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  • November 22, 2019, 02:16:45 PM
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Author Topic: Slash Across The Forehead? And 3 Things You Fight, When You Fight.  (Read 1791 times)


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 Slash Across The Forehead? And 3 Things You Fight, When You Fight.

     ...When I was a guest on the old G. Gordon Liddy radio show many moons ago, Liddy made the statement –
     “you know the first thing I would do in a knife fight?”
     “What’s that, G-Man?” I answered.
     “I would slash the man across the forehead. This way the blood would soon pour down into his eyes. Blind him, and then I could finish him off.”
     Since we were live on the air, coast to coast, I decided to let that one pass…but no.
     I have heard this little forehead-slash ditty for years..."

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