neal who actually knew and worked with Mike up until his death."

Kelly had interviewed O'Neal in our 1st issue at the '92 SOF convention.  Also there introducing / training the then new Al Mar Warrior and putting on Echanis-like demonstrations of Ki was Wanner and Bob Taylor.  Kelly got some great photo sequences of these which we published. I think it's the only time all three are seen together in such a venue.

Great historical stuff.

I sent Michael J a concise documentation packet regarding Echanis.  Now there are two of us out there who have the relevant facts, on paper.  Mike's forward in the Echanis Collection on behalf of Black Belt Books is truly stand up - and he's advised me along with Sal at Spyderco they have re-written and corrected the orginal Warrior booklet soon to be included with every Pygmy Warrior as well as GuyR Warrior sold 8)

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