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Title: What are the Force Necessary courses?
Post by: Hock on June 02, 2006, 10:09:29 AM
SFC is the umbrella name of my business. The courses under that umbrella have different names. What are the Force Necessary courses? I would like to state up front, I don't consider these "martial arts" courses. They are just generic training courses. Certification courses.

- Force Necessary: Hand! The Unarmed Combatives Course

- Force Necessary: Knife! The Knife Course

- Force Necessary: Stick! The Impact Weapon Course

- Force Necessary: Gun! The Gun Course

- CQC Group. Do all the above? You are automatically in the Close Quarter Concepts Group.

- Pacific Archipelago Concepts: The combative essence of Pacific Islands systems. Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Hawaii.

- Defender: The Police Judo Course: This course is the hand, stick, knife, gun material, but geared for enforcement and security missions. Police need their own police-named course.)

Be in any course, or all courses.
Take tests for ranks and instructors in one or all courses.
You can achieve the various levels out of order, like someone take college courses.
Don't take tests and just train for knowledge.

Title: Re: What are the SFC courses?
Post by: Hock on March 26, 2008, 08:59:23 AM
These courses are all about the universal essence of combat. They present the common problems and problem-solving you will encounter, on down to the uncommon ones.

From this experimentation and education you build your own "method, "approach," "style" or "system" and responses based on your own size, strengths and skill.

These terms are generic and semantic at some level. But I do not believe I teach a method or style. You make your own house from these nails, nuts and bolts.