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  • August 14, 2020, 05:23:42 PM
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Author Topic: Princess Guns and Other reality  (Read 1747 times)


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Re: Princess Guns and Other reality
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2012, 09:16:05 AM »

Ted Simpson asks
"Hock Hochheim, in your classes do you see many failures from " princess guns?"

   "Ted, I was more interested in the overall message of that article and the HUGE gap between paper-target-shooting-training and interactive-simulated-ammo training. Or, range versus combat issue. Sometimes I marvel, marvel, marvel at the time and effort (and money) spent by people forever shooting, shooting, shooting paper targets and acquiring only the abstract skills related for an actual chaotic, gunfight in an unpredictable environment. Most of my teaching is about this interaction (simulated ammo) and since 1995, when I was ridiculed as "playing with toys." So, I do not teach live fire marksmanship on paper target ranges.
   Marksmanship is important, but these days for me personally? I rather go to the dentist than subject myself through another paper-target day. (I realize that range day is mandatory for us all, its just I have to take a No-Doze to do it). Some people like Golf and some people just LOVE shooting at paper targets. Shooting since the late 1960s...I don't and haven't in years. Gun fighting about shooting at moving, thinking people who are shooting back at you, in various different situations. Range shooting, no matter how they modify it, is like batting practice in a cage before the game. The game and situation is different.
   But, on the subject of tricked out, "race-guns" and their matching speed holsters...will they work in the sandy desert or the mucky jungle? Can they get banged up when tripping, hitting a wall, or the floor? Good questions. Could they work when simply shooting a burglar in your house? Sure. But for my own failure stats? All my routine work is with interactive sims shooting off the live-fire ranges and in real places like buildings, parking lots, fields, etc. I don't work on the live-fire range full time, but a few days year when I hook up with the live-fire experts. They do all the live fire, then I take over with simulated, interactive ammo fire. During those days I don't see many guns "go down."
   But I know lots of live fire instructors who complain about special guns going down and some even detest seeing the old "non-race," "non-tricked-out" classic 1911 handguns. They sigh and moan when they see a shooter show up with one, anticipating a problem. They claim there almost always is. They also shoot a lot more bullets in their courses. Lots more than the typical, one day topic class."
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