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  • November 25, 2020, 01:12:57 PM
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Author Topic: how to defend against execution with pistol to back of head  (Read 13406 times)


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Re: how to defend against execution with pistol to back of head
« Reply #30 on: June 11, 2010, 05:44:36 AM »

Joe H-i reread the post where you went into detail and starting at the end of the tactic an going backward- i think that makes a lot of sense -
today at class I wll have the victim complete the tactic and go back ward having them
visually and verbally say -ok when I was at this part of the tactics -how did i get here?
using the 5 w.s -and we talk it through backwards to the part where just before they were attacked-that might be a way to have the class  see how they might have gotten out of the situation before the physical part started- very good thoughts Joe
thanks-I am giving more and more seminars lately to people who have teenagers and even younger children and want to be advised on safety tips- using Hocks civil defense
info the seminars go over well-
I have to rememebr to use the KISS (but not to simple) method when teaching and giving seminars-I dont take a blackboard and draw out diagrams in detail on various self defense thoughts-i attempt to use a real life story that corresponds with the part of the seminar- i.e. stalking- i pass on to the audiance about a actual student who ca to me due to being raped afte being stalked ove a period of months by her boss.
anyway good thoughts from you -thanks  WW


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Re: how to defend against execution with pistol to back of head
« Reply #31 on: June 11, 2010, 06:53:49 AM »

"In fact, most shooters who order the victim to get on their knees and turn around are pretty much committed to shooting them right then and there- thatís why they order them to turn around."

I don't know who said that - but, lots of armed robbers leave employees and customers face down or on their knees with the threat of death. This buys them a few seconds of unseen escape, as well as general, physical control over the people in the crime scene. And sometimes they are executed.

I have a whole statistical presentation on this "execution" subject in conjunction with what I call "the ritual of death," - this is what non-violent on up to psycho criminals do alone and in groups or gangs. In takes in military executions too. These are the small ticks and things humans have done just before they execute someone. True psychos just pull the trigger. Non-psychos and underlings often say, do and display these small traits. There are clues that the situation is turning really, really bad. But its too long to re-write here and if the subject rolls around in seminars, I break out the notes.

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