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  • April 12, 2021, 01:43:42 PM
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Author Topic: Palace Intrigue Episode 611  (Read 127 times)


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Palace Intrigue Episode 611
« on: February 15, 2021, 09:57:40 AM »


Palace Intrigue Episode 611

2021 marks the 25th year for me in this martial business and not many folks get to travel and teach around the world, to such diverse groups, and as I do. I like to say that “I am not famous, I am just well-known amongst a small, disturbed group.” This could not be accomplished without advertising. Through the years I have experienced many pimples in the ad world, both in the martial and in the book businesses.

We all know about “road rage,” what about “ad rage?” Of late there have been many people complaining about ads they receive on their Facebook and social media news feeds, and I know this gets all conjoined with privacy-spying issues, etc. Yes, you, me, we have been profiled and pigeon-holed for advertising. This concept is NOT new, we always have been studied, but in with the new-age it is more surgically intense.

These digital ads are essentially the new version of the paper catalogue we use to receive in ye olde’ land mail box outside. We liked those catalogues, or we quickly threw them away. Somehow that catalogue company of yesteryear got your name and address to land-mail you one. They detected your interests – somehow – back then. Today, those catalogues are mostly gone. Even paper magazines are mostly gone. the surviving magazines on the disappearing stands are way full of ads between articles and are very much just catalogues of ads, ads, ads. Gun magazines are little more than snazzy, gun catalogues (they have to be, to fight the magazine stand, distribution process).

Capitalism (even shadow economies where capitalism is illegal) thrives on reaching new and old customers, and advertising is a main way. I would and could argue that our total life experiences, every choice we make, jobs, schools, religions, residences, underwear, hairdos…wow…everything is from some degree of “advertising” in some sort of manner. In short, civilizations “spin,” the world “spins” on advertising (and salesmanship)  – from selling a pair of socks to electing presidents. “May the best ad campaign win!” Why pick on capitalism though, Socialism and even Communism need to be advertised and “sold.”

Here are some ad pimples I would like to pop.

Pimple 1: In the book and martial business, my social media ads go afar. Yes, of course, I use the “demographics machine.” I don’t want to spend my money advertising my books to people who can’t read, or self-defense to whack-jobs or couch-potatoes.  The ads once spread, I get a small percentage of hate mail from strangers in return. They usually cuss at me in anger, add some nasty photo and the work “fuck” is usually in the response. Like “Fuck off.” Or, “Fuck you.” Or, “stay the fuck off my newsfeed, fuck-head.” The ad-rage people were so motivated, they didn’t just “toss the catalogue in the trash can,” they must have grimaced, growled, and with boiling blood, pounded out a fuck response, searched for and attached the demeaning photo, and hit “send!” Once sated…ahh…relaxed after their keyboard vengeance. (When they watch television news, do they cuss at the commercials too? Do they cut out with scissors, the newspaper ads) When I get these ad rage responses I shake my head and delete the message.

BUT! Once in a while I do look the especially hateful people up! Just for the fun of it and “Ralph the Plumber” case was fun one. Ralph told me to fuck off, stay the fuck off his newsfeed, etc. and added a derogatory Bozo the Clown photo (an interesting rage-response to an ad selling a western book, of which Ralph apparently reads or he would not have gotten the ad!). But Ralph has a very successful plumbing business in New England. With just a minute’s investigation, I found that Ralph’s company is pretty big and successful. Many employees, and Ralph…you guessed it…advertises his plumbing company like mad. I saw newspaper, TV ads and…and…wait for it…yes, Facebook ads. So, it is alright for Ralph to invade the population of New England news feeds with his plumbing, but I can’t advertise a book once a year that might pass through his blessed newsfeed, causing him such irreparable damage he must lash out. Ralph is an idiot. Ralph is a hypocrite. Ralph fails to see the big picture.

Pimple 2: Most folks know that I’ve been sending out martial newsletters for almost 20 years. They go out every two months and are chock full of so much diverse hand, stick, knife, gun, history, science and psychology...

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