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Title: Instructors? Who are they?
Post by: Hock on June 02, 2006, 10:37:47 AM
Our SFC instructors range from people-

* people who teach SFC material full time,

* people who have SFC classes inside their other school classes

* people who just build their resume from graduating another course.

I will never intrude on any of that. Whether they are doing the smartest thing is their business.

This is why there are smarter instructors to contact that might not be right in your immediate area! For example-

Lets say you live in San Francisco, CA....
Pete Smith is a basic instructor of the Knife Course. Pete Smith has his own Karate school. You want to learn about the knife and you call Pete Smith. Pete tells you, you must first sign up for his karate classes, buy a uniform, learn Japanese and well, jump through a lot of unrelated hoops you don't want to do.

Or, Johnny Johnson has a mixed martial arts school and his own knife course, based on mine, but he has some other things in it, like a little curved knife silat in it, cause he likes that ugly thing as a hobby. You will see the Congress material in that course, but other stuff too and you may not be fully happy.

You should instead call Keith Miller in Sacramento! No hoops. No other priorities that get in the way of what you want. Keith will work with you.

I love Pete Smith and Johnny Johnson, but they have lost a long-term customer. In time, they will loose many long-term students asking for only SFC courses.

These are all things I will not and do not want to mandate or control.
Water seeks its own level. I would rather be a group of free people than some pompus king mandating strict rules. Not a healthy environment.

So, shop around the regional instructors. See what they saw and what they want you to do. See if they will do what you want.

Title: Re: Instructors? Who are they?
Post by: Hock on June 04, 2006, 12:52:06 PM
Q: Must Instructors Teach Only Congress Material?

A: NO! You are free to do as you wish. Some SFC instructors...

- Exclusively teach Congress material.

- Run Congress courses in their school or other schools.

- Mix Congress material into their existing program.

- Lease time in schools, gyms, rec. centers, etc..

- Use their backyards and garages to teach.

- Travel on their own seminar circuit.

- Are also instructors of other very famous courses! And teach those too.

- Are military and police instructors and teach those services too.

Title: Re: Instructors? Who are they?
Post by: Hock on June 05, 2006, 12:20:40 PM
Have a look at the instructors world wide at-

USA - http://www.forcenecessary.com/fighting-instructors/us-sfc-combat-instructors-2/

The ones advertising down the side columns are the ones more serious about doing privates, semi-privates, seminars and so forth. That list is growing as soon as we get the word out it is available...

International list (all outside the USA)


Title: Re: Instructors? Who are they?
Post by: Hock on November 12, 2007, 07:50:34 AM

Examples of acceptable "other training?"

"Hock, I haven't seen you in three years, but I have attended weekly classes in Tai Chi."
ahhhh, not gonna cut it.

"Hock I missed your seminar last summer but I am a private student of Jim McCann, or Nick Hughes  etc....(you get the picture)."
Gonna' cut it.

"Hock I missed your last three seminars in my area, but I have taught, strict, traditional karate weekly."
ahhhh, not gonna cut it.

In the end, remember these time extentions are arbitrarily decided my me and my limted IQ.