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  • May 26, 2019, 01:00:01 PM
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Author Topic: Observations from hitting my war post  (Read 2449 times)


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Observations from hitting my war post
« on: August 15, 2010, 03:31:40 PM »

These are just a few observations that I made while hitting my war post the other day, as part of a short workout routine.  I think, although I'm not sure, that a couple other people may have made the same observations.  I just figured I'd post my 2 cents.

I have a Cold Steel Trailmaster bowie, two Cold Steel bolo machetes, and I used two rattan bastons.

I ran through the double weapons matrix both while relatively fresh, and after a somewhat intense workout. 

The first thing I noticed was the wood chips.  Big chips, small chips, they were flying everywhere.  I think I'm lucky nothing got in my eyes, as I neglected to bring eye-pro.  Now, not having been in a mixed weapon, close-quarters fight, I can't say how much blood will spatter when you slash or stab someone.  Hollywood tells us one thing, my instincts tell me that I can expect at least a little bit of spatter, especially if any of the opponent's larger arteries get slash.  This means one may end up with blood in their eyes, at least a little, I'm betting.

The next thing I noticed was that straight on tip stabs were very difficult to really get on the war post.  Not just a glancing blow, but a solid stab.  I had to slow things down a lot in order to really get a powerful stab with either the bastons or edged weapons.  It was a lot easier with my bowie than it was with my machetes or bastons.  I have done tip stabs on someone in real life with a stick, it was pretty simple.  However, that person was drunk, which made it easier for me.

The third thing was sweat.  Mostly, it just made things really, really slippery.  I had to continually adjust my grip on my machetes and bastons, especially when stabbing, again.  My hand almost slipped up onto the blade of my machete when I made one particularly hard thrust.  Also, while doing pommel strikes, the weapons kept trying to slip out of my hands completely.  It seems to me that someone not prepared for this in a fight could accidentally disarm themselves, and that would really suck.

THe last thing that I noticed, this was after a short and intense workout, was that my aim suffered greatly.  Even after I rested and caught my breath for a bit, my stabs and swings all suffered from not being quite as accurate.  Stabs were more prone to glancing off, and not all of my swings came off the way I'd intended.  In addition, my grip slackened quite a bit, causing a great deal more slippage on the handle of my weapons.

My hand rarely slipped on my bowie knife.  Partially because of the handle, which is a soft rubber, but also partially because of the cross guard that the bastons and machetes lack.

Again, just a few things I noticed the other day.

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Re: Observations from hitting my war post
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2010, 03:58:55 PM »

You will develop a good muscle between your thumb and forefinger from stick work.   Keep working and slipping will become less of a problem.

  'Advanced' is being able to do the basics, despite what else is happening. 

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Re: Observations from hitting my war post
« Reply #2 on: August 21, 2010, 07:04:41 AM »

Ol Bri developed that muscle by "training" with himself... keep thinking
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